“Misfit” Bloggers Declare War on the left with Iconic tribute to Andrew Brietbart!

Brandon Morse, leader and CEO of Misfitpolitics.co

With the passing of conservative celebrity super-blogger Andrew Brietbart, the tributes to the great man continue to hit the blogosphere. Some great ones appear right here, skillfully and adoringly written by my colleagues at Conservative Daily News. I invite you to read them.

One recent video blog has emerged amongst the rest, however that I think bears special attention and which I predict will have a million hits by the end of the week. Misfit Politics, produced by Brandon Morse (@Cnservativepunk on Twitter) and company, has posted a tribute and a declaration of war on their You Tube Channel this past Sunday. View the full video here:

The video praises Andrew for his courage and leadership in taking his conservative message to the people through the blogosphere, it recognizes his contribution to conservative ideals in pop culture, and his passion for keeping mainstream media accountable. At the end of the video, the Misfits declare war on the left by declaring, “I am Andrew Brietbart”, a war cry to all conservative bloggers to continue to fight for our shared beliefs. Similar to the cry, “I am Robin Hood”, the subliminal message seems to be to declare that we don’t need the leader to be successful in this fight, we just need his example, a moving ideal.

Thanks Misfits, for your contribution! We at Conservative Daily News don’t care who gets the credit, as long as the message advances our shared cause. Good job!

Andrew Breitbart

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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at www.AmericanMillenniumOnline.com

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