More Obama Budget Buffoonery

President Obama’s newly released budget proposal will add another $1.3 trillion dollars to the nation’s already skyrocketing [under Obama] national debt. Why is it when Democrats propose a budget it is always heavily laden with “let’s borrow more today and start spending less tomorrow” trickery and false promises. As Grover Norquist reminded the folks at CPAC last weekend, Democrats promised President Reagan $3 in spending cuts for every dollar in new taxes, and then reneged on that promise after taxes were raised and instead increased government spending. Democrats also proved to be dishonest once again, when they promised President H.W. Bush a 2 for 1 cuts-to-new taxes promise, and again increased government spending instead of the promised cuts in spending. Now we see President Obama trying to pull the same trickery through dishonesty again, in his latest budget buffoonery.

Obama’s latest 2012 budget is “promising budget cuts” of a whopping $4 trillion dollars .. .wait for it…. some time in the very distant future. What happens in the current year of 2012? America’s debt-spender in Chief borrows another $1.3 trillion dollars that will be put on the backs of future generations of Americans, including every current taxpaying man, woman, and child. That statement is not just an opinion, it is a fact backed up by the President’s own words when he referred to the 2012 budget he is proposing. “We must transform our budget from one focused on speculating, spending and borrowing to one constructed on the solid foundation of educating, innovating and building,” the administration said. (emphasis added) In layman’s terms, that translates into, “Give me trillions more now that will make me out to look like a hero, while future administrations will be forced to mandate Greek-style austerity measures that include future super high taxation and government cuts in spending that resulted in the current burning chaos in Greece last weekend. For more related information on just how Greece’s debt problems were caused by big government hope and change mania, just like what Obama is doing in America, please read this.

Obama’s proposed 2012 budget gimmickry is outlined by some of the following info-bytes, courtesy of Fox News: (emphasis added)

The $4 trillion, 10-year spending plan — the last Obama budget proposal before the presidential election — uses savings from the Iraq and Afghanistan military withdrawals to drive down the deficit, pledges $476 billion over six years for infrastructure projects, $350 billion in short-term stimulus-style spending for job creation and $60 billion for teachers and first responders. It offers little in the way of entitlement reforms, the biggest driver of the national debt.

What is truly astounding is that not one so-called news agency is exploring the question of why does this “budget” use supposed savings and include spending cuts over 10 years? This is supposed to be a yearly budget, not a 10-year budget. Surely, President Obama doesn’t think that the Republicans controlling the House of Representatives are going to fall for the trick of the promised future budget cuts for more debt spending this year like Reagan and H.W. Bush did, does he? According to Obama’s current Chief of Staff, Mr. Jacob Lew. yes they do think Republicans are that gullible, according to Lew’s own statement concerning the amount of “promised budget cuts” in the future:

Added all together, Obama Chief of Staff Jacob Lewclaims that for every dollar of revenue in the plan, spending will be cut $2.50.“The goal is $4 trillion. This gets us to the goal,” Lew told “Fox News Sunday.”

Democrats lied to then President Reagan on the promised 3-to-1 spending cuts to taxes ratio, did it again to H.W. Bush on the 2-to-1 cuts to spending ratio, so now Obama and the Democrats have split the difference, promising [future] spending cuts of $2.50 for every dollar increase in the proposed Democrat’s big government debt-spending plan in 2012. Wake up America, especially the Republicans who are now in charge of the House.  Please do not fall for this budget buffoonery, which “promises” spending cuts in the future for another added $1.3 trillion dollars in national debt this year. Barack Obama will be long gone by the time America will be forced to deal with her [big government] debt problems, leaving Republicans to face the civil chaos of Greek-style austerity measures in the future.

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