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Obama calls For Fairness In SOTU

Last night, during his State of the Union address, President Barack Hussein Obama brought up what he defines as “fairness,” where “everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules.”  [emphasis mine]

On this subject, Obama and I agree. That occurs very seldom, so further investigation is in order. So let’s examine “fairness.”

  • Everyone who travels on Air Force One should pay his/her own way, be they friends of the President, First Lady, or staffers. No average American flies for free. And all flyers should undergo full scanning and/or patdowns by the TSA, just like all average Americans.
  • If Air Force One flyers do not pay a full fare amount (as determined by the CBO), their flight should be counted as income, and they should pay income tax on that amount, just as everyone else does for gifts.
  • First Lady Michelle Obama should not use any tax dollars for personal items, such as clothes or 30 personal assistants. She should be limited to two assistants. Salaries of more assistants should come out of the First Family’s paycheck.
  • If Michelle Obama receives clothes or other things as gifts, those items should count, at full retail value, as income. She must pay income tax on that just as all average Americans do.
  • The Obamas should not take vacations and living lavishly on the taxpayers’ money.
  • Government employees at any level should not be part of a union with collective bargaining that makes political contributions to politicians who vote on their contracts.
  • The average Federal employee can be paid no more than the average American employee, currently $42,000 per year. The problem here, of course, is the definition of an “average Federal employee.” Can we hold a national referendum to answer that question? Would that be fair?
  • The highest amount paid to any retired Federal employee should be no more than the highest Social Security monthly amount.
  • All Federal employees, including Obama, should receive ten percent pay cuts, and only receive raises when the average American earns more. Average Americans have lost ten percent of their income in the past few years.
  • Government employees are able to run for any federal office while holding and being paid for another elected office, but average Americans can’t leave a job for months or years, look for a new job, and still get paid.
  • No employee in any Federal or state job should receive more than one pension.
  • The Senate hasn’t passed a budget in 1,000 days, so they should lose their paychecks and all fringe benefits until they pass a budget.
  • Congressional Senators and/or Representatives (of any party) should not be allowed to invest in any interests for which they have a vote.

It’s only fair that average American voters decide what changes should be made because the Federal government has demonstrated a complete disregard for the financial needs of the average American family.

BTW, the word “fair” does not appear anywhere in the US Constitution.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Excellent, common sense bullet points Warren. How about cutting the millions of dollars for Congressional critters coffee, magazines, travel,DC housing and food allowances, sense no other working class Americans have the luxury of flying back and forth to work on the taxpayers dime.Want to work in DC? Then move there.These tyrants say they have to go back “home” every week to talk to their constitutients, yet they hide from the people and turn off the damn phones. (most of them)

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