Bill Ayers Owns Up to Obama Fundraiser in His Home

Politicians lie.

Babies cry. Water is wet. If you jump off a building you’ll always go down, never up.

We hold these truths to be self-evident.

When you lie down with dogs, or #OWS protesters, you get fleas.

Sometimes dogs get tired of the hand that once fed them throwing them under the bus, and unable to patiently wait until the big dog is out of the White House (yeah, I went there) they begin to bite the hand by letting some of the factoids they had agreed (tacitly or explicitly) to keep on the Down Low slip out. [I keed, I keed]

As a bonus you get a surreptitious birds eye view of what these people have in store for your kids educational future.

To be fair it looks as if the Unrepentant Terrorist Bill Ayers was unaware that he was being taped…boo hoo. I’m pretty sure SFPD Sgt. Brian McDonnell was unaware Ayers’ Weather Underground Terrorists were going to kill him one day in February 1970.

But that sort of thing didn’t concern young Barack Obama. Like the #PeePeeParty aka #OWS one can safely assume that he sympathized with the aims if not the methods of the Weather Underground otherwise he would keep his distance from an Unrepentant Terrorist rather than hold a fundraiser in his living room.

Of course, by that logic he wouldn’t have associated with and participated in a highly questionable land deal with the likes of Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko who just got Ten and a half years for corruption and was sentenced wearing a prison jumpsuit and leg irons.

Should I toss in Blago? Or my personal fave Billionaire Former New Jersey Democrat Senator and Governor, Former Goldman Sachs CEO and Currently Under Investigation (and probably Heavy Security) CEO of the defunct MF Global (was there ever a better named company?) which ‘lost’ a reported $600 Million of Customer Funds that was ‘apparently’ commingled with the companies funds (highly illegal) but was then found to be actually $1.2 Billion.

When you’re a High Rolling Democrat Politician that’s a ‘Rounding Error’.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. You notice he used the Socialist words, “social justice” and “unions” in the same phrase, both Socialist words, with Communism as the end result. Social Justice mean’s “equal outcome” for everyone regardless of economic background. As in poor people’s kids don’t ever become doctors without help from the government who sees a higher goal for the poor and that is the government will make sure the rich kids who get to go to medical school have just as hard of a time to get there as the poor kid did by passing laws where the rich kid will have to go up against a union teacher who won’t just give a “A” to the rich kid because he’s the rich kid who always makes straight “A’s”. Well, it was my experience when I was in school that, yeah, it was the rich kids who made good enough grades to get them into any college that they wanted to go to. And it was the poor kids who ended up in Trade School. Why? I don’t know but it didn’t have anything to do with money, or unions, it’s just the way real life is.

    Changing all that so that the rich kid has to go up against a union teacher who will not make it “easy” for the rich kid to get that “A”, but will GIVE the poor kid a higher grade so that he will “feel” like he’s just as smart as the rich kid will only prove one thing for Mr. Ayer’s, and that is no matter what you do to legislate or bring about change judicially, it won’t ever change human nature. The rich kid will still get advantages that the poor kid won’t ever get just because he can, and the poor kid who dosen’t give a damn about school will still become a dope dealer when they drop out of school after the eighth grade.

    No matter what the Communist like Ayer’s does will not make it easier for poor kids to be able to “compete” with kids who are naturally smarter, and they aren’t always the rich kids either, but no matter, people who are free will always find a way to succeed. This Social Justice Ayer’s talks about is why I ask, “Why is this man still alive, or in prison for the rest of his life?”

  2. And I quote ” Judge me by the people I surround myself with”…… President Obama.
    Bill Ayers is a violent, Communist terrorist! ………………Enough said!

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