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War on Capitalism


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. well what is great about this country is that anyone can become rich. however: just to sit down and think of a way to make miney with out producing a product and preying upon weak and vulnerable companies is vulture capitalism. it is not something that should be held up to the standards of good old fashioned capitalism.

    Imagine if everyone did that; the economy would not grow, the only contribution would be your won wealth, sure you may buy some high end products, jets, yachts, luxury vehicles, mansions, but who are you employing. Employed people stimulate the economy, through purchases of everyday items and they keep their money in the US not in foriegn banks. It is a rip off to the country in more ways than one. Bain will be the bain of Romneys existence. Trump employs people but he is stuck in the birther movement of old. Trump is a capitalist Romney is not . The RNC could have chosen a more likeable and qualified candiate who is not just trying to one up on his dad and get in good with his rich friends. The aircraft comment was not a gaff. Romney is accoustomed to traveling on jets , he wanted his rich buddies to know that, he was estatic when he deplaned
    from Trumps plane. This is a guy who cannot make a decision to distant himself from this trumpster, who’s main goal is to get his brand out there, at all costs. He is basically selling his soul to the devil just to get in office. Romney could not even decide to keep his dog in a kennel instead of driving around with it on top of their car. If you don’t stand for anything you will go for anything. hence trump and other idiots providing false information about the POTUS.

  2. Excellent toon Tony! Obama has NOTHING to stand on for the last four years to be re-elected! He’s a total loser and America needs to kick him back to the curb from whence he came…

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