Ten Reasons To Love Rick Perry

Rich Mitchell made this comment yesterday in this post:

Can’t we ask “What reasons does this candidate give me to vote for him or her” instead of stating the reasons we hate the others?

I’m certainly guilty of both. I’ve spent some time detailing reasons to mistrust Newt Gingrich, based on his record and his stated plans, as well as Mitt Romney and Herman Cain (though Cain is now out of the race). I’ve also penned a brief synopsis of reasons to get behind Rick Perry (my candidate).

Rich also had this to say:

(…) it’s obvious – we don’t know how to love our candidate.

While I’m usually the “don’t love a politician” sort, I get the message. So, here it is, ten reasons to love Rick Perry (in no particular order):

1) Using the Federal Reserve for political purposes is “treason“- I agree (as do all other sound-money folks). Devaluing our money for pretended short-term benefits undoubtedly harms our nation’s economic security.

2) He gets the concept of individual rights trumping state authority. Let me cite a few examples:

From pg. 51 of “Fed Up!”:

The Civil Rights Act, which, among many things, prohibited private discrimination in so-called public accommodations, such as hotels and restaurants, was the glorious fulfillment of the principles of the Declaration of Independence and, ultimately, the intent behind passage of the Reconstruction Era amendments. I believe there was ample basis for the establishment of that law in that following the Civil War the people ratified three amendments, the purpose of which was to give the federal government the power to fight racial discrimination.

On the subject of Reconstruction-era acts of the states, Rick Perry has direct experience. As I noted in this post, Perry has spent considerable time as governor working to repeal modern variants of Reconstruction-era Texas gun laws intended to disarm blacks, which are now imposed on all residents of his state.

Perry’s policies have borne out something else we know about individual rights: When individuals have the greatest personal autonomy to protect themselves and their property, the rule of law endures.

3) He’s humble. How can we tell? He’s made wonderful fun out of his “and uhh…” gaffe. Instead of being a constant source of bashing, it’s now a distant memory we get a little chuckle from. Other candidates’ egos wouldn’t allow them that kind of self-deprecating humor- I can imagine Herman Cain doing a terrible job of rationalizing such a gaffe, the way he botched his attempt to rationalize his bizarre abortion gaffe.

4) If there were “dirt” on Perry, it would’ve come out by now. He’s been the governor of his state for more than a decade, and he’s been a national icon of the right. As he joked on Jay Leno, he’s been investigated over and over again. We simply can’t afford the liability of a candidate with skeletons in his/her closet.

5) As I’ve said before, nobody questions Rick Perry’s sincerity when he speaks. One may not agree with him on a given topic- and I do disagree with him on some things- but when he states his position, there’s no doubt he’s calling it as he sees it. Considering the weasely-ness of Gingrich and Romney, this should be Perry’s greatest selling point.

6) On jobs: Under Perry’s governorship, more than one million jobs have been created in Texas while other states have been bleeding jobs. Note that he doesn’t claim “he created” them; his policies have gotten state government out of the way of job creation.

7) Under his governorship, Texas went from 6th lowest state debt-to-GDP ratio in the nation to 2nd lowest(Tennessee being 1st).

8 ) Perry has been fighting the good fight against federal intrusion: Battling the EPA and the TSA, among others.

9) Yes, Social Security is a ponzi scheme. Let’s fix it.

10) Perry has the most executive experience- and arguably, the most successful executive experience- of anyone in the race. He has more than 10 years at the helm of a state government, and his governance has been unquestionably exceptional.

So, there it is. I’m with Rick Perry. Who are you with?

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. 10 Good Reasons to vote for Perry is a compelling argument. Each of our candidates has at least one serious flaw but they also have serious positives. Compared to Obama who has NO positives that might improve the economy, freedom, national security, or any other national imperative, our candidates are a definite improvement in every way. As one who believes that our Congress is dedicated to self-service rather than public service –I’m referring to the career pols, of course. I find Perry’s opposition to term limits a serious flaw. The only other candidate I would consider voting for is Ron Paul and his isolationist positions I think endangers national security. The Obama regime is dedicated to preserving entrenched and growing FedGov and has already reduced our defense capabilities and continues to leave openings for present and potential enemies. So, bottom line, any Repub* will move the country back from the Obama Marxist plan that leads directly to European type weakness and welfare state doldrums or much worse. –Geo. *perfect is not an option.

    1. Term limits could prevent a really great public servant from serving until the voters don’t return him. There are many really good ones that we need. But he does call for limiting Congressional sessions to half their current time at half their current pay. That’s more effective than term limits The Texas Congress meets 180 days every other year. So opposing term limits shouldn’t be a problem with Congress meeting half the time. By the way, working half time in Congress for low pay and keeping a full time job at home will eliminate self-serving candidates immediately.

      Voting for Perry poses no problem whereas voting for Paul is dangerous to America’s security.

      1. Congress has oversight responsibility for a huge federal government, a job they could never accomplish part time. It is bad enough that the career pols don’t take that responsibility seriously –reelection efforts take precedence– and the thousands of departments and agencies run amuck without notice. You can see the problems faced by congressional committees trying even to understand what the EPA is doing until it is too late and what Rep Issa is up against in his investigation of the AG’s gun scandal. No, a part time Congress is not feasible. But term limits is. How many “great public servants” are indispensible compared to the legion of careerists whose job is more important to them than anything else? As with our term limit experience in the States we get a much more broadly experienced pool of candidates who are volunteering for true public service to do the job and then go back and live under the laws they pass. How many in Congress have ever done anything in the private sector? Damn few. Here are examples of why we have a $15 trillion debt: http://www.posterchildrenfortermlimits.com
        The States should have part time legislatures as Florida and Texas and many others have. These states have shown how beneficial it is to have term limits. Jeb Bush told us that he couldn’t have accomplished his school voucher programs and other initiatives without term limits –the old entrenched politicians wouldn’t upset their lobbies that support their reelections.

