We're Mad too Newt!!

Newt Gingrich may be successfully channeling the energy of  Eddie Chiles’ “I’m mad too!” to relate to the Republican electorate.

Frustrated with a sour economic outlook, skyrocketing spending and an over-reaching government, Chiles did a series of Conservative radio commentaries in the late 70’s and early 80’s that resulted in the now famous buttons and bumper-stickers:

Announcer: Are you mad today, Eddie Chiles?

Eddie Chiles: Yes I’m mad. I’m sad for the Americans who are trying to raise a family and trying to buy a home when the liberals in Washington are spending more and more to destroy the American dream. You get mad, too.

For the very first question at Thursday night’s CNN republican candidate debate, John King chose a personal question about the end of Newt’s marriage to Marrianne and the interview she had just given to ABC. Newt’s response was unbridled anger that the journalist was more concerned about a decade old event than the real unemployment picture, massive spending and dysfunctional policies of the current administration – things voters actually care about.

Some saw the incident as Newt being sanctimonious, better-than-thou or grandiose – but didn’t he say to the media what we’ve all been dying to say for so long? If you heard the crowd’s response to how Gingrich handled the question – South Carolina sounded very much like they agreed with the speaker – we’re tired of the media picking our candidates.

ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post .. the list goes on of media outlets that give little attention to the failed policies of liberal democrats, but they are all too quick to jump on a divorce that happened over a decade ago. It has been reported that ABC had been working for weeks to get the interview with Newt’s ex-wife.

Where is the interview with President Obama or the State Department on their irresponsible decision to deny TransCanada the right to build an incredibly beneficial pipeline across the United States? A decision that will likely result in a ton of inexpensive energy going to Asia instead of the United States. Energy prices will “necessarily skyrocket”.

Where is the presser where a New York Times reporter asks Obama how it is that after all the effort, loan guarantees and good-will that the Obama administration has given Brazil , China gets the jump on the amazing amount of oil that will come out of that South American country?

Where is the expose on Barack Obama’s war on domestic energy while appeasing the Taliban?

The media is making a huge deal over Romney’s hesitation to release his tax records, something that will become public record at some point anyway. Where is the pressure for the President to release his college transcripts?

The assault on Republicans (those Conservative and otherwise) while leaving Democrats unscathed is hypocritical at best and dishonest at worst – and we’re not going to take it anymore.

  • Romney: Caymans, tax records, Bain, Mormanism
  • Gingrich: divorces, affairs, ethics fine, ad with Pelosi
  • Obama: …

Newt is more in touch with the frustration that Conservatives have felt for way too long than any of the other candidates. Sure, it’s raw emotion – passion even. Something the other candidates struggle to emit.

Conservatives are frustrated with the Senate’s failure to produce a single budget, the government’s inability to reign in spending, the embarrassing handling of Egypt, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan, no answers immigration…

The right is utterly pissed-off at the use of executive orders and regulatory over-reach to force tax payers to fund “the pill” for anyone that wants it, kill the domestic energy industry, funnel money to green-energy boondoggles and crush companies like Boeing unless then bend to the will of big labor.

Newt’s man-handling of John King, who looked like a school boy being read the riot act by his father, was an embodiment of what we’d all like to do – call out the liars, the cheats, the thieves and hypocrites for what they are. It was a visual metaphor symbolizing the Conservative desire to stand up to the establishment and tell them “You should be ashamed of yourselves!!”

Newt’s emotion may be just the thing to re-electrify Republicans into believing that their voices and their votes actually matter.

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Rich Mitchell

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