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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Out of the ballpark Tony! This toon says it all! Love how they endulge in all the expensive drugs and “other” stuff while being on welfare and entitlements…
    Well done!

  2. This is typical an ugly latina type woman obese, 99% cannot protest unless they are lazy welfare recipients, on food stamps, welfare 120.00-200.00 pe month yeah trying buying a 75″ screen with that poor people buying lotto tickets may seem more feasible than purchasing say a mere 6,000 shares of apple. welfare, foodstamps sucks and if you are getting thesethings you need a beer. you are not going a good sense of self-esteem. get off the poor and go after the rich on yachts, private jets, several mansions and luxury vehicles. dont for get the oil subsidies oh oil welfare. tax welfare for the rich. wake up it is the same thing, but for the rich its all good. so keep being a suck up for them And see where you willbe when you are down and out.
    everyone will not be a bill gates, warren buffet, and no one wants to romney. pure dufus

    1. That’s right, attack success, attack the evil job creators, attack the people who bring us goods and services.. Yeah that’ll help the economy.

  3. Nice work, this is exactly what people like me think that people like them are like!

  4. I don’t know BHO didn’t improve much in his taste in women. Actually Julia looks a bit better than his wife, the clothing selection looks somewhat like what Mrs. O would wear when she isn’t trying to dig a hole for a tree in a $3, 590 sweater. I noticed Julia is white. How did that even happen in his imagination when he so hates the whites, didn’t like it that his mother and grandparents from Kansas were white….so why would he imagine a white girl friend? Just another lie in his book, that was full of lies. This guy couldn’t tell the truth if his tongue came notarized.

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