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French Leftovers


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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    1. I know Corkie… If Obama stays in office we better use to the taste….LOL

      1. No, if o-hole is re-elected you better make sure you’re well stocked up on ammo cause the Brown Shirts will be turned lose.

  1. if something will work for the american people why not do it we deserve it. we are citizens of greatest country on earth, obama has a brain he may have eaten dog meat and grasshoppers in an far away land at age six or ten how inmature of people, as an adult he would not strap a dog to the top of a car. a bad decision romeny made is just the beginning of what he will do for us. Yeah seamus strapped on airforce one lol. fdr and johnson were great presidents, democrats know how to create jobs for americans not jobs for their rich buddies, oh privitize everything so they can get
    more wealthy, government, programs yeah can’t you see the writing on the wall they 1% will rule the world. The real New World Order the haves and the have nots. he is looking to be more wealthy and they are salivating at the money to be made. so vote for these tea party pricks who are so far right they cannot tellthe buttocks from they elbows. trash the black man because of what he is insteadof what he can do for us. i am done with republican party rejects that are presented to us i have no respect for them and this has never happened. i did not agree with them but i did respect them. assine and inmature comments show the ignorance of the republicans and their desire to regain power at all costs. The brown shirts are already here you see what happened at Zucotti park.suppression of freedom of speech, bashing of the gays, womens rights assualt, a foot on the neck of the poor and struggling classes, the comments on the mormons. they first came for the gays, then jehovah witnesses, then polish, jews. They are coming for the 99% so that the rich rule so yeah we need to fight for that because it will be the haves against the have nots. vote obama/biden 2012, michelle/hillary 2016

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