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Sandra Fluke: D.A.M. Member, Political Activist, Phony Victim

The Democratic Attack Machine recently rolled out a supposed 23 year old college student named Sandra Fluke to use as an innocent-looking “victim” who was being denied her “women’s health rights” by a religious university. Georgetown University, to be exact, where she made the choice to attend, even though she admits to researching Georgetown University and their policies about birth control beforehand. Democrats tried to insert this phony plant, (more on that later) by using an ambush tactic of not notifying the Committee Chairman ahead of time, simply because this “Fluke” is neither an expert on women’s health, a religious scholar, and certainly not a constitutional law scholar, which are just some of the related qualifications that would suggest that Fluke would be able to add anything substantial to the committee discussion. No, Sandra Fluke is now proven to be nothing more than a discredited political activist puppet, and just another tool for the desperate Democratic Attack Machine of 2012.

It has now come to light that Sandra Fluke is a 30 [not 23] year-old political activist/feminist/typical Democratic Attack Machine disingenuous disgrace. The only thing missing on her just-now-coming-to-light resume’ would be her probable connections to the GLBT political activist front groups. This fake episode of the supposed poor, young college student being abused and denied her “women’s health-care rights” while being paraded before Congress had all the makings of a D.A.M. farce right from the beginning. Fluke’s demanding other’s be forced to pay for her birth control and abortion pills is right out of the Planned Parenthood manual, along with a smattering of the supposed Occupy victim-card players propaganda and filthy common beggar syndrome..

The stench of desperate debt-spending Democrats [soon to be booted out of Congress in this year’s elections] during this charade brings back haunting memories of childhood trips to the local dump, where the stench of rotting food and trash left an indelible impression on a child for months to come. Low and behold, Democrats had the reelection campaign cash-begging emails all set to go the minute this farce was ramped up by the media. D.A.M. also used this farce to try to take down the truth-telling Rush Limbaugh by calling for advertisers to boycott his radio show. ( and of course you can donate to the campaign coffers of the desperate Senate Democrats while you are at it, them being such honorable people)

Of course the head of D.A.M., Mr. Barack Obama designed this whole charade of mandating religious organizations to pay for contraceptives and abortion pills to distract from the real issues facing Americans today, including the stagnant economy, high unemployment, and $4 dollar-a-gallon gasoline that his policies have crushed the middle class under the weight of. Barack is the most desperate Democrat of all when it comes to the upcoming elections, and this whole charade proves it. Note: Why not just let the Liberals pay for the abortion pills that they also claim are for “health reasons” and are now trying to refer to that rat poison as “medicine?”  How about putting your money where your mouth is Barbara Boxer. Today’s Liberal [fake] Democrats never do that, instead they are constantly devising disingenuous plots to spend other people’s money.



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One Comment

    1. No but RUSH was demonstrating the absurd by being absurd, like he always does… he didn’t just call her a slut outright. His point was that its ridiculous for any woman to demand they have there contraceptive paid for by the taxpayers, and i agree with him. It may have been a insensitive but it seems like liberals want to gravitate towards his comment, yet ignore the incessant slamming that Palin recieved on a consistant basis…

  1. RIGHT ON DJ!!… I had to post this on FB. very well put…. No republican or conservative wants to ban birth control. This is a phony issue made up to galvanize the leftwing base and deflect attention away from the worst president in U.S. history…. Fluke is a political operative pure and simple and like “Sarah Palin” , who has been called a slut, whore, and the C-word by many on the left ( Bill Mahar, David Letterman etc) for just having different opinion, Fluke shouldn’t be to surprised at being called couple of names by Rush…. Fuke is just part of a leftist agenda to undermine the constitution and force religious institutions to do what is against their beliefs…. Anyone can get “FREE” birth control at Planed Parenthood”.. Fluke is no” VICTIM” here.

  2. I KNEW she was a fraud! Rush Limbaugh though has been “neutered” ala his advertisers, including Sleep Train his oldest. We’ve lost our most potent political satarist on the radio, we still have Mark Steyn though!

  3. Thanks for joining in the conversation, all of you. Does anyone expect the campaigner in chief to give back the million bucks Mahar gave to Obama for his nasty vile hatespeech where he called Sarah Palin worse things than a slut?

    How can anyove continue to vote for these hypocrite Liberal [fake] Democrats? I too was considering buying a new Sleep Train bed. Keyword there is WAS… not anymore.

