Barack Obama — America Wants You to Just Go Away

Freshly arriving to the presidency, the first historic black leader of the country was an inspiring figure. An eloquent and ambitious man, he was driven to impress his mark upon the annals. National excitement produced pent-up energy — people were eager to follow the man who would be king. The leader unveiled his bold plan to save the nation from itself — vast amounts of spending.

And yet the economy remained stifled. Big talk led to more talk. And mind-boggling amounts of spending. Every so often, the president would appear in our living rooms, attempting to soothe us with mellifluous words. Perhaps he would relate a few anecdotes. Smile jovially, backslap, give a few shout outs — all was well in the president’s world.

But the combination of braggadocio and massive amounts of fail bedraggled the messianic figure. Over time, Obama became akin to the loudmouthed uncle who rode into town on his motorcycle, musty sleeping bag and whiskey breath in tow, regaling us of his marvelous plans. After months of hanging out on our couch, snoozing off his post-election hangover and hitting the bars anytime the going got tough, Obama morphed into the unwelcome guest in our living room.

At first charming, and then, shall we say, a little “off,” we barely batted an eye when he started going through the fridge unannounced. Then, there was the ransacking of the cupboards at 2 a.m. Then the missing credit cards. Money taken off the bedside table. Change jars emptied. And before long, the whole house smelled like pot.

The relationship, needless to say, got awkward. The man’s coolness turned out to be a ‘total Monet’ — a façade to mesmerize the politically clueless that dissipates upon closer inspection. Every time his soaring, insipid voice came on the living room television set, day after day, month after month, year after year, it became a cringe-worthy event equivalent to Chinese water torture. What we found beneath the man’s thin skin is a cowardly and narcissistic man whose main reaction to opposition is to lash out. Temperamental, self-absorbed, and loud-mouthed — there’s nothing much cool about this fraudulent braggart.

Barack Obama became the president who just wouldn’t go away. Mercifully, Americans likely won’t have to worry about that for much longer. What we are witnessing before our eyes is a political sea change in the left’s fortunes.

As frantic Democrats throw the flotsam and jetsam of their warped imaginations into the political waters in a vain attempt to save their sinking ship, many flinging themselves overboard like the rats they are, one gets the sense that an iceberg looms: an electoral comeuppance that would sink the party’s chances for a state-dominated society.

The presidential incumbent is a walking testament to the left’s penchant for cheap talk and failed policies. Americans are sick of hearing it. The organized left have been droning on about imaginary wars on this, that, and the other for a hundred years. And the national situation has gotten proportionately worse according to how much power it has attained.

President Obama’s term has been a kind of progressivism on speed, and thus an encapsulation of the ideological movement’s failed policies accordioned into one spectacularly failed presidency. The rise and fall of Barack Obama is worth reliving, before turning to what one hopes is his dystopia’s final chapter.

This is the man, after all, who called tea party activists the foul epithet ‘teaba**ers,” and yet claimed that the gaggle of criminals, freeloaders, and miscreants known as the Occupy Movement are the reason he ran for office. This is not presidential, it’s hooliganish.

The broader significance of the election of a 1960s radical throwback preaching an 1860s gospel is that people across the political spectrum are coming face to face with the outright oddness of the modern left. As an Atlantic article recently pointed out, Obama is simultaneously the first black, female, Jewish, Asian, and gay president. Cosmopolitanism is one thing, but come on.

As this author pointed out in an article on the left’s “founding fathers,” Obama is the culmination and walking embodiment of neomarxist “Critical Theory.” In other words, Barack Obama is intended to be a “composite president,” fragments of the fractured mirror of America whose sharp edges are wielded to bloody Lady Liberty until she knuckles under.

Citizens are now staring into this shattered mirror of a man and see not a wonderful iridescent prism, but an erratic and divisive figure who knows not how to lead. Aloof and arrogant, the president seems otherworldly, leading us into a through-the-looking-glass America where the nation’s freeloaders are rewarded and the hard working and responsible are punished.

The closer the New Left’s professional agitators get to the center-right majority, the weirder they appear. While Alinsky advised budding radicals to shed their long hair and tie-dyed t-shirts and trade them in for suits and ties, this is no longer enough to camouflage their transformational agenda. The jig is up, and all the smokescreen jargon in the world about being “progressives,” rather than socialists or liberals or whathaveyou is not enough to veil the statist plan. We know where this is heading and we don’t care what you leftists call yourselves.

The fun house circus sideshow of the president’s re-election campaign is no longer distracting potential voters. The nauseating whirlwind of random images, scattered memes, and never-ending turnstile of media stooges repeating well-worn talking points has citizens heading for the exits.

America is closing her eyes, and just wants Obama to go away.

Kyle Becker blogs at RogueGovernment, and can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker, Misfit Politics, and OwntheNarrative, and is a regular commentator on the late night talk shows at OTNN.

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  1. Awesome piece, Kyle. Again, I love the visualizations you’ve used to paint the president as more of a political fiasco than the phenom America was promised.

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