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Chevy Introduces NEW Impala At The New York Auto Show

The tenth generation Impala was introduced today at the New York Auto Show as a 2014 model, and so far it looks to be an improvement over what we’ve come to expect from the Impala nameplate.

From CNN:

The car will go on sale early next year. The new Impala’s exterior offers a preview of how future Chevrolets will look, according to GM.

Inside, the new Impala has an upscale-looking two-tone design that visually splits the cabin into a “twin-cockpit” look. That sort of design, vaguely reminiscent of early Corvettes, has become a Chevrolet signature.

The new car will also have a host of luxury-like hi-tech options, GM boasts, including cruise control that automatically maintains a set distance from other cars, even in city traffic, and radar that warns of cars coming from either side while backing out of a parking space.

It will be available with a choice a 195-horsepower 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, 3.6-liter 303-horsepower engine or GM’s eAssist “mild hybrid” system. The eAssist system combines 2.4-liter four cylinder engine with electric motors to achieve an expected 35 miles per gallon in highway mileage.

Pricing and fuel economy details are not expected to be revealed until closer to the Impala’s actual on-sale date.

The front end looks almost as if Chevy's Camaro and Ford's Taurus decided to hook up.
The rear, however, seems to have some Hyundai influences.
The interior, while feeling more modern, echoes the design language that Chevy started using with the Camaro.

It’s worth noting that Chevy offers this car (larger than the Malibu) with a 4 cyl engine.  Toyota is said to be offering a competitor to the Impala at this very car show some time this week (The Toyoata Avalon).  It will be interesting to see what engine choices they offer, as they typically stick with larger V6’s for this segment.


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