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EPA Mandates Cap and Trade 3.0/ Congress Remains Irrelevant

The Extreme Political Activists, (also known as the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency) of the Obama administration recently announced new carbon emissions limits for all future coal-fired power plants in the U.S.  that will require all new coal-fired power plants to cut their carbon emissions by approximately 50%.  Just how does EPA head environmental activist Lisa Jackson propose that these power plants acquire such a drastic reduction in carbon emissions?   By using CCS technology that requires the capturing of carbon dioxide, and storing it underground, which is a technology that in her own words, will not even be commercially available for 10 years. “Every model that we’ve seen shows that technology as it develops will become commercially available certainly within the next 10 years”, stated Jackson.  Apparently, back in 2008 while campaigning for President, when Barack Hussein Obama told a reporter that under his plan “energy prices would necessarily skyrocket” he certainly meant it.

Lord Moncton summed up the CCS technology Obama’s EPA is using as it’s main weapon in their war on affordable energy today as follows:

There are clear remedies that could be applied to conventional pollutants. The particulate issue can be rectified by covering stockpiles of coal, dampening and more efficient transportation. The toxic trace elements issue could be resolved by the introduction of ultrasuper-critical coal technology. This technology is not only greatly more efficient than all other forms of energy production but because it operates at such high temperatures it eliminates most of the real pollutants such as the oxides and mercury.

Coal companies are making a strategic error here. They should acknowledge and rectify the well-known coal-related pollutants, and argue the lack of merit of AGW theory, instead of hiding behind the chimera of Clean Coal or carbon capture technology [CCS]. The problems of CCS are obviously insurmountable: the energy required to capture the CO2 emissions when the coal is burnt requires about as much energy as the coal produces. Secondly, the final sludge containing the captured CO2 requires a storage space about 30 times the size of the quarry from which the coal was mined. To date CCS has cost the Australian taxpayers and the coal industry about $400 million. The coal industry could have solved the particulate problem and made a start on introducing ultrasuper-critical technology.
 The White House claims that the new rules will impact only new plants. But in fact, in the past three years, the Obama administration has hit the utility industry with new regulations on mercury emissions and cross-border pollution as well. This latest episode is just one of the many elements of the Obama administration’s war on affordable energy that will snowball into extremely expensive energy prices for the entire nation in the next decade. The Extreme Political Activists of the Obama administration must be reigned in immediately by the currently irrelevant [supposed] lawmakers of Congress. That starts with defeating Barack Obama in the November elections, and electing new members of Congress that will take a stand against the EPA’s unconstitutional mandating of Cap and Trade laws that were voted down by Congress in 2009.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Pay attention America. As fake Democrats play the Obamacare blame game, and the race baiting Trayvon is an innocent victim card, Dirty Harry Reid is rigging up further attacks on American free markets and the EPA is going to jack up your eletric bills like never seen before. This is a 10-year Liberal-lunatics-driven plan to cripple America and shift more power to the government.

  2. Again we find ourselves with our backs up against the wall when it comes to adopting someone else’s technology instead of stagnating our energy industry with some technology that may not even be to capture the pollutants in the future, but rather try to come up with some new unknown technology that doesn’t exist today. America is always trying to do that these days in trying to outdo everyone when the best ideas aren’t coming from America anymore because of our government. America may one day maybe in the future will take the lead in ideas, but it is way behind in this technology. What our industries should do is swallow their pride and employ somebody else’s technology that does solve the problems instead of causing our energy prices to rise while we wait for something new to come out of the industry. If they wait to long the damn government is going to force them to capture the crap and then where will we be? Take the technology that is available now, stop trying to figure the problem out ourselves, and lower prices, solve the pollution problems and cut the government out of controling our energy costs and production.

