The Politics of Desperation

“How far ye have fallen, O star of the heaven, son of the dawn!”

When Barack Obama ascended to the presidency with all the fanfare of a kingly coronation, millions of Americans sat in disbelief witnessing the unseemly spectacle. After all, the presidency was just an office, and its temporary resident, by all accounts, was but a mere mortal.

Yet that did not stop throngs of bowing acolytes from worshiping the man as if Amon Re had just descended from the clouds on golden chariot to assume the throne of the Third Kingdom. And at the head of the ceremony was a man who could not stop bowing to the world once receiving the crown.

The United States as a free and proud country had regressed that far.

Upon his inauguration, Obama the man’s parody of the lofty orator’s grandiloquent speeches began in earnest. After lambasting former President Bush on numerous occasions for acts of horrific horror so horrendous during “his” war on terror that perhaps only a Hitler or a Genghis Khan would contemplate them, he proceeded to implement and even expand upon nearly every one of the villainous Bush’s policies.

While presuming to save the world’s largest free economy from a crash brought upon the country through monetary policy bungling, bank bullying, and government mortgage mismanagement, the president blew trillions of American taxpayers’ money bailing out failed enterprises and splurging on goodies for all the cronies who helped get him into office. After promising to cut the unemployment rate to under 8 percent, while racking up a left-wing shopping spree that ran up hundreds of billions on the national credit card, Obama had the audacity of ‘dope’ to jest ‘guess shovel-ready wasn’t so shovel-ready.’

The only thing shovel ready, apparently, was your bullsh*t rhetoric, Mr. President. And if this seems like heated rhetoric, it may not be apparent to lefties that these are people’s lives we are talking about. When statist meddlers treat human beings like play-dolls in some Barbie mansion fantasy land, there is bound to be some resentment.

Years of lies and empty promises and blame games later, the glorious boy-king is bereft of any substantive record to match his contrived aura of divinity. After once posing cockily beside a statue of Superman, the president now appears to be the powerless Clark Kent: by contrast, a dark, brooding figure with a five o’clock shadow given to bouts of binge drinking. That is to say, he looks truly small and petty.

Barack Hussein Obama is now a desperate man. After posing as the prophet of political healing, he has inhabited his true community organizer self as a sojourner of deceit. An agitator by nature, wagging his silver forked tongue before any audience willing to be corrupted, he is transfiguring into a reproachful character bearing no resemblance to the transcendent figure of four years ago. This speaks volumes about how the president perceives his electoral fortunes.

The clock is ticking on Obama’s twisted plot to ‘fundamentally transform’ America into a despotic paradise, and he has inflated his rhetoric accordingly. A day after the Occupy Movement’s pathetic “May Day!” rallies, Obama gave what one observer called the “worst speech” of his presidency. Considering the competition with the infamous Osawatomie speech, this makes it a definite doozy.

Barack Obama has thus gone from the president of the freest, most prosperous, most powerful country in the world to the mayor of desperation city. The circle from uplifting figure to mud-slinging, vengeful politician is complete. Not even the sycophantic media will be able to shield the American public’s eyes from the figure’s pitiful backsliding.

Scattershot attacks against Mitt Romney and Republicans are being launched on a daily basis, reminiscent of the left’s daily assaults on liberty transpiring under the Obama administration. From the War on Women to the War on Dogs and now to Obama’s attack on Romney over whether he would green light the assassination of Osama bin Laden, the Democrats are throwing bundles of dry spaghetti against the wall hoping something will stick. In the meantime, the Democrat Party is trashing valuable political capital with the same frivolous attitude they flush real capital.

Distraction, defamation, and detraction will only go so far in an economic environment bordering on depression. Stubborn unemployment, high inflation and gas prices, and low-GDP growth in the private sector are non-salutary background factors that place the left’s schizophrenic and hectic message-mongering in an unfavorable light. This is another way of saying it will likely prove unsuccessful. Scapegoating the GOP for the failure of Democrat policies that were mainly sown under an all-Democrat government will only get so far. The Obama campaign’s “ADHD” blitz is on, and is delivering lackluster results.

When Republican candidates were tearing one another to shreds during the primary season, the lamestream media were content to lay back, interjecting only to cast in a “racist” here or a “sexist” there. No more. The media are now an integral part of the political campaign landscape, and for all intents and purposes, should be considered unpaid members of Barack Obama’s campaign team.

