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Andrew Breitbart: An Icon of Heroic Conservatism

Andrew Breitbart

The conservative movement suffered a heart-wrenching loss with the death of blogger and activist Andrew Breitbart. Social networking sites such as Twitter & Facebook, were saturated with memorials, tributes and positive statements of how Breitbart impacted their lives.

Breitbart was indeed an influential and powerful giant among conservatives. He was a force of energy that compelled you to be passionate, energetic and involved. He thrived and excelled in producing the truth. He exposed bigotry and maliciousness and was an excellent example of a sufficient media journalist.

He revealed corruptness, such as ACORN, who was heavily involved with voter fraud. He brought despicable and shameful individuals, such as fmr Rep. Anthony Weiner, to light so that the public was made aware of the distasteful acts they were committing. He challenged the Occupy movement to move beyond their hate and disgust for those who are successful and possess good work ethic, and to move beyond the entitlement mentality and embrace the concept of self- responsibility and individual empowerment.
Breitbart was not afraid to fight. He was not afraid to step onto the battlefield of liberalism and counter the bias left-wing media with conservative principles.

He clearly understood what was at stake. He knew America was the edge of disaster and at the brink of an economic collapse. He understood that this country was being hijacked by a liberal society that did not understand how great America was and wanted us to succumb to European socialism.

Breitbart was not alone in his fight for liberty and freedom. He has a large battalion of fighters, warriors and patriots who are ready to take a stand. There is a large band of individuals who refuse to be a victim to liberalism and imperialism. Breitbart’s love for America and willingness to embrace its beauty is what helps ignite the Tea Party and many other conservatives across this great land.

Breitbart was one voice. Unfortunately, he’ll no longer be able to vocalize the truth. However, he left behind a chorus of many voices. America will hear them roar. Andrew Breitbart, an heroic conservative, just gave excitement and more energy to the many voices out there screaming for liberty and freedom. Paul Revere fired the “shot heard around the world,” but today, Breitbart was the modern day Revere that encouraged conservatives to amplify their voices all around the universe.

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