Meet Obama’s Newest Composite Girlfriend “Julia”: A Helpless Welfare Queen in Need of a Sugar Daddy

Half of what I say is meaningless…” So goes the romance ballad “Julia” as rendered by The Beatles, back in the day when being a man meant doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, and women’s liberation meant a fierce spirit of independence and a ‘can do’ attitude. But now Lennon’s eternal line could be equally applied to the Obama campaign’s desperate meme: Julia.

Apparently, women have become nothing more than fragile souls lost in a man’s world, without any hope of making it on their own. No, their only hope lays in wooing the head sugar daddy Obama. At least that is what the left-leaning Democrat Party would have us believe with Obama’s new composite girlfriend “Julia.”

After a slideshow was unveiled showing the hapless fembot, by all appearances a normal girl (barring her creepy and symbolic lack of facial features), the conservatarian blogosphere couldn’t wait to go about shredding the #Julia narrative on Twitter — just like it did with the #WaronWomen, #ObamaAteaDog, and #AttackWatch. In a matter of hours the Twitter hashtag #Julia was effectively O-bliterated.

What made the Julia narrative so insulting and demeaning towards women is that it shows a fictional female who is completely helpless and would likely die a tragic and horrible death early in life if not for Obama’s welfare state apparatus. The campaign’s Orwellian presentation (after all, “Julia” is the main heroine of 1984), shows a girl progressing through life but by the grace of Obama’s munificence, and seems to imply she would become a crack-addicted, syphilis-infected prostitute laying in a gutter if Mitt Romney should become the next president.

So much is specious and mendacious about the Obama campaign’s narrative that it is not worth taking apart here, as others have done effectively with parody sites. What I find most interesting is the left’s pivoting away from a women’s “liberation” narrative to a “war on women.” This rhetorical shift implies (to paraphrase Obama’s comment to a panel of bankers that he was the only thing keeping them from the pitchforks) that Obama is the only thing keeping Democrat women from being ravished by a testosterone-maddened nation of would-be sexual enslavers.

The U.S. government has once against set itself up as the role of ubiquitous protector of citizens who are presumed to be guilty until proven innocent. If one has a penis, he is guilty of wanting to oppress women. If one is white, he is guilty of being racist against blacks. So the fairy tale goes.

This is critical theory in practice: adopt and mobilize “victim’s groups” according to ascriptive and unavoidable criteria. Convince enough people in those groups that they are being repressed by “the system,” even if the things they are experiencing are a matter of normal hardships that are a part of growing up or pursuing a career in a labor market, then you can get them to mobilize for “change.” Never mind that the solution that the government is offering is worse than the cure: an ossified system where all channels to upward mobility lay through paternalistic ring-kissing and one cannot get ahead according to one’s individual initiative, effort, and talents.

At the dark heart of critical theory is an inherently anti-capitalist imperative and a drive to make human beings a means to the political end of state power. We can see this clearly now with the women’s movement. After an initial period of commendable “women’s liberation” during the sexual revolution, where females sought to take a greater part in American society and in the political process, the left effectively hijacked the movement to steer it against capitalism.

The economic disruption caused by state intervention into the market economy since FDR and the welfare state expansion taking place under Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” has wreaked havoc on the family unit — a key target of Marxian animus. Through intentional dollar devaluation and other government manufactured inefficiencies in the economy, as well as regulations, taxation, fees, and the like, it is now almost necessary for both parents to work to maintain a middle class lifestyle (the ratio is currently about 1.6 median incomes).

Encouragement of rampant sexuality through the schools, and other perverse social policies are part-and-parcel of Democrats trying to get irresponsible people hooked on welfare state dependency. Implementing laws and economic policies that ensure high divorce rates are part of replacing hard-working, self-sufficient couples with welfare dependents married to the state. Note that according to statistics, the sufficient one-income family is becoming a thing of the past. This is no accident.

The impetus for all this personal and financial wreckage is power — once the Democrat Party have enough poor people ensnared on government handouts, luring ever more onto the federal plantation by creating havoc in the private sector, thereby diminishing the number of productive jobs, then those are voters for life. Fear campaigns will send them to the polls to keep them reliably voting Democrat in perpetuity. There is no American Dream for such people; only voters locked into a mediocre and servile obeisance to the state. Meanwhile, those who work for the government make about twice as much as the average worker and live parasitically off the fruit of productive people’s labor.

Such a backdrop is vital to understanding the Julia metanarrative: wander away from the welfare state reservation and the capitalist, misogynist sharks are going to gobble you up. Once again, we have a miraculously appearing meme coming from out of nowhere, inventing a war no one even knew was going on. And it is implied that if you don’t vote for Obama, you too could become a casualty.

The United States of America is still one of the wealthiest, freest countries in the world, despite the Democrat Party’s damnedest efforts. But it won’t remain that way for ever. If the left gets its way, we will all be faced with Julia’s conundrum: maintain a noble, principled, and dignified lifestyle of pursuing her hopes and dreams, or submit to the state after giving up seeking a career in the intentionally wrecked and inefficient economy.

Ladies, don’t fall prey to this statist scam, and recall the feisty, fighting spirit of real “women’s liberation.” There may be some of you tempted to trade in your hopes and dreams for a life spent serving the paternalistic state. But always remember, you’ve come a long way, baby.

The way for women to become liberated is to free the economy from the state’s meddling and seek advancement in a competitive labor market. Those idiots who don’t give women equal pay for equal work are punished mercilessly by the invisible hand of the market. For those of you who think the welfare-pimp-in-chief is going to make everything fair for everybody, without gaming the system in his favor, that’s his invisible hand on your asses.

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  1. The “Life of Julia” describes life from the cradle to the grave once liberalism fully implements its plan for America’s future. On the surface, it appears that the need of every person will be met, and liberalism will be viewed as the compassionate savior of humanity. On a deeper level however, liberalism’s plan will result in every person being dependent on the government for virtually every aspect of life. The frightening part of this whole scenario is that there’s an even deeper, and more sinister aspect of Liberalism’s plan. In this deepest and darkest level, Liberalism doesn’t really care about the masses, and they don’t care about the welfare of the poor. Liberalism cares about two things and two things only: power and money—and class distinction in a very big way. Under the banner of Liberalism, the people who are dependent on the government, will by default, be relegated to the lower class. The leaders of Liberalism however, will have the coveted privilege of belonging to the ruling class! While the common people will get their promised medical care, it will be strictly rationed according to charts and statistics that reflect a combination of remaining life expectancy and future productivity. The ruling class on the other hand, will have a much greater level of medical care. While the common people will have their basic needs met, the ruling class will live in luxury, eating the best of meals, living in the best of housing, and traveling the world “for the good of the government.”

  2. this is a bunch of crap until you are down out don’t say people are looking for a hand out if unemployment is high that means there is not a job for everyone what are those without jobs are to do. rob, steal, kill for a buck. oh i know start a business like romeney and become a vulture capitalist. it takes a dime to make a dime.welfare sucks no wants that measley check of anywhere from 120.00-200.00 per month yes where do you live. i guess they can catch the final call at neimans or stop by the hoilday inn, or wyndam for a room. oh and soap and cleanclothes are a real priority, if you are not so depressed your only thoughts are looking for the nearest brige to jump from or the nearest roof to jump and that is on a good day. so if you think welfare is what people want try living like a welfare recipient for a year or two and see if you are still sane.

    1. The reason unemployment is high is because government intervention is inordinate.

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