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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Today’s Cartoon……. Featuring “Chef Boy R’ We In Trouble”… Obama can’t run on his record of huge deficits, high unemployment, record breaking high gas prices and his unpopular healthcare bill, so he has to create issues he thinks will resonate with uninformed voters and his base.

  2. I like when the right wingers cook up stuff like this.
    If you think that destroying planned parenting is a plus for women think again. Think about unwed meothers who cannot support their children. Who foots the bill for that, breast cancer and other illnesses who pays or that, tis country has been divided by race for hundreds of years and will still continue to be so as long as their are inequalities. You just can’t make this stuff up. You have to be a person of color to know that things are not equal. whites take for granted their status of fairness. if you can be killed with skittles and and iced tea while wearing a hoodie, this would be unheard of in a white community. Obama could be profiled if he were not president. So wake up people, come from under the rocks you are hiding under. wear a black for a while befrore you can say there is no racial division in this country. I don’t hear of any whites saying they want to be a black man in america. There are no stories of whites passing as black. however; blacks do pass as caucasions, why? is it because the grass is greener on the other side. Wake up it’s better to be white in america than black.

    1. Nobody is destroying Planned Parenthood. Who’s fault is it that they are unwed and pregnant, anyway? no personal responsibility?.. To many of my friends who are successful and black would disagree with you that they would want to be white.. You should be ashamed of such a racist statement(No matter what color your skin). Democrats and liberals have done nothing to help the black community out of poverty. They only exploit them for votes using the Republican as their boogie man. Republicans want everyone to succeed, and be the best they can be while giving a hand to them who can not possibly help them self. You are a victim of leftist propaganda that is out to divide the country as a means to conquer then move us into a big socialist centralized government.

    2. You are not qualified to make any judgements here based on your poor grasp of the realities and facts in the Zimmerman case. You are spewing sheer conjecture and opinion which are constructed from your unknown background. I suggest the movie “The Oxbow Incident” which can be viewed online free – Google it. As for the rest of your nonsense, I have no immediate references.

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