Will This Endorsement Be The Death Nail In Romney's Coffin?

The 2012 Presidential election is in full swing! Iowa started the “official” kickoff with its caucuses last night.

While the majority of the media sat around waiting for missing ballots, Politico delivered what could very well be the death nail in Mr. Mitt “The Only Electabale Candidate” Romney’s coffin: the declaration that John McCain is set to endorse Mitt Romney.

The really strange thing is that the Republican Establishment still does not seem to get it! We The People have had enough of the same ole’ “politics as usual” game. The Republican Party has played the game for years, and we’ve all just gone along to get along, so to speak. One would think the mid-term elections in 2010 would have sent the message loud and clear to The Establishment, but, they still don’t seem to get it. We The (Conservative) People do not care that they The Establishment say it’s Mitt Romney’s “turn” to run for President. That’s all he’s been doing for four years now.

So many of us have said we are sick and tired of having to hold our nose and vote for the “lesser of two evils“. That’s what we were stuck with in the 2008 election, with John McCain and Barack Obama. Mitt Romney was in full swing back then, as well, and as Politico stated:

“The Arizona senator fought a bitter nomination battle with Romney four years ago, though Romney has worked to mend the relationship since then. “

The saying is definitely true…. “politics sure makes strange bed fellows.” Bitter rivals in 2008 now on the “same team” in 2012? That pretty much sums up the whole attitude of The Establishment: it’s all a game to them. They spout a few endearing words here and there about taking our country back, restoring her and the principles she was founded on, but they are hollow words at best. It’s nothing but one big game to all of them.

John McCain’s endorsement of Romney should shake the Tea Party into full action. Things have been a little too quiet in that camp since the 2010 election. Rick Santorum’s virtual win in Iowa should be the kick in the pants the Tea Party needs to get them moving again. While Rick Santorum “officially” lost to Mitt Romney, it was by a mere 8 vote. Eight votes! That’s all that kept Rick Santorum  from an “official” win in Iowa last night.

Mitt Romney has been campaigning since the 2008 election (and before, in reality), and has spent millions of dollars. Rick Santorum spent “next to nothing”, and campaigned the good ole fashioned way: “riding around in a borrowed pickup”, shaking the hands of the constituents and asking for their vote.

Rick Santorum is by no means “new” to politics, and has some marks against him, but as my colleague so eloquently stated:

“…Santorum is much less polished and much more human than Romney…”

If there were ever any questions about Mitt Romney, the fact that John McCain will now endorse him should clearly define our reality: politics is nothing but a game, literally! The Republican Party and Super PAC’s will continue to throw millions of dollars behind Mitt Romney, and essentially buy the election.

If ever there were a time in this nation’s history for people to stand up and shout, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”, this is it! No more “politics as usual!” It is NOT Mitt Romney’s “turn” to run for President simply because some elite few think they are the ones to make our decisions for us. If The Establishment has their way, John McCain’s endorsement of Mitt Romney will be the “defining moment” of this election, not the death nail.

In a perfect world Rick Santorum would not have been the perfect choice going into this battle. However, pulling the lever for him will be MUCH easier than pulling the lever for John McCain ever was! When push comes to shove, if Rick Santorum becomes the Republican nominee, voting will not be nearly as disgusting this time around. One can definitely hope!

Indeed, Mr. Santorum: “GAME ON!”

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