Marin Luther King Jr. Day revisited

Today on the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. Day it is imperative that we as conservatives and libertarians remember and extol the great work that MLK accomplished in his lifetime. And we must unfortunately recognize that the work he began he passed onto us to complete. The check King spoke of granting the freedom and equality to our African-American citizens still reads, “Insufficient funds”.

It is important to remember that it was conservative Republicans who first championed the rights of black Americans in this country. That history is well outlined and to many of my friends this would only be a refresher of the history they all ready know. If you would like to revisit that history, feel free to read David Barton’s “Getting the Record Straight, American History in Black and White.”

It is important for us who are conservatives and libertarians to constantly remind the progressives and the liberals that it was we, not them, who first championed the liberty of black slaves in this country. It is important that we reject their continued assaults and labels of racist and racism which we don’t deserve and have always rejected. It is important to remind them that it was progressive leaders who continually enslaved the African-American and prevented their progress and indeed turned back the clock after the Civil War and the Reconstruction. We must remind them of this history so that we can never again go backwards into that hell from which we as a nation emerged.

The analysis has been made by someone that African-Americans were better off just after the Civil War than they are right now. While the notion makes one scratch your head, I’m not sure that is entirely untrue. Blacks are much more likely to occupy our prisons per percentage of their population than whites are. Black families are more likely to be broken and the abortion rate is much higher in their communities than in any other ethnic group. Poverty and unemployment hurts African-American families to a higher degree than other groups and the presence of an African-American Progressive president has done nothing to alter this fact. The progressives were the ones who first opposed blacks from getting a decent education and it’s progressives who now still prevent them from getting out of failed public schools. See David Barton’s excellent analysis of these facts in the You Tube video series based on his book. The historical facts you learn will arm you in your discussion with progressives in the future. Then ask the question again whether you think the African-American is better off now, or back then.

David Barton Part 1 of 12:

Instead of rambling on and on about the importance of the pursuit of equality for all free people, let us remember what MLK meant to us by revisiting his speech, as I do every year, and hear for ourselves his exact words. I see that a You Tube video of King’s 1963 “I have a dream” speech only has 45,000 views. A viral video by Jefferson Bethke reached 11 million views in just a few days this week. A rebuttal video by The Amazing Atheist has 400,000 views.

I have a challenge for all the readers of! If you love Martin Luther King Jr. and honor what he stood for, go to the video links below, watch the video, and press the ‘like’ button. Let’s see if we can get a million views by the end of the week.

Part 1:

Part 2:

President Ronald Reagan’s son Michael reminds us today via Facebook that his father signed the bill creating the MLK Day as a federal holiday on November 2, 1983. The original bill was introduced by Democratic Congressman John Conyers of Michigan in 1968. Information on the creation of MLK Day is available at

“I have a dream. . .!” Join me today in the blessing of Dr. King’s immortal dream of liberty.

Jeremy Griffith

Jan. 16, 2012

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Jeremy Griffith

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