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Dire Straits of Hormuz


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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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      1. You do a great job, I really enjoy your “funnies” on such sad situations. Now, that’s talent! 🙂 And also thanks for posting your FB link.

  1. I recently saw a really great cartoon of yours and did a google search to find this site, then marked this site in my favorites. Your cartoons are the best I’ve seen. I’ll be checking back here every day.

  2. Let’s see: The current Administration is not willing to create thousands of jobs to build the Keystone Pipeline, but it is willing to risk the lives of our sons and daughters to maintain our continued dependence on foreign oil. What part of this makes sense? :-/

    1. The harm is far greater if that Keystone project goes through. It will poison air and water mainly for the poor who live along that line. Read and watch Thom Hartmann at http://www.thomhartmann.com and listen. He’s outstanding, an extremely intelligent man, and he’s very honest. He explained it very simply the other day on his radio program out of D.C. I had no idea of the disastrous health effects and extremely high medical costs (mainly paid for by taxpayers) that would incur. The Keystone pipeline already is going to a more northern area (so they would lose those job! But I’d like that to stop anyway! This is from Canada through America as I understand it. I’d like to see more effort on the alternative power we know we can have already. The major oil companies just want to concentrate it all in the Gulf of Mexico (anymore harm for Louisiana et al.?) so as to export gasoline abroad faster and for less money than we would pay (if they keep having their way). We pay on average $3.50 per gallon of gas now and it’s going to be $5/gal by summer (a prediction made recently), but it will be a LOT less going to everybody but us. We cannot afford to do this nor should we allow needy souls who should be helped and not further harmed by air, water, food. Let’s help someone rather than hurt. I know it’s always about money, but for once let’s try to think about those who have had a bad break in life, and now we have a lot of jobs lost for people who used to make decent wages in that group! I’m for the little guy and yet remaining tight with budgets. We CAN control expenses AND help ourselves and others. It’s time for America to get “fixed” in every way needed. It’s OUR turn!

      1. You say the pipeline will poison the air and water?? Where do you get your facts from? Listening to a left wing environmentalist on a radio show is not fact. Just FYI, Thom Hartmann is a progressive/liberal talk show host, so consider the source before you drink the kool-aid!
        Unfortunately “alternative” energy is expensive and unreliable. i.e. solar and wind. You should also research on how you think the oil companies want to concentrate production in the gulf. The largest booms are in North Dakota and South Texas right now for oil.
        The “poor” you champion for in the areas where the pipeline would go through, would benefit the most from jobs created. You obviously don’t realize the multitude of companies that would be tied together to complete this task, which would create a demand for labor. I’m not sure why I argue these points with someone that just regurgitates something they have heard second hand, or some talking point heard over and over. A little research on your part might help you see past the blinders of a skewed media.

      2. Lindsey: You said, “It will poison air and water mainly for the poor who live along that line.” May I ask, what exactly are the ways a pipeline poisons the air and water? And why will it do so, “for the poor,” as opposed to middle and upper class.
        There is a two foot pipeline that has just gone in near my home. We cross, and therefore observe it’s construction at points over about 50 miles, depending upon which road we are traveling. It cuts across rice fields at one place and just behind homes at another, within sight of the Junior High where I used to teach, and through pastures and across a river at another. At one of the places, they just lowered the pipe into the deep trench and covered it with dirt. It was a busy, dusty, dirty mess while they were digging and welding but now that it is covered, it looks better than ever. It looks like a smooth road has been put in. I’m not sure whether it will be moving oil, or natural gas or molasses, but for the last 6 months, this section of its construction has represented a lot of investment by upper class money people, a lot of manufacturing for the middle class, and a lot of jobs for the poor people. And all the hundreds of times we have driven by these sites, I have not see even one dead person that the pipeline had poisoned.

