Environmentalists, Please Watch “The Lion King” For A Lesson In Life

This is irony at its best! From the East Oregonian:

Oregon officials were successful in getting permission to kill sea lions that feed on protected salmon trying to swim upriver to spawn. Now they want federal approval to shoot a sea bird that eats millions of baby salmon trying to reach the ocean.

In an April 5 letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service obtained by The Associated Press, Oregon Wildlife Chief Ron Anglin says harassment has “proved insufficient” in controlling double-crested cormorants, and officials want the option of killing some of the birds.

Oregon needs federal approval to start shooting double-breasted cormorants because the birds are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

…the birds are threatening restoration of wild fish protected by the Endangered Species Act, as well as hatchery fish important to sport and commercial fishing.

So first, sea lions were a problem for the salmon, now birds, which are protected by the “Migratory Bird Treaty Act”, are causing problems for baby salmon. Looks like the “environmentalists” have gotten themselves into a bit of a quandry.

It would seem that something this simple would be understood by such “educated” people. Even the youngest of children understand the concept of the circle of life. Everything that has life will die some day. Simba and Nala taught us the lesson so well. Maybe “The Lion King” should be a required “documentary” for the “environmentalists”!

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  1. This just proves that environmentalists don’t really care about the environment. They just want to control things that don’t need controling, or shouldn’t be controled, like us for instance, or sea life, or trees, or crops, or smoke from campfires people want to have, so they can cook some weinnies or burger’s. And if you smoke cigarettes lookout! The environmentalists will come after you for air pollution. Do they really give a damn that your cigarette smoke is wafting into your neighbors house through a open window? No, they just want to control what you do. That is tyranny, as this is tyranny to kill seals who have been eating salmon for…..ever. And to kill the birds who have been eating baby salmon trying to get to the sea is wrong because aren’t environmentalists always telling us not to disrupt the “ecosystem”? That bothering it will cause untold damage to the Earth? So we’re not to do anything that would break the connections between all life because doing so would have a negative affect on us human’s.

    And now look what they are doing. Aren’t they doing the very same thing they tell us not to do?

    Ohhhhh, I see. It’s okay for them, but not for us. Because we’re so dumb we wouldn’t understand when we were doing irreverseable damage but THEY do?

  2. Yes, the environmentalists know when we are doing irreverseable damage, which they know can’t be done unless you try to wipe out some species or plantlife just for fun. They know that what they are doing won’t harm anything because in reality they know man is not harming anything on the Earth. We’re not harming the air from driving our SUV’s, or factories, or anything else man has done. But see, they aren’t releasing anything official because doing so would expose their lies they’ve been telling us for years. So they keep it covered up. That’s why the emails that were sent to the U.N.’s IPPC that “man made global warming” was a lie and a scam was so damaging to the worlds economy they had tricked many countries to buy into environmental controls over their industrial development that had cost these countries billions of dollars to try to adhere to, like the Kioto Agreement. These countries had already found out these controls were undoable and to costly, so these countries had already stopped and informed the U.N. they weren’t going to comply anymore. Then the roof caved in when the truth came out about what and how the computer models had been cooked up to agree with the numbers the IPPC wanted to see. It was all lies.

    But what is ridiculous is the left is still carrying on like nothing has been found out about the lie of man made global warming and that it’s the Sun that is the cause of our weather being different from what it has been for many years and people wanted to know why, and these scammers jumped on the chance to make alot of money off these countries and especially America since we’re such a big industrial country. Taking money from us would be a win-win situation for those in the U.N. who wanted “redistribution of wealth” the Socialist agenda that Obama and the environmentalists want done to all the developed nations so the U.N. can give the money to the developing nations. The U.N. is doing this for the “compassionate” reason to help those countries who aren’t capable of providing a comfortable life for all their people, like it is in America.

    Of course the liberal environmentalists don’t want the people in the developing countries to find out that it is the freedom that gives American’s the ability to provide the comfortable life they enjoy for themselves, not that a good life comes from any government, and never has. The environmentalists want people to think that life begins with the government and ends with the government. And if the Earth is taken care of and no damage is done to it in order to provide for that better life then that’s how it should be done.

    But what the environmentalists don’t want people to find out is, you have to step on some daisies to make a good life for yourself. The U.N. doesn’t want anyone to know that they know that, and that’s how they all got where they are and how they became rich convincing others in the world that if you do things their way you’ll have prosperity. That’s a lie to. It’s nothing but Socialism and Communism that gives the U.N. it’s power over the lives of so many in the developing countries, but they need our money in order to do it.

    It’s all a huge scam. Environmentalism was invented by Communists to steal people’s money through redistribution of wealth. This proves that liberals are being controled by Communists or no less liberals are following Communist manifesto guidelines whether knowingly or unknowingly. But no less the affect is exactly the same. It takes people’s freedom away, and steals people’s money from them to be used for things like to kill seals who are eating fish!

    And the taking of our freedom and our money is being used to stop farming in California in order to protect a lizard that has been known to just move over to another part of the land and start over. Farming that land will not and wouldn’t ever destroy that damn lizard. But those farmers who need the water to make their living, there is the loss of freedom, and money, is being taken from them by a organization that has no authority to be doing what they are doing. All they’ve done is get a judge to tell the farmers to stop farming. And what if they don’t? I guess they would be locked up or their land tied up in court or something, which is nothing but tyranny!!

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