        1. Good points. Solutions: Rick Perry promises to work every day to make government as inconsequential in your life as possible and to return us to the model set up by the founding fathers. He would eliminate many of the government agencies and departments that are meddling unconstitutionally in matters where the individuals and/or states should have authority. This will reduce the size, scope and financial responsibilities of the feds substantially, requiring less action and time of Congress. Gov. Perry will not go to D.C. for business as usual.

          Texas is the thirtenth largest economy in the world, larger than many countries and their legislators get everything accomplished meeting only 180 days every other year. The U.S. Congress should be able to get their job done in half the time, once their scope is drastically reduced, and could stop spending so much time passing thousands of news laws year after year. This is the opposite of freedom and needs to stop. Our federal budget would be reduced drastically also.

          Career politicians won’t seek the job if they only meet half the time for half the pay. The incentive will be removed. They will have to work full time jobs at home like the rest of us which will not appeal to self-agrandizing people. Congress has been unresponsive to the will of the people and must be reined in.

          The country is ready for these landmark changes, ready to get the feds out of everything in the world and ready to reduce spending dramatically. And, if some emergency arises, they can always call a special session, but you won’t see many of those because politicians will need to be at home making a living.

  2. We can choose the great debater with the most baggage (Gingrich) or someone who misspeaks from time to time, but has a conservative record to stand on (Perry.) We’d better make up our minds, or we could end up with Romney. His refusal to drink the global warming tea is also a strong reason to support Perry. That took guts for a politician in today’s environment, though it’s getting easier to do now that the global warming cartel is imploding.

  3. GOV. RICK PERRY will be the next POTUS, Commander-in-Chief, and leader of the FREE WORLD.

    No other individual running for POTUS is better prepared, tested, and PROVEN to be the REAL leader that America needs in this juncture of our history.

    We are talking about electing a man that will lead and govern a nation with the 3rd largest population in the world…over 300,000,000 Americans. Furthermore, we are talking about electing the leader, of the WORLD’S LARGEST ECONOMY, and the world’s ONLY SUPERPOWER.

    For the last 10-years, GOV. RICK PERRY has successfully governed the state with the 2nd largest population in our country…a state with 25,000,000 people. In addition, Texas is the world’s 16th largest economy…bigger than a majority of the countries worldwide (including Israel). Texas has a 1200 mile border with a foreign country, it has coastlines and seaports, produces oil in vast quantities, it has more clean energy windmills than any other state in the country, it has 20,000 National Guard/Reserves troops…including numerous major military installations, and Space Center to boot.

    GOVERNOR RICK PERRY has served his country as a military officer and pilot in the USAF. Very importantly, there will be NO DOWN TIME in our country for any ON-THE-JOB TRAINING with GOV. RICK PERRY.

    RICK PERRY’S moral character, belief in God, and “CAN DO” attitude…will guide him well as our future POTUS.

  4. rick perry my almost perfect candiate for president-love him-omg wish amm tea party -all american peoel will accept him -vote for him as our usa president.

  5. Dream on, Rhonda. Obviously,, the professional politicians will never let that happen and they have to approve, you know. The President can’t just order it done. They wouldn’t even let Reagan kill the Education Dept. No, term limits are absolutely necessary to make any progress in reducing the Leviathan. That’s hard enough. But you can help by signing our petition at http://www.termlimits.org -thanks.

  6. Just a thought from an initial Perry supporter who has jumped ship after his scolding us on disliking his immigration stance. His reaction to conservatives’ “heartless” disagreement with some sort of amnesty-ish, not only turned me off but showed a giant lack of understanding of our country’s problems. The Balkanization of America would destroy the county and a weak position on illegal immigration leads to that destruction.

    I cant get behind someone who makes such pathetic verbal gaffes again, either. If you cant get your facts straight in a debate, and cant remember your own policy ideas, im sorry, i cant support you. Obama will have the media and a thousand lies at his disposal in the coming campaign. You cant give the guy another weapon by offering up yourself as another dumb Texan Governor.

    Perry has done nothing to impress me and everything to turn me off. His campaign messaging is nonexistent and he only seems to speak up when trying to recover from another gaffe.

    Dont get me wrong, he is still a ZILLION times better than Obama. He may even be a good President if elected, but so far, he is a horrible candidate.

    1. AJ,


      I suppose if enough RINO’s voted for him in the primaries, and Perry became the only candidate to run against Obama, well I would be forced to vote for him. I just hope Perry supporters can say the same thing about Paul, Newt, Santorum, or Bachman. Anything is better than Obama.

  7. I love perry. I love his policies of taking all that useless spending on the rich teachers and all that environmental regulation and putting into job creations in the oil industry where it belongs. I mean the environment will take care of itself right? and if it gets bad enough individuals will stop hurting it on their own. And education? Just read the Bible and get through middle school. If you can’t make it through HS its not that important and then we don’t need to fund higher education either. We also know the Perry is capable of genus ways of fixing problems. Take his role in the Texas gerrymandering system. Absolute genus; speeds up work in the legislature too without any competition.

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