      3. Good grief Lindsay. What are you 12? Watermelons’ like Thom Hartman, you know Green on the outside and Way Red inside. Is never, ever, ever balanced and always wrong. Canada and the US have many pipelines running through the same areas regardless of the enviro fascist argument with reality. You need oil, and jobs. That’s it. Worry about your dream of Government sponsored gibberish on your own dime. We in Canada have had enough of it.

      4. The reason they are poor is because they have no work. The reason they have no work is liberals like yourself think big government can support them and that business is evil. Every welfare state has collapsed in the past but you guys insiste that this is different, it will work here because you want it to! “Corporate Greed” has created the highest standard of living anywhere in the world. You need to pop your head out of your own spincter occasionally and look around. The fresh air would do you good, maybe enable you to see reality for a change. Wake up!

      5. Lindsay, I grew up in Louisiana and now live in Oklahoma. I would like to see the refineries enlarged and sell more ‘oil products’ overseas – more jobs here and profits. I listened to Thom and he’s quite the talker and convinced himself that our petroleum industry is dirty and polluting. If refineries are so bad, why are they near large population centers? My 89 year old uncle worked in the Exxon refinery in Baton Rouge-still healthy, just old. Alternative energy is costly with high maintenance, it’s unreliable and short lived. We don’t know the total pollution/safety costs of nuclear energy that leaves properties uninhabitable for centuries and where do you put the waste? Petroleum supplied energy will be around for a long time due to reliability and efficiency.
        By the way, the Keystone company will build the southern route from Oklahoma to Houston and is already started – there is a glut of oil being stored in Cushing OK. Was there last month and didn’t see any ‘hurt’ people in the ‘Pipeline Capital’ of the world, but did notice unemployment in that town is a whopping one (1) %. A good honest American ‘shovel ready’ job – shut down by the president bought by the green movement.
        BTW, my wife owns 1200 acres of pine timber we’ll be cutting for paper and lumber when the price is right and grow some more trees in the next 30yrs for the kids to retire with. Yes, I’m a tree hugger as well as a petroleum business man and I hug those trees every time I visit the farm and drill efficient horizontal wells to produce more oil and gas for a real job. And I’m open for discussion on that topic as well.

    2. Lindsay, first thing.. put down the koolaid,

      The pipeline will create 10 of thousands of jobs, with little impact on the environment, as far as poisoning.. where do you get this information..

  3. Now that cartoon was funny, and truthfull… Bammy seems to have no problem throwing his service peoples lives away, to protect Saudi oil, but stands in the road of safe, ethical oil from Canada…

  4. It always amazes me how ignorant and uninformed most of the population is, in regards to the existence of underground services, not just nationally, but provincially/statewide, and municipally. We realy on pressurized sewer, water, nat gas, and oil, as well as other gravity lines. Most of these lines provide dependable, low maintenance, and safe provision of these services throughout their lifetimes.

    The best of the mains, are the welded steel variety, currently in use for large diameter watermain. This is technology that has evolved over the years to where it is today. There is no safer, more dependable way to deliver liquid bitumen.

    What do we want, delivery of railcars on a daily basis, or truck after truck of bitumen? Crossing creeks has become a capital offense for the envirotard koolaid committee. At times it seems the leftists truly want to turn Canada and the US into a third world dependency, instead of standing on their own.

  5. No one seems to acknowledge that there are over 55,000 miles of oil pipelines and well over 100,000 miles of gas pipelines in the US.
    so whats the problem? New types of steel, new welding processes will make new lines much, much safer.

  6. Antonio hits the nail on the head again. Let’s see …. who has the drilling equipment from the Gult again? Did he send that to Brazil with Soros’s help?

  7. Does anyone realize that there are 10’s of thousands of oil/gas wells drilled through the aquifer they want to ‘protect’, lined with steel casings flowing millions of gallons of oil and trillions of cubic feet of gas through the casing that has penetrated the aquifer throughout Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas? A single pipe line across Nebraska is like stretching a sewing thread across a football field and if it leaked it would be like spitting in a pool.
    Thanks for pointing out the ludicrous decisions being made in DC.

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