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9/11 Terrorists Mock the Simplest of Hearings in Front of Military Judge

Guantanamo Bay: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his 9/11 co-conspirators mocked the military tribunal this week in a show of complete contempt for the values of the US and our judiciary. It was supposed to be a short  initial hearing for arraignment. It lasted for hours.

Guilty or not guilty, that was what lawyers were supposed to say in order to serve their clients. But because the defendants chose to play games, ignoring the Army Colonel who presided as judge, to praying loudly on their knees beside the counsel table, to refusing to walk on their own two feet into the courtroom, these hooligans did everything they could to mock the court and upset the families of their victims who watched on closed circuit TV.

It wasn’t just the five knuckleheads mocking the court. The defense attorneys had their own games. Defense attorney Cheryl  Bormann wore a full hijab Muslim dress, the traditional dress for Muslim women, to the arraignment, asking the other women in the courtroom to do the same out of respect for the defendants. The non-traditional dress of some in the courtroom was offensive and distracting to the defendants, she said. The judge thankfully ignored her foolish comments.

Thanks Cheryl, but this is an American court. Sharia law doesn’t apply here!

Imagine what this chicanery would have looked like in a civilian court in New York City, the scene of the crime? President Obama in his naiveté and his incompetent and bumbling Attorney General Eric Holder wanted it there, where they were confident that it would be OK, that the rights of the defendants would be protected and it would be safe and there would be no game playing. Thank you God that someone got a hold of these two men who were finally convinced to do it the George W. Bush way and have the trials happen in a military tribunal in Cuba. Even then, these men, who have nothing for contempt for our lives, our way of life and our values, will continue to play these games and stall until the very end when they are placed in front of a firing squad. That could take years, but I’m convinced it will happen. If there is any case deserving of the death penalty, it is this one.

Thank God for the Navy Seal Team that put two bullets in the forehead of Osama Bin Laden.  If you think this trial will be painful, imagine if the defendant had been the infamous Terror Chief himself! The quiet professionals of our US Navy saved us some grief for the price of a pair of 5.56 mm NATO rounds. Thanks gentlemen!

Instead of a civilian court, where judges are easily swayed by public opinion, the defendants’ antics and a host of other distractions known as our media, we have, yes I will thank God again, a sober military judge in the rank of a full bird Colonel! Hopefully, this judge and the panel of the jury will not be swayed by the childishness of these five killers as they hog the spot light for their last moments in the sun. They will bring up evidence of torture while at the same time torturing us with their twisted worldview of a noble religion. Before the end I hope Americans tune in and see this spectacle and remember why it was we bombed two Muslim countries into submission over a decade for what they did to our fellow citizens in the heart of our greatest cities.

Final word. Is it me, or does Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in full Muslim garb look like that Muppet Oscar the Grouch from Sesame street? Both of them look like they could live comfortably in a garbage can!

Oscar The Grouch -Sesame Street
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed -photo by AP

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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at

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  1. They want women to wear Arab garb? Fine. Then every time the “defendants” enter the courtroom a clip of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers is to be played. Every time they say we violate their “rights”, play the clip. If they bring up any mention that they were tortured, play the clip. They want to play games, then let’s remind the court that this isn’t a game; it is a trial of a bunch of cowardly mass-murderers.

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