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Exploiting Tragedy


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Thanks, Antonio, for the great cartoon. It expresses well what so many feel.

    Sadly, this is one of the weakest character issues with this president. He appears to represent only PART of the population. He told us he would bring us together, but he has done the opposite. He continues to play judge and jury with any issue involving a person of color (e.g.-the H. Gates disagreement with the police). He and Al Sharpton incite citizens w/o knowing the facts.

    1. So, you feel that Obama is not giving Blind justice. He is not judging anyone He is only commenting on the fact that if he had a son. This could happen to him. If Pres. Obama went out without secret service he would racilly profiled. I did see Obama wearing a hoodie once, I think. Going jogging or something. Eventhough, he is President Black men are still being killed. Sean Bell in NYC shot 51 or 50 times after his bachelor party, no weapon in hand what did he do? Walking while Black, breathing while Black, no just being Black.
      So if little Obama Jr. went out with his hoodie alone it could happen to him, supposed he ditched secret service to hang out with friends, kids do dumb stuff. If you aint Black step back. Trayvon was being followed by a strange man who could have been a Damer, John Wayne Gasy, because we knew the record of the types, serial killers, cannibals and the like. Don’t rob you but, eat and kill you. So put yourself in his position before you cast judgement. Oh, and don’t forget the Priestly types, look at your sins before you cast judgement on any race of people, how do you like stereotypes, but you don’t have to deal with it because you are not in power

      1. Racism is evident everywhere. I see in in Al Sharpton and others who think they know what all white people think. No one knows what another human is thinking unless we see evidence in their behavior toward others or in their words. Just as we should judge people of color as INDIVIDUALS, so should it be true of other races. We do NOT think as one. The president could be more careful with his words if he wants us to believe he is the president of ALL Americans.

        1. Obama was race bating when he spoke of a son who might look like Treyvon! He’s doing it to get the black people’s votes again this year! Obama is trash that we intend to throw out of the White House come election time!

      2. You must be mad,like a mad dog.Black on black crimes happen everyday, so were is your Prez,Uncle Al,and Jesse on that, silent. This was a act that needs to be investigated fully before the mobs start “burning down our house”.And you are all over the place in you thinking on evil in the world. Stay focuses on this matter, a HISPANIC/BLACK crime happened. And we all have the power, how are you going to use it.

  2. never waste a tragedy turn it into an opportunity? What a shame! Glad you brought this to light! Thanks and keep up the great work. Oh by the way didn’t someone in the Obama administration say the above?

  3. Let me get this straight; if a white kid had jumped this Hispanic (no he wasn’t white!) guy and tried to take his gun the gun wouldn’t have gone off???

    Give me a break!!

    If it had been a white victim Al Sharpton would be marching in favor of the Hispanic saying the white guy was at fault!


  4. I find it very disgusting that they are exploiting this young man’s death. What’s next, are they going to be manufacturing hoodies with Trayvon Martin’s name and image emblazoned?
    What happened to this young man was a tragedy. Shame on Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP and the New Black Panther Party exploiting him! If his parents are thinking of profiting off of Trayvon Martin’s death, they should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. Anarchy and Missed Opportunities

    The on-going angry surge over the death of Trayvon Martin of Stanford, Florida reveals a current trend which should concern us all.

    Like all Americans, I want to see the truth emerge pertaining to the alleged incident; however, I am not in favor of continuous escalating protests.

    The exodus of students leaving high schools and colleges may at first glance appear to be an image of a united front on civil rights, but in reality reveals the spirit of rebellion and anarchy.

    This civil disobedience appears to be casting an eerie light on a part of our American past, namely the old fashioned lynching mob. Yes, I am comparing it to the time when crowds were known to take the law into their own hands ultimately leading to the accused being convicted in a quickly assembled kangaroo court and immediately executed.

    Albeit, the current trend does not carry ropes, but conducts its forms of character assassination via emotionally charged ranting by controversial personalities (who make their living by thriving on the media lime light while fringing concern of others grief) and angry declarations by numerous individuals with little or no inside understanding of the situation. In many instances, it escalates to violence against Law Enforcement and ultimately leads to civil riots and burning of homes and businesses. This farce, in my opinion, is in and of itself, an obstruction of justice.

    Another commonality among these crowds: there are no cries for comprehensive due process of law. There are no demands for protection of the accused. Just the chants and screams for immediate arrest and CONVICTION of some one who has not been formerly charged. I am not saying I am on the shooter’s side, but respect for due process must be maintained. In this nation, the rights of the accused include protection under the law and a fair trial. Thus far no charges have been filed so this could mean one of two things:

    1. The shooter was actually in danger and legally defended him self negating the need of an arrest.
    2. The accused remains “a person of interest” until authorities determine if there is enough evidence to warrant an arrest.

    Another trend happens to come from the current Administration. The President of the United States adds to the problem by weighing in on this and similar situations in favor of anyone but Law Enforcement. He fans the flames of discontent. Although the President did refrain from accusing the Law Officers of “acting stupidly” (as he did in July 2009), but I ultimately wonders if his current comments (claiming if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin which I am forced interpret as meaning the President’s son would dress like a street gangster) will add more fodder to the volatile situation and ultimately have to be extinguished courtesy of another “Beer Summit.”

    I am reminded of the movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean” and the comments of the pirate, Jack Sparrow who stated: “If you were waiting for the opportune moment…that was it.” Yes, Mr. President, if you were looking for the golden opportunity to be the nation’s Uniter and Encourager…you just missed it.

    There were five things the President could have done (legally) to help the citizenry and Law Enforcement.

    1. Mr. Obama could have encouraged those grieving in Florida to stand with Law Officials and be patient during the on-going investigation.

    2. Mr. Obama could have called for all citizens to clear the streets in Sanford so Law Enforcement officials could conduct investigations without concerns about crowd control or the potential of violence.

    3. Mr. Obama could have called for all citizens nation wide to remain calm and not to protest/riot.

    4. Mr. Obama could have ordered protesting high school and college students to clear the streets and return to their classrooms.

    5. Mr. Obama could have encouraged youth to monitor the situation from the Civics/Political Science classrooms where verbal explanations (by teachers and Law Enforcement experts) would be more beneficial for their understanding than mass walkouts leading to degradation of grade point averages.

    Yes, we all want to see the truth of this incident emerge. Yes, we all want justice to be rendered. However, is justice truly being afforded? Law Enforcement must be given the necessary time to piece together the scene of the tragedy without being coerced by a opportunist feeding frenzy apply fed by the media.

    I want the truth, not a false imitation of the real thing slapped together in order to quell and placate an angry crowd. I want justice to prevail. I do not want to see some distorted form of it driven by shouting crowds and a political idealist who, apparently without shame or true concern for the welfare of the nation, appears to fan the flames of Cultural Anarchy for his own political gain.

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