Where Is The NAACP Defense of Herman Cain?

There has been much said lately about Herman Cain‘s trials and tribulations. Yesterday Gloria Allred produced a fourth accuser, Sharon Bialek but provided nothing to substantiate allegations. So today (November 8, 2011) I did Google and Bing searches for anything concerning the NAACP coming to Herman Cain’s aid and/or defense. My search argument was “naacp defense of herman cain”.

So far my search has yielded nothing but comments. So I have included some of the comments:

  • Where is the NAACP? Here we have a stage 4 colon cancer surviving black man being accused of sexual harassment by a white woman with no credibility, no witnesses, and no money. The NAACP hasn’t come to Herman Cain’s defense on not one of these allegations, nor have they made a statement pertaining to the situation. Shouldn’t the NAACP believe that as a black man and conservative Baptist minister, Herman Cain has suffered enough abuse by these allegations and is a victim. If the NAACP doesn’t come to defend Herman Cain, what does that say about them?
  • Where was the NAACP when the media exposed photo’s of Obama marching with the Black Panthers? Where were they when Eric Holder lied ? Where were they when Obama flushed billions down the toilet as he used our money as if it was monopoly money in failed solar energy firms?
  • A black man in the Public spotlight, perhaps the first black man to receive the Republican nomination is being smeared by two presumably WHITE reporters, with no concrete evidence, but with “anonymous sources,” rumors, and innuendo.
  • They are trying to railroad him, disgrace him and knock his popularity below that of other WHITE candidates for the same nomination, I ask these question:
    • Where is the NAACP?
    • Where is Rev. Al Sharpton?
    • Where is Jessie Jackson?
    • Where is the CBC?
    • Why are none of these purported groups/spokesmen for the American black people jumping to Cain’s side and offering their support and belief that he is innocent? I ask a serious question: Are they TRULY what they claim to be, or are they just the trustees on the democratic plantation whose job it is to keep the “black vote” in the democrat’s pocket?

I will keep doing searches. I will also welcome any sources (other than comments) that y’all find. Until then I have to question the credibility, sincerity, and objectiveness of the NAACP, who BTW, in July, 2011, called Herman Cain an idiot.

But that’s just my opinion.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. ahhhhh!!! (picture one stopping up his ears) NO MORE!!! NO MORE!!! THE SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!! THE SILENCE!!!!!

    Deafening isn’t it?

    hypocrites all!

  2. The NAACP proves Rush is right and a that a more appropriate name for their organization is NAALCP (i.e. LIBERAL colored people)!

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