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As Seen On TV: The “Slim Away”… A First Look

Bet you didn’t know that we did product reviews at, did you?  Well, we do, and here one is.

Have you ever seen a product advertised late night on TV and wondered if it actually did what it claimed to do?  Or if it was even worth buying?  Believe it or not, sometimes these products can deliver.  A lot of that depends on how much they cost, how well they meet their claims, and if you can find them in a store near you, as opposed to paying for “processing” and delivery.

In this case, we’ll be looking at a product that’s known as the “Slim Away”.  It’s a $10 “girdle with a zipper” that claims to help you look slim “instantly”.  It also claims to help you lose water weight.  Here’s one of their commercials below.

So… Does it work?  We’ve tested this “slimming belt”, and we’ve got to say that it surprisingly does live up to some of its claims.  The belt does definitely help you “look slimmer”, because it’s basically a girdle.  It also does make you sweat quite a bit (the inside of the belt is made of a neoprene like material), so it probably will help you lose water weight.

The question is: does this qualify as a “weight loss product”?  And the answer is probably “no”.  This belt is great, if you want help holding in your belly for a day or two, and it would probably help you lose some water weight before you went to a conference or something like that.  But as far as being a long term piece of your weight loss strategy, this device just doesn’t measure up.

Still, if you can find it at a local store for $9.99 (like we did), it can definitely be useful to have around.  Watch below for an actual un-boxing and demonstration video that we’ve filmed.

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