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Hey Obama Stop Trying To Help Me

Obama gave another speech on T.V. recently where he went on and on about how he has helped the middle class and started naming all the programs he has put in place that has made it easier for all Americans. If Americans look around at their situations and that of those around them, here’s what they are likely to find:

  • Credit Card reform was supposed to protect the average guy. So what happens? As soon as they pass it, our interest rates go up. COST MORE.
  • Bank reform. As soon as they passed it, the free checking account I had is no longer free. Now there is a monthly charge. COST MORE
  • In addition, now if you go into the bank to cash a payroll check (that is if you are lucky enough to have one,) and you do not have an account at that bank, you get charged a check-cashing fee. COST MORE.
  • I know someone that has an all cash business. Now when he goes to the bank to make a deposit, they charge him a counting fee. You get that, they charge him a fee to count his money. COST MORE
  • Health Care. They passed a health care law (which the majority of the American people were against, and still are) that was supposed to provide health care to more people and lower everyone’s cost. So far, rates are going through the roof, people are being kicked off the insurance they already have, and our children are being kicked off policies because the insurance companies can’t afford to keep them on with the new rules and regulations the new law is proposing. COST MORE.
  • Cash For Clunkers. Well at least he named it right; it certainly was one big clunker of a program. First, it gave away $4,500 to every new car buyer- COST MORE, But according to Edmonds it actually cost the government about $24,000 per car.- COST WAY MORE, Instead of taking the cars that were traded in and selling them, they had to destroy them. The only thing that did was drive the price of used cars up. Moreover, for the people that could not afford a new car and have to buy used cars- COST MORE. What about the wholesalers that buy and sell used cars? These people make their living off used car trade-ins. How much money did it cost them? Not to mention, all the money it took out of the economy. COST MORE.
  • Obama has just come out with his fourth program designed to help homeowners who are under water on their homes. The other three programs did not work, what makes him think this one will. I am not an economist, but even I know we have to let the housing market hit bottom and correct itself. A rubber ball bounces up, only after it hits the floor. Who pays? – COST MORE
  • Gas Prices Up. Not Obama’s fault. He does his usual, cry, complain and blame. He says drilling is not the answer, well than what is Mr. President. For the rest of us: COST MORE.

The government has a habit of trying to fix things that are not broken. In addition, every time they do, they just screw it up, big time.
I have only one message for Mr. Obama. STOP TRYING TO HELP US; WE CAN’T AFFORD IT ANY MORE.

This is one man’s opinion

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  1. Great article, Chris. I agree 100%
    This president has done great harm to this country.
    I love your articles. Keep them coming.

  2. I agree Obama thinks he knows what is best for all, but government in general screws things up every time they try to help, they never do.

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