    It’s to late to act like we know it all when we don’t anymore. With the way schools are these days there aren’t any bright minds anymore like there used to be when we were free to have the kind of education we wanted. When the government got hold of our education and transformed it into stupid education and made dumb the goal of it all, we don’t have the minds anymore, other countries do. America doesn’t have the minds that were once free to develope to it’s maximum, liberals reversed the purpose of education to where it is today trying to figure out how to educate the uneducationable that have been in the schools since the late 60’s. More of our resources have gone into providing education to those who should be taught a trade instead of trying to teach them Algabra or Biology. They have no need to learn those subjects. But since everyone had to wait for them to learn the simplest thing, everyone else’s minds turned to mush, and those students lost interest in school. They thought if it’s going to be this way, why even bother. It’s that way in college to. The colleges are working so hard on making sure the classes are set up like the Communists in the government want them that they don’t have time to develope young bright minds anymore.

  3. America has a radical, racist, militant, Marxist in the White House who is determined to being White America to it’s knees, when it was White America who built, developed, and produced over 80% of everything that is used in the world today. If this Communist who is running the government and has filled it with his friends from his environmentalist days, his college Communist buddies, and his former classmates from Derrick Bell’s class on How To Become A Black Racist, like Eric Holder who will not say a word about the current bounty his friends the Black Panthers, not any NEW to them whatsoever, they’ve just become part of the system instead of fighting in on the outside they found it was easier to make changes from the inside, Saul Alinsky style, more attention has been paid to that while behind the smoke Obama does this.

  4. See, to Obama, he is at war with America. It is in his history. He was groomed for this task, whether on the outside or the inside. He found that he could do more damage to the nation from the inside but I’ll bet even he didn’t expect to become President as soon as he did, but those who’ve been watching him from the Communist Party were more than prepared to inject him into the position of being the head of the most powerful nation on earth. They figured that even if he didn’t know all about what being President would entail, they would help him put the right people in the high offices who could do the work for him. That’s how come he can take off as much as he does, is because he doesn’t have to be around when it’s other Communists who are actually running things. He doesn’t even have to get out of bed until ten o’clock in the morning. It’s because other people are taking care of things and they just want him around when he needs to be there to do what they want him to do that day. It may only be two hours of work, but that’s as long as they needed him that day. The rest is up to them.

    Lisa Jackson is a radical activist from way back who has led environmental attacks on this nation is exactly the kind of person he wanted to head the EPA. All the other positions like that Obama filled with Communists, Socialists, and radical subversives. They are who are controling our energy industries.

    All those people should not be allowed to just dissolve back into our society when they leave office if Obama is voted out in November. Every single person Obama has put in these top positions should be arrested and jailed in order to prevent them from having anymore influence on anyone in or outside our government or our society. They need to be taken out of ever being allowed to have jobs at major universities, high schools or anything that would be telling anyone who doesn’t know or hasn’t been exposed to radicalism from the Communists.

  5. And don’t think for a second that the Clinton’s are innocent in this whatsoever. They are not. What do you think they were doing in Russia while Bill was dodging the draft? Huh? Hillary is a Communist, the card carrying kind. Every person she has gotten with over the past twenty-five years has been Communists. Who do you think she met with to reorganize our education sytem? All those guys were from either the U.N., or Socialist organizations here in America. They were the reason we don’t have schools that are worth a damn anymore is because they came up with their program “Goals 2000”. It was the way to according to them, legally dumb down our kids so that they would be on parity with the Third World nations. It only took ten years and that’s where we are now, American education is equal to that of a Third World country. They accomplished what they set out to do because no one would stop them. Everyone is afraid to go up against the schools because of the backfire on their kid(s).

    That is the way it is in colleges to. That’s why I can say America doesn’t have the bright minds like it used to have when we were free to have the kind of education we wanted so that our kids would be able to come up with the next new invention that everyone around the world would be using it to make their lives better. The tiny fraction of bright minds that there are aren’t of sufficient numbers to make any difference anyway, so it doesnt’ matter if we still do have a few smart kids. They probably didn’t come from public education, and even if they did it was probably a private school or some Magnet they came from.

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