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It's A Wreck

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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Today’s Cartoon… This election is all about Obama and his own record, “NOT” about what the GOP candidates ex-wives say about them.

    1. I totally agree. This information was already in the news over ten years ago and people do change. She was his second wife who married him after a divorce with his first. She said that they weren’t having an affair then. How much can we believe. Why didn’t she say something sooner. All this is just payback and a paycheck for her. To me it makes her look even worse. God forgives and so do people that have been wronged in the past. Evidently all she wants is money to come out with this and to ruin someone that she once loved. I’m sure people grow and learn from their mistakes. Hopefully she will learn something too. We can’t go another 4 years of this complete disaster in the manner that it is headed. I may not have all this book sense, but I DO have common sense. Common sense tells me that if Obummer is elected for another term we are headed into a Revolution.

  2. The ship in Italy wouldn’t have floundered had it not been for the captain. What he did to that ship is what Obama’s doing to our Republic! Great toon Tony! Excellent work as usual!

    1. Corkie, your batting 1000… as they both are, and were trying to take the whole pie.

      it is not the fault of innocent people in either case, as each has it’s own magnitude.

      as I have noticed Tony has always batted 1000% for better than a season and a half now… Great work Antonio.

  3. Not in bad taste at all, in my opinion. On the mark as usual. ObamaBoy is no leader. He certainly would not make captain on a ship, and he already is doing everything he can to sink ours. We all know he has A.D.D. and is preoccupied with his golf and girly posing in the mirror. So what in the heck is all the silly fuss over this great cartoon? Brilliant!

  4. This is exactly, “While Rome burned, Nero fiddled.”, or “While America went down the drain, Obama went golfing.”

  5. Or better yet to go by the cartoon, “While America was sinking, Obama went on vacation, again!” It seems that everytime America takes another hit Obama goes on vacation. He was just on vacation over the Christmas/New Year holidays. And what, he needs another vacation to Disney Land for a week? What, he needed to make up the time he lost that he was planning on being gone 17 days, but lost a week because he had to stay here to make sure the Republican’s did what he wanted them to do? So, two and ahalf weeks later he goes on vacation for a week that he missed having to stay in Washington?

    Is anyone keeping a running talley on how much time he’s taking off? You know he doesn’t have anything to do until ten in the morning, right? When we have always heard other Presidents having meetings the first thing in the morning at eight AM, and didn’t get done until ten PM? Obama is out partying or on vacation during the time he’s supposed to be in meetings with staff. But see, that’s just it, he picked his staff because he knew they would be able to run the country while he was gone due to his not being able to do anything about running the country, he doesn’t know how.

    Obama is the Community Organizer. It’s not his job to do the work of running the country. A Community Organizer is supposed to be the inspiration to people he’s speaking to. Then it’s up to them to do the work, planning, etc.. He is doing exactly what he’s trained to do. The only time you see him actually doing something is when he’s putting out a Presidential Directive, or a Executive Order like he did with the Keystone Pipeline contract with Canada. He is the grand dictator/National Organizer. He’s moved up from being a Community Organizer and is now organizing the nation.

  6. Anyone who wants to argue bad taste is revealing their utter lack of knowledge of American political cartoons going back 200 years.

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