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Fundamental Transformation


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. Excellent Tony! That’s exactly what Obama is offering us! The ropes and chains of his Marxist agenda. His arrogance and elistiam is what he offers us for the next four years IF we allow him to be re-elected.
    If the GOP doesn’t get it right this go round, we may as well hunker down for round two of the same.

  2. You are so right but it’s a nearly hopeless situation. He (and his administration) are hog tying the taxpayers to fund the leeches, who vote and the lobbyists, who set the agendas. Given that the two outnumber the tax paying class, we are set to hurt the most as the system collapses. This is nothing short of a declaration of war against the back bone of America. The only questions are “why” and “what are we going to do about it”?

  3. I have emailed and emailed and called and called my Congressman, Senator’s and other Congressmen, and asked them why can’t Obama be stopped when he violates the Constitution? Why won’t they stand up to him and tell him he can’t violate the Constitution? I get no answer. I told my Congressman that Obama needed to go right now, because he’s a criminal and I believe he is a traitor and is in collusion with people outside our government who want to overthrow our government, our country, and our way of life. He has committed so many crimes that I demand that my Congressman do something about it! He wrote me back and said that this wasn’t the right time to get rid of him, but, yes, he has committed many crimes against the Constitutional law, the legislative branch by over riding it’s authority, and the authority of the Executive Branch he doesn’t have. And I asked him, why don’t you do something to get rid of him and no less shut him down?

    I get no answer. I believe that they really don’t know what to do because no President has ever done this before. No President has ever violated the Constitution like this and the Congress doesn’t really know how the Constitution can or is applied to this President. Communists in Obama’s administration are overthrowing our government’s lawmaking process.

  4. The cartoon is wholly appropriate to describe what is happening to this country. Communist have been trying to take this country over since Marxism began creeping into European governments, and took over Russia at the first part of the beginning of the last century. Woodrow Wilson was one of the first to actually try to transform the country into a Socialist nation, but was stopped. But that didn’t mean that the Communist gave up. I really haven’t read the history of the Communist movement in the world and don’t really understand why Communist wanted to take over this country so badly. I guess it’s because we were a totally free nation and had unlimited power, both materially and financially. We really didn’t have a middle class until the end of WW I, and after that was when our inventiveness really became a powerhouse around the world. I know for a fact that over 70% of everything people use and have was invented by American’s all over the world. Think about that. Our monetary power became a reality when our industrial might was tapped during and after the First World War.

    Of course we made alot of mistakes but we were free to correct those mistakes and move on. But now our own government is causing much more damage to our nation than anything we the people have done to ourselves. The Dust Bowl of the thirties was a real wakeup call to what we could do to ourselves. But it was those who understood good farming techniques that saved us. Some of it was those working in the government, but once we picked up on it and started employing it ourselves, we didn’t need the government anymore in that area.

    Now, we are going to have to learn how to save our nation from intervention and conversion into Communism by ourselves. There is practically unlimited information about how to do it and make it work to protect us from Communist from now on, but the problem now is, this is not farming where most of the country can benefit from what was learned. We already know what we can do, but we don’t care about it more than we feel we need to deal with our own problems moreover. We need to wake the hell up and realize that what our government does, does affect our everyday life and the problems we are having to deal with. It’s American’s don’t realize just how much the government has and does intervein in our everyday decisions that is keeping us from making the right corrections like our farmers did to keep the soil in place and stop the wind from blowing it away.

    Our rights, freedoms, and liberties are being blown away by the wind of Communism and we act like there’s nothing we can do about it. But just like we diverted Obama to change his trying to force churches to provide abortion to it’s women employees, we can do the same about Obama’s usurping our Constitution. The Constitution is the only thing that can guarantee our freedoms. If we allow this Kenyan Communist to take them away from us with his smart sounding talk, then we will have to go to war right here in our own country to get it back. Communism is what is the threat to our very existance as a free people.

    We cannot allow the wind of Socialism and Communism to blow our freedom away.

  5. Romney ran against Kennedy, for the Senate, as a moderate progressive. What is that? To begin with a progressive is nearer to being a Socialist than just a liberal Democrat. I don’t care how much money he’s made as a capitalist, even Communist like money, and they like making it to. Just look at the Clinton’s. They are Socialist/Communist and they are rich, and became rich while as President from all the contacts Bill and Hillary made while in office. Now, Bill Clinton is a multimillionaire. Before he took office he was just a poor boy from Arkansas whose highest achievement was to be governor. That’s good, but he’s way beyond that now in his political philosiphy. He is a Socialist now, and I’ll be my shoes that Hillary is a outright Communist. What else do you think her and Bill were doing in Russia when he was avoiding the draft.

    I’m just trying to show you how people who act nice and congenial are our worse enemies, and are the enemy of freedom. Look at all the damage Bill Clinton did while in office, and won two terms because American’s didn’t know what to look for in his transformation into a Socialist. When both Houses were taken over by Republican’s it was because of the Socialist actions Bill and Hillary made while in office, but then the American people took leave of their senses and fell for his charm and put him right back in office.

    The one thing that put him there was Ross Perot, and American’s falling for his deception. This time we have another chance to take the “ropes and chains” off of us and rally behind a real conservative. You saw what we were able to do in stopping Bill Clinton when conservatism took back the government, now let’s put a man into the office of the President who is a conservative, and take over the Senate, and throw out all or as many liberal Republican’s, and Socialist Democrats, and shut Harry Reid up by taking over the Senate with enough conservatives to stop Reid. That would mean we have to have 60 seats in order to hold a “super majority”. That will give us the power to stop and reverse everything Obama and the Socialist Democrats have done to us all these years. Even Bush was wreaking our country, and did install a whole bunch of Socialist laws, like the phama socialized medicine bill, the Patriot Act mostly, and the TARP bill, which he was a fool to sign into law. That was a violation of the Constitution, and has been the spring board for all the economic downfall we are experiencing now.

    So, see how things the government does affects our everyday lives?

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