Three-Dollar-Bill Obama

Way back in the early days of America, there were a wide assortment of traveling salesmen roaming from town to town selling everything from pots and pans to “magic elixir” guaranteed to cure everything from warts to polio. These unscrupulous traveling elixir peddlers became known by several terms, the most popular of which referred to them as “snake oil salesman.”    Another way of referring to them was expressed in the phrase, “He is as phony as a three-dollar bill,” simply due to the fact that there is no such thing as an American three-dollar-bill. As the 2012 Presidential elections draw nearer, it is becoming more evident by the minute that we currently have a President that is indeed, as phony as a three-dollar-bill. Thus the phrase Three-Dollar-Bill Obama

While on the current taxpayer-funded campaign trail, President Obama constantly states that the national debt and trillion-dollar-plus yearly deficits are a serious threat to our national security, which is 100% correct. The problem there is that his statements are intended to paint himself as some kind of  small government champion while the facts about federal spending show him to be as phony as a three-dollar-bill. See the following chart for the truth. While the chart show the yearly deficits from 2002-2010, covering the G.W. Bush years and Obama’s first two years in office, keep in mind that in the year 2011, Three-Dollar-Bill Obama rang up another whopping $1.3 trillion-dollar deficit!

Next up high on the list of Obama fallacies is the infamous statement that Obama-care will reduce the cost of health-care in America while increasing the quality of care. ( And giving everyone “free” health insurance.) This phony-as-a-three-dollar-bill statement is debunked in a very easy-to-read style here.

Finally, Three-Dollar-Bill Obama is claiming that the do-nothing Congress hasn’t made any attempt to reduce the federal debt and deficits while refusing to acknowledge the fact that the House of Representatives has passed numerous bills to reduce big government spending and move our economy forward, which Liberal Democrat and chief obstructionist, Senate leader, Harry Reid has refused to allow to come up for a vote. This is proven here,   here and once again, here. 

Do we really want to allow Three-Dollar-Bill Obama four more years of saying one thing while doing just the opposite?  As President Obama continues his taxpayer-funded reelection campaign this year while refusing to actually work with Congress to solve America’s problems, expect more three-dollar-bill Obama statements to be debunked on a regular basis here at CDN. ( If any readers have other false Three-Dollar-Bill Obama statements that need to be published here at CDN, drop them in the comment section please.)

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