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Waxman On Solyndra – No Scandal Here

Henry “Nostrilitis” (as Rush Limbaugh calls him) Waxman is at it again. On Thursday, November 17, 2011, during a House Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee hearing on the Solyndra failure meeting, said, “I want to put this in perspective Dr. [Stephen] Chu, You’ve been trying to move our nation toward a clean energy economy. And that’s essential to protect American families from fires and droughts and floods and other extreme weather that climate change will bring.”

Waxman said the GOP was on the wrong side of history, applauding Chu and arguing that green subsidies like Solyndra were on the right side of history. He continued, “I think you’re on the right side of history [and] the Republicans are on the wrong side and I think what they’re doing is leading us astray, My message to my colleagues is to stop dancing on Solyndra’s grave.” BTW, this source, written by Waxman in November, 2011, explains Democrats’ view of climate change.

Solyndra was held in very high regard by President Barack Obama, who is focusing on subsidizing green technologies as a way of stimulating the economy. E-mails have surfaced in recent months showing that the White House pressured the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to approve the Solyndra loan. Further, e-mails have surfaced showing that the Obama Administration pressured Solyndra to delay planned layoffs until after the 2010 elections.

Waxman said that this was not a big deal, saying it was merely “unfortunate” that taxpayers had lost $535 million a failed clean energy loan. “We have lost the money, it’s unfortunate, but there’s no scandal there. There’s nothing there.”

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One Comment

  1. One of these days we may have representatives who when sitting on these committee’s will, when hearing someone spouting protection of criminal activity, will speak up and tell some idiot like Waxman, “I’m not going to sit here any longer and listen to this garbage. And no, I’m not going to allow you time to speak because you are saying nothing but lies, misinformation and typical Socialist protection of a Marxist and his wealthy friends who make big contributions to his Party and his campaign fund. Just shut the hell up, we don’t want to hear anymore lies and filth, Waxman.”

    And here the man had investigations numbering over 300, looking into war crimes on Bush, Bush’s wrong doing in starting a way that Congress didn’t authorize, blah, blah, blah! Would somebody shove a big cork in this freak’s mouth and pinch his nose off? That will shut him up.

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