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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. well you think obama is a celebrity, yes he is popular amoung young voters and everyone else. trying to destroy the confidence of those who cme out in droves during the 08 run is futile. these young people are college educated and know the real deal that the republicans are obstructionist, and are willing to destroy the country so that they can regain the white house. lack of concern is narcissitic and unchristian like. people will see that his record is worth more than the toilet paper we use to wipe our butts it’s ridiculous to suggest otherwise. obama is an extremly intelligent man and republicans just do not know how to handle him because he counters whatever stupidity that is presented to him. the gop is chasing it’s tail trying to discredit, humilate, and stop obama at all costs. this is not what politcs in the whtie house should be . the american people are number one. doing things that will help a particular party when the main goal is to protect and help americans of all economic backgrounds should be acceptable and praise by both parties, the gop constantly wants to dump the baby out with the bath water and it is horrifying to watch. old ladies kicked off medicare, the sick also. just to maintain power is ludairist.oil companies keeping subsidies, the rich not paying at least their fair share: since the trickle down economic plan did not work why not calculate, what they should pay because of the tax breaks they have received since the bush tax cuts.tax them at least 58% and keep grandmas’ food stamps and assistance for people in rural areas and others where the jobs are gone because the plant closed. if you need help american should help amercans. waste is always a problem. so give money to the poor and let them keep their programs, because as soon as you cut the progrms, someone will be charged with stealing money; more than enough to cover programs that will be cut, why should americans suffer when dishonesty is rampant.
    I feel that should be considered when wanting to abolish programs. oh, one example the money that was sent over seas to Iraq i believe 1 billion of cash money is still unaccounted for, and the culprits are no where to be found. Americans first not partisan agends.
    God Bless America and God Bless The President of the United States, he will make sure their is ” a chicken in every pot”- now was roosevet a socialist, or was out to help americans in need and improve amerca with roads, and other major projects, those who complain about obama do not have a clear picture of what is happening in this country. Thank God we have a President who understands and is compassionate, and intelligent, unlike his predecessor, You should be tired of the fools that are being represented by the gop. This is what america has come to, idiots running for office who are clueless and do not have a concern for the 99% of americans. maybe romney will drive around your house in the presidental car (the beast) while you are on the corner with a cup asking for a dollar or some change, he may give you some of those seven eleven cookies he did not eat that were made by a neighborhood bakery, he was to elite for that. do you honestly think he will help you he would not even eat cookies that wee high end. He could not relate with cookies. What harm would it have been for him to take a bite of the cookies, well i guess he won’t touch you either, so vote for a man who wants to be the most powerful person in the world, not leader of the people, or to help americans, but to impress his counry club friends and be oneup on his dad, who had integrity and could relate to people.

    1. November 2010. You libs are going down. Contempt for this regime is increasing daily. Keep deluding yourselves, by all means. I read the same diatribes in 1979, 1988, and so on. Everytime you are sure that everyone including God/Gaya loves your man, you bite the dust.

      1. We don’t acknowledge the metaphor, “liberal”, in lieu of “commie” around here.

        That pack of lying, cheating thieves is hardly liberal.

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