Take the left’s so-called “War on Women.” One of the most contrived and ridiculous campaigns in recent memory, it all began when Democrat operative Sandra Fluke started clamoring for free birth prevention at the private Catholic university Georgetown. Tongue-in-cheek jests by Rush Limbaugh landed the radio host in hot water, for a while; but in the meantime, the left’s narrative imploded. Fluke turned out to be a thirty-year old law student, not exactly a sympathetic character, who outed herself as a left-wing agitator demanding other people provide her and her friends with condoms. Cry us a river, Sandra.

The meme really jumped the shark, however, when Democrat operative Hilary Rosen slammed Mitt Romney’s cancer-surviving philanthropist wife and MS-afflicted mother of five Ann Romney as a woman who “never worked a day in her life.” The left-wing blogs tried to distance themselves from Rosen, a woman who visited the White House on multiple occasions. Obama went from a sizable lead among women to a scant five point margin in just a matter of weeks. (Interestingly, women seem to think Romney understands their issues better.)

The conservatives who claimed New Media victory in the online spat thus have the numbers to back their boasts up. Neutral terrains like Twitter, where conservatives come up with whip-smart hashes like the #WaronMoms, have become a nemesis for the spoon-fed left. That’s probably why lefties are trying to silence popular Tweeters like Chris Loesch, husband of talk show host Dana Loesch. After a raucous “Free Chris Loesch!” campaign was put together, the conservatarian quick response team was able to get Chris back broadcasting his message on Twitter. Twice.

While the War on Moms fizzled, despite the leftosphere’s claims to the contrary (females are a key demo for Obama’s re-election, after all), the Occupy Movement tried to pick up the pieces of their broken memes with a “May Day!” rally. Originally, the socialist-friendly activists were going to use the War on Women as a selling point to get those who haven’t been biting on the blind anti-capitalism message away from the shopping malls and into the public squares. ‘Cause nothing says patriotism and solidarity like harming the economy even more, right gals?

In any event, the Occupy Movement has been hammering away at all manner of messages, vainly attempting to strike a nerve with average Americans. Alas, most people want to work and pay for themselves and their own families. Occupy is probably most memorable for condemning “greed,” but what could possibly be greedier than expecting others to pay one’s way through life? While allowing politicians and bureaucrats to skim a hefty amount off the top, no less. Government workers already make more than double what equally qualified private sector workers make. Like a recent eye-popping article put it, government workers are the true “one percent.”

But the Occupy’s “May Day” festivus of socialist cure-nothing sloganeering will prove to be a bitter failure, just like the entire intellectually discordant movement has been for months. We nearly forgot that the drug-laced, criminally rampant, hipster-driven movement even existed until they recently announced their little May Day “pop up protest” (replete with pop-up books on “why capitalism is bad,” no doubt).

This too will go into the ashbin of history. Just like the desperate attack on Romney for his dog-raising habits was reversed with an unsavory quote was pulled from one of Obama’s bios that he once ate dog meat. The issue of Obama eating dog was not the issue, just like how Romney cared for his dog on one occasion was not the issue. This is all image-jockeying: not substantive, and not serious.

President Obama has given up talking about the issues, and his campaign is devolving into psycho-babble and posturing. One day Obama will seem like the hip dad who is dorky yet fun. The next day he will seem like the hardass drill sergeant who ordered the assassination of bin Laden (after several hours of deliberation, including on whom to throw under the bus should something go terribly wrong). It simply follows, therefore, that Obama would go for the “I’m tougher than you” angle by absurdly claiming that Romney wouldn’t have given the green light for SEALS to kill UBL. Only teenagers aren’t going to determine this election, despite what the pathetic folks at Rolling Stone think. “So’s your old man!” isn’t going to fly.

This is the man, we all recall, who ran as the messiah, Mr. Hope and Change, an anti-war candidate who was going to turn around the economic recession, lower the sea levels, and lead us all to the socialist promised land of having our mortgages and cars paid for out of Obama’s private stash. Four years later, we’re still waiting. If Obama plans to take us “forward,” those in the voting booth better make doggone sure that the direction we’re heading isn’t straight down.

Kyle Becker blogs at RogueGovernment, and can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker and OwntheNarrative, and is a regular commentator on the late night talk show TB-TV.

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  1. Great Article!!!!!! Simply stated……Great piece!!! Thank You. Keep it up!

  2. Fantastic writing. We need to hammer this every hour of every day. The Obama’s are liars and grifters. They are frauds and there was voter fraud on an epic scale. The DOJ has nothing to do with justice. This administration is a disaster for America. Wake up people, say something in every grocey line, at the gas pump, at the doctors office….tell everyone you come in contact with that we must vote this poseur out and try to save our great nation from a certain collapse if he is re-elected.

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