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Jack Lew: Obama's Newest Propaganda-Puppet

President Obama has had problems retaining his administration’s  Chief’s of Staff position filled during his first [ and only] term in office. First came fellow Chicago Democrat Rahm Emanual, who was replaced by another Chicago Democrat, William Daley, only to see him replaced by the latest White House Chief of Staff, Mr. Jack Lew. The Daily Caller explains Obama’s picks for the White House Chief of Staff positions as follows:

All three of President Barack Obama’s chiefs of staff earned millions of dollars after passing through the revolving doors that lie between the Democratic Party and Wall Street. Rahm Emanuel and Bill Daley, and now Jacob Lew, are all career Democrats who have taken lucrative trips through those revolving doors, eliciting jeers from Republicans who say Obama is running an administration of crony-capitalists.

Meet the latest White House Chief Jack Lew. Mr. Lew is the former Obama-appointed budget officer who came to the White House via banking giant Citigroup where Lew spent 3 years heading up the Alternative Investments unit. Citigroup paid Jack Lew over $2 million dollars in 2009 salary and bonuses, basically for profiting in investments that bet on the housing and mortgage crisis. Of course when Citigroup lost billions of dollars due to geniuses like Jack Lew betting on the crisis,the taxpayer paid off those losses in the 2008, 2009 bailout packages. Meanwhile, Jack Lew still kept his millions of dollars in crony-fatcat bonuses and salary. This surely qualified him to be Barack Obama’s latest Chief of Staff, considering that the previous 2 Chief’s of Staff also had a direct involvement in the housing and mortgage collapse.

                    Jacob, “Jack” Lew  also served as the Director of the Office of Budget and management from 1998-2001. Lew was an “Special Assistant” to President Clinton in ’93-’94, only to then be injected into OMB by Clinton as an Executive Associate Director and Associate Director for Legislative Affairs from 1995-1998. ( a glorious-sounding title for a political operative/lobbyist)  Fast forward to today, and we see that Jack Lew is in fact, just another White House political-propagandist appointee who has been appointed to his position to spread Barack Obama’s misinformation.

  The proof behind that statement can be found here, where Jack Lew was exposed on national TV when he made the statement that Obama’s latest budget proposal can not pass the U.S. Senate simply because it “takes 60 votes to pass  it.” As Larry Kudlow points out there,  it only takes 51 Senate votes to pass Obama’s budget proposal, and there are currently 53 Democrats serving in the U.S senate. So why would the very experienced White House Chief of Staff, former assistant for budgetary legislative affairs at the OMB, and former fat-cat-Citigroup lobbyist  Jack Lew all of a sudden state that Obama’s budget is “dead in the water’ simply due to the misstatement that it takes 60, not the factual 51 votes to pass it in the Senate? Simply put, because Jack Lew is nothing more than a political propagandist spewing misinformation on national TV to protect Barack Obama’s most recent episode of Budgetary Buffoonery.

 Obama’s budget will never receive a vote in the U.S. Senate, simply because it is controlled by Democrat Harry Reid, and to do so in an election year would expose not only Barack Obama’s much-hoped-for trillion-dollar deficits for the next 10 years if passed, but it would also put Reid’s fellow Senate Democrats on the hot seat if they were forced to vote for it. ( a whopping 23 of which are up for reelection in 2012) Jack Lew is no rookie when it comes to budgetary legislative policy and procedure, as can be evidenced in his past positions as Clinton’s chief OMB lobbyist and influence peddler back in the 90’s.

   Yet Jack Lew goes on national TV recently, and promotes the lie that Obama’s budget is dead in the water in the U.S. Senate, alluding ( or trying to) to Obama’s reelection campaign [that is running against the do-nothing Congress] that includes falsely accusing Republicans of being obstructionists. This is exactly what House Speaker Boehner has done recently in Calling Harry Reid’s Bluff  on the payroll tax cut battle.  He wants the House to pass a clean tax cut extension bill and force Harry Reid and the Democrats to vote on it in the Senate. Just like Obama’s budget, Harry Reid will refuse to bring the clean tax cut extension up for a vote in the Senate.

Meanwhile the media operatives just love to publish Jack Lew’s recent misinformation,( without correction) while also refusing to point out the facts about what Harry Reid is doing in the Senate. They are all working for the Obama2012 reelection campaign and the truth be damned.

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