I Want My Buttered Pop Corn

Let us be truthful here. Government cannot do anything right. Government cannot run government. They screw up everything they touch. One of the reasons is that they hire anyone. If you can’t make it in the private sector, don’t worry, the government will hire you. If you have a pulse, you have a job with the government. It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about the position they hire you for. Moreover, if you want to get rich, just get a government contract. You can charge them whatever you want, and they will pay. It’s a well-known fact that they pay $1,500 for a wrench, $200 for a bolt, and even $2,500 for a toilet seat.

Over the years, I have read so many stories of how the government just throws money around. Moreover, what do they care; it’s not their money, it’s ours. Did you know that it cost the government 2.4 cents to make a penny and 11.18 cents to make a nickel? And you wonder why the government is always in debt. And they are always grabbing our money for the stupidest things that don’t make any sense. Does anyone really care how much gas a cow releases when it burps? Or how much water passes through a fish’s gills when it swims? Yet the government spends millions upon millions of dollars for asinine projects like this every year. In addition, any program the government comes out with is an ATM machine for organized crime. Enough already.

Government is the biggest source of waste in this country. It boggles the mind how much of our money they waste. And they always want more. The government truly believes that if you throw enough money at a problem, it will make it go away. What we need to do is bring in a couple of business people like Donald Trump to cut and stream line the government. (With any luck, we will get Romney) Let the government be run like a business, by executives. Just like in business, they need to trim the fat. Now we have the big G.S.A. scandal, Just more proof the government could not care any less about how our tax money is spent. Higher taxes, just means bigger parties for government workers.

I always believed in small government. Keep the government out of my everyday life. Let me make my own decisions, and spend my own money the way I see fit. Over the years, I have seen the government grow instead of getting smaller. In addition, they are telling me what I can and cannot do, eat and not eat, drink and not drink. The first time I noticed this was years ago when I heard that they were banning butter from movie houses. How can you go to a movie, order buttered popcorn, and not get butter? Someone along the way decided that butter was not good for you. It clogs the arteries. So they had to take it out of movie theaters and use a butter substitute. The argument was that it was healthier for you, and you would live longer. You know, I go to the movies maybe 3-4 times a year. Are they trying to tell me that having butter on my popcorn 3-4 times a year is really going to matter? Anyway, I like the taste of butter. People that want real butter on their popcorn should be able to have it. What’s wrong with having a choice in the theater when you order buttered popcorn. They simply should ask if you want real or substitute. Take the government out of the theater. And give me back my buttered popcorn.

Ronald Reagan: “Government is the problem”
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  1. You would think government would have better things to do than take away our freedom of choice.

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