The Power of American Exceptionalism

This election year’s theme has evolved around one common theme: The identity of America. We’ve heard the rallying voices calling for “restoring”, “believing”, “saving” and “reviving” America. There is this undeniable feeling with oneself that America is wayward, distraught and dysfunctional.

The choice is quite simple and fundamental: We can continue to march towards an European socialistic society or we can be a nation of economic prosperity, constitutional liberty and freedom. America’s soul has been entrenched by big government welfare and mandates that fringes on individual rights. The enhancement of government, by means of a weak and anemic private sector, has changed America from being an economic promised land to a nation that is being defined by unemployment, joblessness, a divided political front and a lack of efficient leadership at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
It is quite embarrassing and shameful that we currently have a President who does not understand the power of American Exceptionalism. It is quite common for President Obama to travel worldwide “apologizing” for what he perceives to be the flaws and imperfections of America. I wish he would the time to have gratitude for this country. American Exceptionalism is about being what you dream to be. It’s about taking advantage of the fact that America is one of the greatest nations known to mankind and that it flourishes with plenty of opportunities for many individuals to succeed. American Exceptionalism is not about government dependency. While it is quite obvious that the absence of government in its entirety will release a society into total chaos and disorder, it is the notion that government will meet all your needs that has caused many to be apathetic and indolent. American Exceptionalism is about YOU. It is the encouragement to produce good work ethic. It is the blissful reminder that if you dream and believe in God and within oneself, that you can indeed, be what you want to be. It is not about piggybacking off of other’s successes and blessings. It is not about being entitled to something without working hard and diligently for it. American Exceptionalism promotes the idea that America is great and that the power of free will has empowered individuals to become successful in life. The idea of big government necessity is pure selfishness. The fact that many just want to depend on the government to provide them services without putting in the work and effort as others, is not only selfishness, but its robbery from those who have worked diligently in their life.

I refuse to adhere to the thought that government serves as a lifeguard and rescue mission. My success in life is dependent on Almighty God, the encouragement of family & friends, and the effort I personally put in to achieving my goals. Many may perceive this to be an egotistical analysis. On the contrary, it’s the beauty of American Exceptionalism. Don’t ride the coattails of government. Empower YOURSELF.

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  1. America Needs More Patriots Like You To Speak Out and Rally Its Citizens To Unite and Fight To Preserve Our Heritage. Those Who Have Ears To Hear Your Call Must Step Forward Now and Take Action. Our Fore Fathers Knew the Enemy When They Created Our Constitution. It Takes the Power of the Constitution Enforced in Its Entirety To Remain Solid, Sound and Effective. As the Constitution is Dismantled So Goes the Rights of We the People.

    The Call Has Gone Out For Citizens to Once Again Pick Up Their Arms and Defend the United States of America From The Enemy Within.

    God Bless America

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