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Rush Limbaugh Is Not The Problem

This is not a defense of Rush Limbaugh. Rush can take care of himself. This is about a much bigger problem within a much bigger picture.

Have you seen the latest hit piece on Yahoo’s Destination 2012 web-site by David Crary of the Associated Press? Not surprisingly, this latest salvo is aimed directly at Rush Limbaugh. Contrary to the opinion being fostered by the institutionalized “progressive” left smear machine and their eager lapdogs in the “progressive” Party Pravda, Rush Limbaugh is not the problem.

Crary’s failed attempt at journalism is another premeditated, coordinated attempt by the institutionalized, progressive left to portray Conservative refusals to submit to violations of their First Amendment Rights as an attack on all women. House Speaker John Boehner and Rep. Darrell Issa are but two prominent Republicans who have already fallen for that bait, hook, line and sinker.

Sandra Fluke, a 30-year old law student isn’t some little girl fresh from mummy and daddy’s house. She just happens to be a leader of a woman’s “reproductive rights” group. No matter how much Nancy Pelosi orchestrated the whining that Fluke does about the cost of contraceptives, there’s simply no escaping the fact that Planned Parenthood gives contraceptives away. Surely a leader of a woman’s “reproductive rights” group knows this.

Of course, the current White House occupant simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to come to the rescue. Somehow, bo managed to find time between wasting taxpayer money on failing green energy companies or flying off in Air Force One to a campaign fund-raiser to contact Fluke by telephone while she was waiting to go on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports”. What a guy!

When is occupy Oval Office going to denounce million dollar campaign donor Bill Maher’s calling Sarah Palin “a c*nt”? When is White House Press Secretary Jay Carney going to admit that the left is, at the very least, equally responsible for “The fact that our political discourse has become debased in many ways”? Were Fluke not an operative for the “progressive” left’s smear machine, she’d describe Maher’s remark as “really outside the bounds of civil discourse”. You can bet a $5 gallon that’s not going to happen.

This is not about contraception. This is not about a Conservative attack on all women. This is about the institutionalized “progressive” left’s agenda to silence dissent…after they spent 2000 to 2008 shouting from the rooftops that dissent is patriotic.

”progressives” are pathetic, forked tongued, two faced, back-stabbing, hypocritical liars who will do whatever it takes to steal the 2012 election. Conservatives aren’t taking that anymore.

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  1. The reason Boehner and Issa threw Limbaugh under the bus is that they don’t like how Rush holds them accountable. Those two are not conservatives either. There are a handful of non-pretend conservatives in the entire GOP.

  2. The very speech we disagree with is the speech that must be protected, because someday it might be yours, or his, or mine, or hers that is called into question. That is the greater issue. I do not agree with Bill Maher, Joy Bahar, Ed Schultz and their obscene, vile, vulgar, profane language that they freely spew about conservative women. But this is still the USA and we still have our Constitution and our citizens still have the right to free speech.

    1. While I agree that free speech needs to be protected for everyone… at what point does free speech become slander and the basis for a lawsuit? THAT factor is decided by the powers that be, and they are often Liberal activist judges ignoring the laws and constitution in order to stifle any speech that does not go along with their agenda.

      Liberal judges and Obama appointees( such as in the SEC, FCC, DOj, etc., surely would not ignore the law right? Is Democrat operative and thief, John Corzine sitting in prison yet? Nope. Nor will he ever see a day in prison.

  3. I agree with the entire context of this article, and comments. But I believe that the right needs to step up to the table and get it together whenever something like the attacks that have come from the left at people like Rush, and have handy as many of the Nancy Pelosi, Ed Schulz, Joy Bahar, Wolf Blizer, or anybody else on the left including Bill Mahar whole and uncensored name he used to describe Sarah Palin, the word is CUNT! It’s a derogatory remark meaning someone is slimmy, stinky, and looks like a hairy taco. In other words a low life.

    This slut, Fluke, like she’s no fluk that’s for sure because she has not been anything the leftists are always coming up with whenever they need some CUNT to make their point for them that is as big a victim as they can find in their portfolio of victims. I’m starting to believe that the Democrats have this long list of phone numbers that are all catagorized in whatever issues there are that the Democrats might need for to come up with someone they can use to prove that a problem actually does exist. See, the Democrats create a solution, then they hunt around looking for a problem even if they have to create one, which is usually what happens.

    Miss Fluke is one of those people. Like the Occupier’s, the Democrats can call one person or ten thousand, whatever they need to prove they are in touch with the American people and their problems. They do this crap to prove they care. But all it is, is one gigantic scam!!

    And I think Rush was wrong for apologizing. Rush has never apologized to a liberal in his life because the has never said anything that was wrong about anyone or anything. I heard tonight that one of his advertisers has dropped him saying, what Rush said about Miss Fluke wasn’t what their company stood for. Typical.

    Either Rush has cracked, or he’s up to something and we’ll find out tomorrow what he’s up to. Rush is far more intellegent than I am and he has done this stuff before, just to mess with people. He is 99.8% always right, how could he not have thought about what he was about to say about this slut, this prostitute to have “misspoke” about anything. He can’t be wrong! If he is he’ll never live it down that he had to apologize to a liberal because he was wrong about something.

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