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The Rich and Their Jobs


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Fair share means: EVERYONE pays something. We have the voters who pay nothing making decisions that the “fortunate” will pay more.

  2. Ha ha, Tony! Great job. (only one minor detail: the coin slot of the paper-box. around here they can’t give their rags away!)

  3. what an idiot. people want to work if they could find jobs, no one wants to quit their jobs because they are working for the rich. the rich need to pay their fair share of taxes and stop hiding money in off shore accounts and swiss bank accounts. it is counter productive to behave in this manner.A homeless man does not have the means to employ anyone. if more are wealthy or a chance at the american dream we all benefit. The Buffet rule is not going to save the economy but it will not hurt it either so why not do it. let them pay. why kick grandma off food stamps and prescription drugs if it can help someone why not let the greedy vultures pay. so what if they won’t be able to fuel the jet, buy the yacht, or install that elevator for their car garage.this is not class warfare just common sense. keep believing that so they will not have to pay more if i had millions i would not want to part with a dime the more money i have the more money i can make more investments, more items to purchase porches, lamborgini’s, phantoms, bentley, luxury homes to the extent that i don’t know how many i have, so believing this is class warfare and you will be out on your poor a-s-s. middle class is not rich wake up. you are the average joe who is somewhat comfortable an illness or two and you will be homeless and then how will you see the world. Buffet rule oh yes, tax the greedy B@&$ards.

    1. It will hurt the economy more than help… No one is going to lose money if they don’t have to.. The “so called” rich will simply adjust prices or jobs to compensate their loses, or make fewer investments.. That is the natural law of things and something you should have learned in your education process. In fact, If our taxes weren’t so high fewer people would be placing money of shore. Socialist envy propaganda is not truth.

    2. Right now 48% of the American people aren’t paying any taxes, let alone paying their fair share. I think you should have some skin in the game to vote. You say “so what if they won’t be able to fuel the jet, buy the yacht, or install that elevator for their car garage.”??? That all sounds like “JOBS” to me… What you are saying is, we need more socialism to help the economy?? This Socialism your propagate is destroying our country.

    3. you are a retard in the truest sense of the word. First, if it won’t make a difference either way for the economy, why even write the rule? Second, who do you think makes the jobs in this country? Hint, its not the government. I work for a very large company, but its only considered temporary employement. (tax code) They did not just happen to one day wake up and be a huge corporation, they started small like every other big business or businessman. (even warren buffet) And if you tax away all of their proffits, they won’t be able bid more jobs. And why are you so against people making it in this country? you said yourself that if you had all that money you wouldn’t want to give up a single dime, but because you don’t you feel your ENTITLED to ask more from the ones who do? And by the way, buffet supports it because he knows obummer is not going to make him adhear to it, same as general electric. make them pay their fair share first and then talk to me about everyone else. Socialism DOES NOT WORK. Read up on your history. every country that has tried it has failed, MISERABLY. that’s not what i want for america.

      1. Thank you for your input Jesse.. The voice is a Troll who is not interested in anything that shakes his illusion.

  4. I guess “voice” has a differing definition of “fair share” than the rest of us. You get what you earn. You get out of it what you put into it. The Buffett Rule, in all its naked glory, is merely a punishment for being successful. I take great satisfaction in knowing that people like Buffett can voluntarily contribute more in taxes than is required, but instead, stays constantly in arrears with the IRS. I cherish the bold-face irony. But alas, this is the type of character our Golden Boy surrounds himself with.

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