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Crucifying Jesus….Again

Crucifying Jesus…….Again!

The fourth circuit court of appeals ruled recently that the name Jesus could only be spoken once or twice in legislative prayers. The US Supreme Court was petitioned to hear the case for a reverse ruling, but on January 17, 2012, they have officially refused to hear the case, which means the lower court ruling stands and is now law in the five states of the fourth circuit district. To state it plainly, a court can now determine the content of an individual’s prayer to God. Whatever happened to that separation of church and state thing when you really need it?

Vague mentions of God or references to a higher power will sometimes be tolerated by God haters, but when you get specific and bring up the name Jesus, well, now you’ve gone to meddlin’. There’s just something about that name (to quote Bill Gaither). What is it about Jesus that stirs such ire, and fans the flame of hatred from those who are not Christians? Remember, this is America and of the all the rights we still have, there is also the forgotten right of the unfettered exercise of religion, as found in the 1st amendment, which not only does not prohibit religious expression, it protects it.

I don’t turn red and get livid at the mention of Mohammed. I simply don’t believe in him, follow him or reverence him and I don’t have to (at least until that Sharia thing kicks in). Islam claims he is the only true prophet. I disagree and choose to follow Jesus and do not threaten or physically attack anyone who differs. I follow Jesus, others follow Mohammed or mother earth or whatever they please. Leave me alone and leave a time honored tradition and practice alone.

“America is not a Christian nation” they cry. Well, any way you slice it, Christianity is woven into the fabric of the history and establishing of this country. It was the predominant religion of the MAJORITY of early Americans and the founding fathers and Christianity was the single strongest influence in their lives. These Americans were not Muslim, Hindu, free thinkers or new agers. They were Christians. Period. I know the truth hurts and this is one reason for the backlash against Christianity. We live in an age where people cannot handle the truth. But the funny thing about truth is this: you can accept it, or you can reject it, but you can never change it. Oh, for some constitutional common sense sanity from those on the bench.

Joseph Harris has been a college professor and pastor since 1987 and his writings have appeared on WorldNetdaily, Sword of the Lord, Intellectual Conservative, Conservative Daily News, and Land of the Free. houdini59@att.net

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  1. Can you help me? I’ve read over the 1st Amendment a couple of times and I can’t find the word “Jesus” or the number one or two anywhere.

    So where did the court come up with this new Constitutional standard? It almost seems like the judges are just making it up as they go along.

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