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Destroying Social Security


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Today’s Cartoon…. (Killing Grandma) The truth is, the policies of Obama are Destroying the future of Social Security, but will he get the blame?

  2. This old lady is senile, or has dementia. Ryan wants to end social security as we know it with vouchers, cutting benefits, destruction of medicare. the government will piss away money on other things that are not important, there will be scandals of waste, fraud and inept management. having old grandmas’s suffer by cutting programs is not acceptable. give them what they are entitled too. yes, they are americans and they deserve the best. tax the rich during the depression they paid more than 70% tax rate we are suffering now. fairness, they have made more money than you think over the years. let them pay more than the average joe they can afford it. however; do not stop them from getting a deduction for charitable contributions that would be counterproductive. so when there is a maddoff in government and grandma suffered for nothing you will say” we should have let things remain the same” social security has a surplus, the bush administration probably siphend money from it for the war in iraq and for whatever non covert activites, mercenaries that were out there. take care of the old and infirmed that is the least we can do we take care of every one else rebuilding their countries, supporting allies, what about americans we come first. pay the old and sick and go on to the next topic.

    1. Don’t get fooled by partisan politics. The Social Security trust fund has been raided pretty much since its inception by both parties. There is no money in the trust fund. Even if there was money in the trust fund, it would run out in around 10 years. We are already paying out more than we are taking in. As it is, there is no trust fund, just IOUs. Last year the Fed bought 61% of our debt because there were not enough people/businesses/countries willing to buy our debt at low interest rates. If interest rates go up to anywhere near Greece (have you heard about our new downgrade?) then our entire budget will be used just to pay interest (or the Fed will print so much money that we will get hyper-inflation). When the government stops being able to borrow at a reasonable rate (almost there) there will be no funds available for Social Security. It is better to make wise and careful cuts now instead of wait for the day that there is no money, and just suddenly cut off grandma. We’ve known Social Security and Medicare are going broke for 20+ years. If we had done something about it 20 years ago, cuts/changes would’ve hardly been felt. Because politicians used scare tactics to prevent fixing the programs, there are now no easy answers. Obama stealing $500 billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare and cutting Social Security taxes to buy votes will just cause Social Security and Medicare to fail sooner. We either fix social security & medicare or all seniors (& eventually you) will suffer for your gullibility.

  3. Your cartoon is excellent as always and your statement about the policies of Obama destroying the future of Social Security is absolutely correct!

  4. love your artwork…. Keep up the good work…. you have a new fan and follower

  5. Excellent! That’s what Obama does! He KILLS everything! NOTHING lives or survives under Obama and America is NEXT!
    Time for him to go so we can try to save our Republic!
    God Bless America!

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