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Spiking the Osama Football


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. I’m new to your cartoons as of a year ago. I faithly go to the CDN website everyday to see your newest creation. I’m never disappointed. Each one is always right on target. And yes, Obumer is going to ride that “I got osama train for as long as he can. Thanks for dedication to the seal team, cia and the polices of Bush… the real credit lies in those areas.

    1. What flavor of kool-aid did you drink? solyndra’s squandering of 500 million dollars not a big deal? How about the toxic mess they left to be cleaned up? Just how much money was given to Obama’s election campaign by the corporate officers? Throwing out millions of dollars of high tech glassware because it would have cost money to store it? Why not auction it off? and remember solyndra’s was just first of other solar companies who were given loans by the Obama regime who went belly up. I wonder how much money those officers contributed to to the campaign coffers? The solar industry is a joke. When someone figures out a way to power up a Boeing 747 with a fuel source other than a petrolium based product, then we might have a viable alternative.

  2. There’s a great bumper sticker (of which I have one) that reads: “If Obama got Osama who did the Seals get? HOPE can’t CHANGE the facts!”
    Thanks for including George W. in your dedication. The Wounded Warriors bike ride shows once again what a true patriot looks like.
    Great cartoon!

  3. Obma has accomplished all these things which shows leadership,insight and strength. the seal teams and the cia and other non-covert activities contributed to the capture, but only obama decided to go into a country whic is a friend of the us without it’s pemission, most likely because they would have tipped off. there is insight and leadership and decisiveness. all the other issues have failed with the gop and fear of obama gaining any ground is the reason for this cartoon. under obama the economy has stoped hemoraging jobs at a rate of 750,000 per month, there is more drilling in the us than ever, sure the solyndra debacle, but things happen in grand scope of things it’s not a major issure.people have their kids covered until age 25 and people still have medicare and social security.social security has a surplus, bush probably raided it going after saddam because he had anomosity concerning his father. he was in the wrong country for a personal reason. he used social security for his own use, people should not have to suffer for the thieft of greedy politicians. Save the people and cut everything else.People ae number one; it is not socialism it is humanism.

  4. Osama died years ago. He didn’t do a darn thing but make it up and use it just to get votes.

  5. Bravo once again for displaying the truth in your cartoons…Love all of them. You are Patriot!

  6. obama did a great thing, the annihilation of bin laden should be praised bush spiked the football on the air craft carrier before the mission was accomplished , mccains war record was talked about so stop crying obama deserves kudos for this.

    1. Obama has done nothing to be proud of. Seal Team 6 annihilated Bin Laden. Obama is a coward! Anyone that follows him is a coward. Tell your comments to Chris Stevens’ family. I am sure they would appreciate the way the white house handled Benghazi.

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