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Grave Election Prospects

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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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  1. Well done Tony! Holder is as corrupt as anyone I’ve ever seen! And to think he’s our AG is a testament of who Obama is! This administration not only has to go, they have to be investigated and charged! IMO! Great job on this one my friend!

    1. Thank you Corkie… if the GOP wins they will uncover corruption in this administration for yeas to come,, if they choose to investigate.

  2. The idea that requiring ID in order to vote at the polls is “discriminatory against minorities, the poor, and the elderly” is SO ludicrous–and transparent–I don’t understand why ANYONE would fall for that specious argument. Democrat supporters should lower their heads in shame.

  3. The poor *must* now show a picture ID to get medical care. I guess the Democrats don’t think that is “discrimination”. But magically it becomes discrimination for voting. Huh?

  4. I forgot to say that the dead can go to any major city and get fake IDs. The Hispanic centers in any major city will tell them where to get a fake ID, or for that matter a handful of fake IDs.

  5. Don’t these so-called “poor”, and we all know who they are talking about, Blacks, since the Socialist Democrats consider them their pets, don’t they have to show their I.D. whenever they buy their beer don’t they? And when they go to pick up groceries they have to show I.D. along with their Food Stamp card don’t they? And whenever they go get their driver’s license they have to show the old one? And whenever they go to the bank to cash a check for work done they have to show a I.D. don’t they? So Blacks are showing their I.D.’s all over the place but it’s racism to show it at their local voting place?

    Debbie Schultz is a dumb Negro who doesn’t have enough sense to be a representative because she uses tricks and double talk towards her constituences about how their voting rights are going to be taken away from them if they have to show their driver’s license to be able to vote. All anyone has to do is tell Debbie that the only reason why she doesn’t want voter I.D. is so she can cast fraudulant votes for Democrats and it can be proven from FBI records of ACORN criminal offences all over the country in states that don’t require I.D. to vote, and then demand that she prove rights would be taken from Blacks if they had to prove they lived in the district they were trying to vote in. Just somebody, anybody who is at the next place she is at demand her answer the question of how would Black rights be taken when they have to show I.D. everywhere for all kinds of other reasons and no one crys about racism at those places. Put her Black butt on the spot and make her answer charges of lying to the public.

  6. You all know very well, that if Romney is the next President he won’t investigate. Most Rep candidates we are being “forced” to vote for, if we want to get the Imbecile-in-Chief out of office, will do their best not to be labeled hater, racist or “worse”. And especially Romney, who I personally can’t stand for 1 Minute, won’t do it. He is nothing but a liberal incognito. I like Newt and really don’t give a crap what happened under him when he was speaker of the house. At least he had balls back then (hope he still got them 😉 ). That Schultz chick is an embarrassment and needs to go!!!!!

  7. What drivel. Show some actual voter fraud. The entire point is to not allow valid (poor) voters to have a voice, which is the point of the GOP anyway. To justify this as fraud without showing any sort of proof is the real fraud.

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