Truth in Advertising

Have you seen this TV commercial advertising an electric car? It starts by showing virtually every appliance, utility and tool used by average, everyday people being powered by an internal combustion engine that’s pumping massive amounts of black smoke into the atmosphere. Impressive efforts are made to tie all visual references to the petroleum industry, including showing an office water cooler that looks remarkably like the gas pump found at your local filling station.

Never mind that the EPA’s Corporate Average Fuel Economy rules, aka the CAFE standards, have largely made seeing such noxious fumes spewing forth from the exhaust pipe of an internal combustion engine a thing of the past. Forget reality. Just make sure the most frightening images imaginable are superimposed into the subconscious minds of potential buyers.

Then the commercial starts singing the praises of not filling the air with all that nasty smoke because to charge it, you need simply plug your battery powered car into a home outlet. Never mind that by doing so you’re using electricity that’s primarily generated through the burning of coal, which produces more pollution than internal combustion engines. Obviously, mentioning that truth does not suit the advertising campaign. Why would people buy an electric car if they knew that driving such a car causes more pollution, not less?

Then there’s another commercial from a different manufacturer for a similar type of vehicle. This one sings the praises of how much money consumers will save by not having to pay for all that gasoline at the pump. Never mind that even though gasoline costs nearly twice as much as it did three years ago when our beloved emperor first seized power…err, ah, I mean took office, electricity costs are steadily climbing higher and will “necessarily skyrocket” when new EPA emission controls close multiple electricity generation plants across the country.

In this presidential election year of 2012, this is the same type of subliminal indoctrination you can expect to experience via the “news”, Hollywood productions, school textbooks and especially, political advertising.

Oh, and just in case you’re continuing to cling to the illusion that you’re not being brainwashed, once it’s no longer rechargeable, that battery is just another unmentioned form of pollution.


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One Comment

  1. And talk about pollution, we see GM recalling every single Volt because of batteries catching fire!! Can you imagine the pollution coming from a big battery like that on fire? I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a fire like that, not to mention that the car would eventually catch fire also. And we’re talking a source of some serious pollution. But you know what, they can put all that crap on TV, and yes, I have seen that commercial where the coffee maker has some sort of lawnmower engine on it or something, even the computer had a big engine on it and everything was dirty and smoking and all the rest.

    But do you know how much energy is used to make those so called clean energy batteries? A hell of a lot more than it takes to make a lead acid battery found in a internal combustion engined car. And yes, it takes eight hours to charge one of those batteries back up after you drive your measly 40 miles or forty minutes whichever comes first. Does anyone think about that?

    What it really means is you are home, you get in your Volt, what you have to think about is getting back home so you can charge your Volt back up in the comfort of your home. Not trapped somewhere uncomfortable or alien. What it means is you can only drive your electric car twenty (20) miles or twenty minutes, that is you drive your Volt 20 miles out, and 20 miles back to your home. Or otherwise you are stuck where ever you ended up after the 40 miles you drove.

    The whole idea of a battery powered car sounds nice to a liberal environmentalist who has tunnel vision and can only see one thing at a time. The technology doesn’t exist yet for anything like battery powered houses or cars.

    It’s because there are to many other forms of transportation that if batteries are to replace the diesel engines in them, like city buses and trains, the technology will have to be way beyond where we are now. The pace that battery technology is moving it will take about 50 to 75 years before we have anything that will be cheap enough for every city in America to be able to buy one, every car, and every train to be able to run the same distance that they presently do on gasoline.

    Forget about airplanes unless you can figure out how to generate enough juice from solar cells and batteries, and where are you going to put all those batteries instead of passenger’s for a overseas flight for a 747-400 that did carry 350 passenger’s that now won’t be able to carry more than 50 because the rest of the space will be taken up by all the batteries run off solar cells staked out across the wings and upper fuselage.

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