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Governor Scott to Expand Port of Tampa

Florida Governor Rick Scott recently released the following announcement on Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2012.

Governor Scott Announces Plan to Expand Port of Tampa Petroleum Facility

 This week, while at the Governor’s Luncheon at the Florida State Fair in Tampa, I announced a a bold new initiative aimed at upgrading and modernizing Tampa’s port system. This 50-50 partnership between the State of Florida and the Port of Tampa will allow the port to handle up to five million more tons of petroleum products a year after it’s completed in 2014. The port estimates the project will create over 641 construction jobs, as well as more than 8,200 direct and indirect jobs over the next 30 years.

By prioritizing vital transportation products, we can make Florida a better place for businesses to grow and expand and help get Floridians back to work. This project will enhance Florida’s infrastructure and get our state ready for a new generation of international trade with the Caribbean, South America and beyond.

I invite you to visit the links below to find out more about the expansion of the petroleum facility at the Port of Tampa, as well as other initiatives designed to create jobs in our state, ensure Florida’s children have access to a quality education, and keep the cost of living low in Florida.

Governor Scott’s pro-growth policies  have reduced unemployment in Florida by 2% in 2011, as he continues to work towards fulfilling his election campaign promises to create 700,000 new jobs in Florida in 7 years, produce balanced budgets and reduce the size and scope of big government in Florida.  He has installed new free trade agreements with Panama and Colombia, balanced he state budget in 2011 without raises taxes, and in fact he gave businesses and families a tax cut. Governor Scott  recently announced his 2012 Leglislative preview, in which stated that in 2011, “We began reviewing and eliminating hundreds of unnecessary rules and regulations that have hamstrung business owners in Florida. We scaled back the size of state government and created a business environment in Florida that has allowed us to create 87,200 private sector jobs since January.

And with the help of the Legislature, we also passed landmark education reforms that put students first, eliminated tenure, and laid out a path to pay effective teachers as professionals.  We’re off to a great start, but there’s a lot more work to be done. Starting tomorrow, and continuing over the next few weeks, I will be rolling out my legislative agenda for the 2012 session.

The proposals you will see reflect my three most important jobs as Governor— getting our residents back to work by growing quality jobs in the private sector; keeping the cost of living low for all Floridians; and building a world-class education system through continued improvements in our K-12 and higher education institutions”

Governor Scott’s first full year has been quite successful, considering the budget deficits he inherited, and the current recession America still struggles with. While the media and certain propagandists in Florida like to label Governor Scott as the most hated Governor in the country, his current pro-growth policies, coupled with streamlining state government agencies and reducing overbearing regulations has shown remarkable results in moving Florida forward. Thank you, Governor Scott.

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