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State of the Union or Wishful Thinking?

 The 2012 State of the Union address has come and gone with little change in the White House’s view of the world. This is unfortunate. America needs viable solutions, not more wishful thinking.

Most disturbing is the continued, steadfast insistence that doubling America’s corporate tax rate will somehow create middle class jobs. After repeated failures by the current Administration to productively invest taxpayer’s money in green energy companies like Solyndra, what track record exists to support the assumption that government can invest the people’s money more wisely than those who earned it? Why should Americans trust a White House that said no to the Keystone pipeline, a privately funded project that would create thousands of jobs while reducing American dependence on oil from the Middle East? Especially when the White House is still pushing a multi-billion dollar high speed rail project in California that will never have the projected number of passengers and will become just another taxpayer subsidized failure like Amtrak?

Why insist on ending taxpayer subsides for the oil industry while choosing to “double-down” on clean energy? Why should government subsidize any of the energy industry? Let the energy companies go about their business and may the best, cheapest, most efficient energy be provided to the public.

If the White House truly wants to have “an economy built on American manufacturing”, they should cut taxes on manufacturing so investors have incentive, and reduce regulations that are inflating the cost and reducing the efficiency of starting and growing a manufacturing business. Without the return of manufacturing, any economic recovery in America will be sluggish at best. Why continue to practice policies that discourage growth in this vital economic sector?

Yes, Congress appropriating funds for construction projects is a normal part of doing business. But don’t try to convince us that you’ve suddenly become an expert on recognizing “shovel ready projects”. Everyone who’s been paying attention remembers what a dismal failure your last attempt was with the “stimulus” bill.

Iran’s closer than ever to getting the bomb and you’re still trying for dialogue, while civil unrest runs rampant in Iraq thanks to your failure to secure a Status of Forces agreement before withdrawal. The Arab Spring is becoming a Muslim Brotherhood bonanza, and the Taliban is licking their chops in anticipation of our withdrawal from Afghanistan. Talking with the Taliban is simply allowing them to gain credibility while they stall and await our departure.

Enough with the divisive class warfare rhetoric. Americans aspire to be rich, not get a handout. Besides, the top 10% pays 70% of the taxes in this country. 47% of Americans pay zero income tax. Exactly how do you define “fair share”?

And while we’re at it, the healthcare law you, Pelosi and Reid jammed down America’s throat without our consent is a mass medical tragedy in the making that increases the already monstrous debt we’ll owe for the unfunded Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid mandates.

You’ve had your chance. Your policies have failed. Why don’t you see if Bill Ayers is available to write your memoirs?

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Rich Mitchell

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