  4. No body likes to fight , but somebody has to know how. This has to be lowest the libs have gotten, no more mercy for the dems! Vote them out and turn a deaf ear to their cries. These people are not your grandparents democrats. Go to sleep number bed and give rush an atta boy.

  5. If this 30 yr old would hold an aspirin between her knees while on a date or at the professors house about her grade, she wouldn’t need contraception

  6. So how many true untold stories have to happen first? Who’s going to tell the story when this happens to a minority woman just making it by in BigCity USA? I’m not 100% where I stand but the arguments I see here are full of propaganda worse than telling a story that is truthfully going to happen in untold numbers were you Republicans, many of who have no moral conscience in regards to this in any way, shape, or form whatsoever to win this battle. I’d guess more than 75% sticking up for the religious freedom argument are using this as a (shacky in my opinion) rallying point against Obama and the Dems in these upcoming elections. Calling this the desperate Democratic Attack Machine of 2012 and filthy common beggar syndrome? LOL this is as bad as Limbaugh. I will end with pointing out a clear pattern of Republicans focusing their attacks against a less organized, in many cases weaker groups of people to launch their platform off of and from. It in many instances has been against the minorities of color, mainly being black, and when this is too obvious, they move on to the next group, in this case women. The shocking thing many of you poorly educated white males and for some reason educated white females fall into this trap when in the end the Party is going to continue to back these huge corporations that are sucking the money from our country to the point of collapse. Then, where will we all be?

    1. So let me try to understand your argument here: A: the nanny state should allocate tax dollars to pay for contraceptive pills ALONG WITH ABORTION pills which are also included in this mandate. I suggest you educate yourself about the complete agenda here.
      Do you condone rat poison being used to kill an unborn baby in the womb? Are you willing to dip into YOUR account to pay for the supposed “poor” to pay for it Of course you wouldn’t allow me to see your “donation” to the poor to but their “medicine.” Thats simply because Liberals want other people to pay for it. That’s always the case. The “great and good” Liberal mouthpiece Sen . Barb Boxer, while calling rat poison “medicine” has donated exactly ZERO Dollars to support all you “poor people.” Wake the hell up.

      1. There is no understanding of this argument because it starts with a false premise. The libs always label conservatives as haters and racists when in fact it was the democratic party who founded the KKK and supported slavery for all those years.

        No one wants to ban contraception, but the taxpayer or insurance companies, or religious organizations shouldn’t be forced by free loaders to pay for it.

        I’m starting a new campaign DJ. Fund My BMW. I need a new car and and a lifetime supply of Mountain Dew. Join me in Washington DC where I will cry and moan and testify before congress until I get the lefty loons there to fund my new car and soda fix!

    2. Republicans have no moral conscience? Every poll I’ve even seen shows that republicans (conservatives) attend church moreso than liberals, give more to charity than liberals, are generally happier and have a more positive outlook on life than liberals…. If you want to talk moral conscience, what is morally correct: helping someone to fend for themselves, helping someone to take responsibility for their own lives and become productive citizens- or, teaching someone to constantly rely on someone else’s hard work, and take from the government at every opportunity, fostering a dependency class of Americans? Your argument, unfortunately, is indefensible and intellectually bankrupt. The groups to which you refer as “less organized” are indeed very well organized and funded. You know not what you speak of.

  7. Actually, Ms. Fluke has dedicated her life thus far to work on behalf of victims of domestic violence and more. Quite the contrast to drug-addict, misogynist, wind-bag Rush Limbaugh. Pretty pathetic when you try to trash an individual who was speaking out on behalf of others. If you’d actually read her testimony you’d see that she was focusing on the story of a friend who used the pill for treatment of ovarian cysts. Clearly, not being female, you have no clue that a great many women need the medication for a variety of pretty awful ailments.

    I would also remind the men of this world that women’s birth control is also to their benefit…that is, unless they all want to be baby daddys or, god forbid, give up sex.

    1. So, enlighten us on just where you draw your paycheck from, number one, and then enlighten us on just what “public service” the FLUKE provides for all Americans.. besides setting herself up for a lifetime of sucking at the taxpayer teat? YUP you won’t answer those questions, simply because you, unlike the honest folks speaking up in here paying for all of this big governemnt B/S can not defend your propaganda!

      1. You’re the man, DJ! Well said! The left can say whatever they want about our candidates, but if our people like Rush says something, then they get thrown in the boiler for it.

        This woman is a plant and now everyone sees it. Good Job!

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