Will Gloria Allred be Cain's Biggest Campaign Contributor?

In comedy, timing is everything. The same can be said for politics.  In what seems to be a semiannual event, attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference yesterday representing yet another oppressed female at the hands of a dominant man. The latest of Allred’s clients is a step up from the two porn stars she represented during last year’s Tiger Woods sex scandal.


Sharon Bialek, hailing from Chicago (red flag), came out Monday accusing Presidential hopeful Herman Cain of what she calls “inappropriate sexual advances” during a meeting in 1997. Bialek claims that Cain put his hand on her leg, attempted to slide it up to her nether region and then attempted to force her head toward his “crotch” with his other hand.  Cain has vehemently denied the charges.


But that’s where it ends, at least as far as Bialek and Allred…. Or does it?


Allred, at the presser, said that there will be no formal charges or complaints filed.  Bialek has stated repeatedly that she is not in it for the money; she lists her profession for the past several years as a “stay at home, single mother.”  Reports quickly circulated that she had been involved legally with David Axelrod in a proceeding in 2009 in Chicago.  As it turns out, it is true that her attorney was David Axelrod, just not the same Axelrod as the President’s senior advisor (yes, that means there are two of them; please resume work on your secret underground shelters).


Different from the accusation of harassment levied at Cain for the past two weeks from anonymous sources, this one has a face and a name.  Rather than being gummed to death, this accusation against Cain has teeth.  However, what may have been the thing that caused the biggest visceral reaction from the right was, not the client, but the lawyer.


Gloria Allred, a person who strikes fear in the hearts of ambulances around the country, probably garnered more attention at first than the fact that there was a real person, with fingerprints and everything, making an accusation against Herman Cain.  The unlikely GOP candidate turned frontrunner has survived several hard jabs since his meteoric rise to the top of the polls, but this is an unobstructed blow to the gut.  The political pundits are predicting that Cain’s campaign will crumple to the canvas, but he may very well have a secret advocate in his corner – the opposing counsel!!


It could be that the site of Gloria Allred creates such a “GERD-like” reaction in the tummy’s of conservatives, that they could respond in a way contrary to Allred hopes; especially after her jab that Cain was providing his own version of a “stimulus.”  It was good for a momentary laugh from the press, but in the long run, it could be the catalyst for a massive rallying of the troops around Cain.


It is ironic that the retaining of a high profile lawyer may actually serve as a detriment to Bialek’s cause, rather than an aid.  Bialek may want to check the contract for a money back guarantee.  Allred’s purpose is yet unclear with no further actions plan, except for a quick joyride on the media circuit.  Perhaps Allred is experiencing the “Jesse Jackson” effect – he becomes irrelevant when racism does not exist.


Allred’s track record of defending the “innocent” against the man (and I do mean that literally) apparently didn’t make a stop in Juanita Broaddrick’s town.  Broaddrick supposedly sought her counsel in 1997, claiming that sitting President Clinton had actually “raped” her back in 1978.  Perhaps her own statute of limitations is somewhere between 14 and 19 years; Allred refused to represent Broaddrick.


Time of course will write the last chapter – does this end Cain’s run for the top office in the land or does it upgrade his armor to Teflon with an increase in support?  We will know by Thanksgiving if Cain’s turkey is pardoned.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Gloria Allred is a political water boy for the Socialist shills for the leftist Democrats. That may be all out of whack, but I’m so mad at these people who are attacking conservatives, Christian’s, and right minded Republican’s who are really trying to stop this steam roller headed for the edge of the cliff over a bottomless pit!

    I am so sick of people like Gloria Allred, the G** damned Occupier’s who all have their heads up their butts and just need to go the hell home before something bad happens to them!! They have failed just like the Obama administration has failed to consolidate their ultimate social experiment that I’m sure I’m not the only person in America who are sick and tired of that as well. American’s, look who you have been putting your faith in who promised you nothing but lies years and years ago. People like Nancy Pelosi who are so well versed in Socialism and Liberalism that she knows how to connect what she has done in this country as the best things that she believes America needs, and how bad all the things that Republican’s have done. She must know what the Republican’s have tried to undo all of her bills, amendments, and bills she has signed onto that have been the most destructive laws this nation has ever seen, and were doing that in order to save this country from her efforts to change this nation into a Socialist nation because she is a Socialist herself and very much needs to be forced to tell all of her constituents and supporters what Party she is really in. I hate her so much I can’t even think straight when I hear her speak!

    Gloria Allred is just like Nancy Pelosi, and I hate Gloria Allred to and the reason why is because she is another Socialist whore who will prostitute herself for a potato if she thinks she can build her reputation somemore than what it is now, just to gain power over their opponents, and political enemies. Any person who believes that they have “political enemies” is a Communist because they had political enemies. Except in the case of these hacks Allred and Pelosi, in Communist countries they arrest their political enemies and take them out back of the jail house and shoot them in the head! Something I’m sure Nancy Pelosi would enjoy doing. And like a kid who is totally perverted, and wicked, they don’t feel remorse for being caught at doing something wrong, they feel hate and anger that you are so screwed up you won’t let him do what he wants to do. Like you are the one doing something wrong by stopping him from doing that wrong thing, not him for doing something wrong. I have known people like that, where if you hit them because they just hit you, they think you are the one doing something wrong for hitting them and they consider your hit as the first hit, not theirs because theirs is not doing anything wrong. See. Pelosi is like that , and so is Allred. She thinks that representing someone like Sharon Bialek is not doing anything wrong, but Cain’s defence is the wrong doing.

  2. I want to see Allred completely humiliated for this STUNT she has pulled at the beck and call of the Socialist Nancy Pelosi’s of the Socialist Democrats. Whoever it was. And when Herman Cain was asked today by some scumbag reporter water boy for the Democrats, “Who do you think is behind all these accusations?” the very first words off my lips would have been two words…..”YOU PEOPLE!!” You people ARE the propaganda wing of the Socialists in the Democrat Party, and have been for many years!” It’s whatever they say, and whatever story they want you people to run with, that ‘s what you do.” “You don’t check anything out first to find out if it’s the truth, you don’t bother with doing any kind of background work to find out is it’s really worth reporting or not.” “YOU just go with whatever the Democrats feed you. If you get something from them you don’t even bother with asking any questions like, where did this information come from?” Cain could have really embarrassed Allred and I can see her now slithering out of the room with her blond whore in tow like the low life snake in the grass that she is. If Cain was any less of a gentelman than I am, and less than a professional as he is, that’s what I would have told those bastards in the Socialist press!!

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