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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. A.F. I am really upset with you over this one. I love fruitcake and you just ruined a perfectly good one.

    Keep up the great cartoons. Love everyone of them.

  2. I knew this cartoon was going to ruffle some feathers. But, I have to call it as I see it.. and how I see it is this; I love everything about Ron Paul except when it comes to Iran and some other foreign policy issues… We can’t afford for Iran to get a nuclear weapon.

  3. Will Ron Paul bring to the table the goods to turn our economy and finances around? Absolutely. Do I like his foreign policy and his thoughts of Iran having a nuclear bomb? Absolutely NOT.
    However, how are we to stop them if we don’t have money? Borrow more from the Chinese? I think not. The biggest problem we face today is that of our finances and economy, that is what we must address. Once that’s in place, then I will argue with the hardcore Ron Paul supporters. But right now, it doesn’t matter if we oppose the Iranians or not, we can’t do anything about it anyways!!! We’re broke!

  4. As a fellow Idiot with other like minded idiots, Paul needs a shrink. And a nice retirement package. Anybody and Everybody that backs Paul is an Anti-Semite (I’d also call them racist but he doesn’t actually write or read his monthly letters).

  5. geez folks. Ron Paul isn’t an anti-Semite, he’s a laissez-faire Libertarian. Doesn’t mean he HATES Israel.

    That being said he’s also wrong! The times the US can be “hands-off” in foreign affairs are long gone. The era of ‘let the world go to hell in a handbasket’ has long since past. The world goes, we go and if we go, the world goes.

    Like his domestic policy, but foreign policy? yep, fruitcake!

  6. This is a fantastic toon! Words couldn’t have said it any clearer than this picture! I just can’t see Bobble Head as President of the USA. Some of his answers during the debates have been a little off.

  7. I love me some Ron Paul! He had my written vote in 2008, and will have my vote in 2012. GO RON PAUL.. Maybe everyone should do a little homework and see what he’s about. He is the only one who doesn’t flip flop. He has been saying the same thing for 30 years. Don’t you think it’s time we get someone HONEST in the White House? Besides, I doubt most posting here don’t even vote. ppffttt

  8. Does Paul stand-up for Caucasian rights and against reverse discrimination???… Yes, I believe so. Does that make him a racist or anti-Semite???…. Not one bit. Matter of fact, his beliefs in individual freedom and distain for the elite and their selfish ways should be huge confirmation of his support that every man/woman is and should be equal. Is the fact that “his” newsletter printed discriminatory remarks in the early 90’s, without Paul knowing, a sign of poor oversight??… Yes, I would say so. However, would you not say that even Steve Jobs made a “supervisional” mistake now and again over a few decades time? I think the fact that this is one of the few talking points the opposition has to use is a testament to Paul’s resume.

    Does Paul support Israel, Israelis and their sovereignty???… Yes. Paul, as I do, believe that Israel can and should stand on their own just as many Israelis believe. This does not mean that he, congress and we would not help defend Israel from overwhelming forces. It is true that Paul would cancel the government financial support to Israel, but he would also stop the money handouts to all other countries around the world, including the surrounding Islamic countries that receive a total of 5 to 10 times the amount of Israel.

    Is the possibility of Iran developing nuclear weapons a valid reason for the US going to war???… Iran POSSIBLY developing nuclear weapons, knowing full well that they would not exist anymore if the used one against us!? NO. I am not a fan of any country acquiring nuclear weapons, most especially countries like Iran. Neither is Paul. If Iran is so hell bent on destroying Israel why have they not attacked already? Well, despite many Iranians being basically good people and wanting to lead their lives without war, I would have to say fear of being wiped off the map by Israel. And this is exactly the reason why they would not use, if they acquire, nuclear weapons in the future… because Israel and their submarines would wipe them of the map. Remember that there are many undesirable counties around the world that talk hate and destruction, which have these types of weapons and have not used them. With this said there is still strong evidence that Iran is nowhere close to having these weapons. Let’s not forget about Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction”… A real testament to our reliable intelligence network.

    As we review our actions around the world, try to put yourself in others shoes. In many ways our actions would be similar or even worse than some of our so called enemy’s if they did to us what our government does to them. This is not to condone attacks on the U.S. or Israel. Also, I despise the actions of a very small (percentage wise) group of terrorist that purposely prey on the innocent. But we must realize that we are one of the leading countries of war in the world. Let us not become the monster we fight and fear. Our day to day wars and meddling in foreign affairs only too many times makes things worse. After all, world wide anti-American sentiment has increased dramatically over the last few years because of our past and current style of foreign policy.

    Please do not let the mass media tell you what to think. Their reporting is bias and agenda ridden just like many of the American government’s actions and accounts around the world. Know that I do not claim to have all the answers for our problems, but the more I educate myself the more corruption and deception I see which leads me to the beliefs I share.

    I know Paul does not look or present himself like a prototypical president. But as a nation I hope we can grow to be less superficial and think beyond appearance as if our health and welfare depends on it…. because it does.

    Paul’s message is much larger than him or anyone else. He is just a leader of a bigger movement, a movement of true freedom and transparent government, which is growing every day. If you are not a Paul supporter, please make sure you perform the research on his stance. I have confidence that once a person, a true American, fully understands this stance, his or her support will be for Paul’s leadership.

    For anyone interested in relating my background to my views; I am a 33 year old, Caucasian professional. I am an Independent with no official affiliation to Paul’s party. I grew up and live in the south, considered conservative, support military personal, defense, war when truly warranted, Capitalistic style economy, have a Hispanic girlfriend (lol), and most importantly, am a proud Christian.

  9. When you listen to more than half these call-in shows, most are promoting precious metals as being a stop gap measure for the turmoil. However ,, my personal past experience is the salesmen hardly ever stop dialing ‘n’ bothering you,plus the mark up is pretty bad if you don’t go to a neighborhood coin store.

  10. Ron Paul is the only one of the four that makes any real sence. You have to admit even if you don’t agree with him you know where he stands and has always followed the Constitution to the dot.

    Ron Paul Revolution!!!!!

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