November 2012 is NOT a FIRE DRILL!!!!!

Just another Sunday when Americans are busy living – because after all – we HAVE LIVES!!!!

@CBS Bob Schieffer says HIS job is NOT to “make” the candidates…. BUT I guess he DID NOT DENY HIS job (and he takes it seriously) is to DEMOLISH ALL @GOP Candidates…ONE AT A TIME, VERY METHODICALLY!!

That’s WHAT #Liberal networks do best…. ALL OF THEM!!! @ABC @CBS @MSNBC @CNN @NBC… of course, not to be outdone there are #TaxPayers SUBSIDIZED @NPR @PBS and CAPITALIST @WAPO (@WashingtonPost) @NYT (@NYtimes) @HBO and OF course… let us not forget the great @Politico…

They do it in their delivery of the news, they do it when they distort, omit or flat out deem what the consumer should or should not be informed about; they do it in the movies, in sitcoms, in commercials, in radio, in columns, in blogs, in soundbites… They do it SO NATURALLY… that they have the audacity to be indignant whenever ANYONE dares to challenge their motives!

We are on the verge of the most HISTORICAL ELECTION (yeah, electing the first black Pres. of the US may have been historical), but it will pale in comparison of ENDANGERING THE NATIONAL DIRECTION to a despotic Government!

Liberal pundits on TV and in columns want you to focus on would be sex scandals, (real, imagined or embellished) Utube clips mocking those WHO DARE to run against this President and nonsense irrelevant to most of our daily lives….. They want you to be scared, they want to shame you into believing you can’t possibly make the right decision without THEIR input, they want you to be AFRAID of appearing Racist (never mind whether you are or not); they want you to DISREGARD the next generation…. your children’s children! They want you to be ENSLAVED to an overbearing growing Government. THEY want you to believe MEDIOCRITY is the best America has to offer, and you should you be thankful and willing to put in PUT in YOUR FAIR SHARE for others to TAKE THEIR UN FAIR SHARE . They want you to succeed to the powerful, the elitists and those who claim to represent our best interests!

ABOVE ALL… Liberal Pundits want you to ignore the Economy, the well being of this Nation, the Constitution, our Freedoms, our foes, in and out of our borders, the Anti-semitism emanating from Pres. @BarackObama’s base at #OWS and various other towns throughout the Nation, Liberal Pundits say never mind all that… look how defective your Republican candidates are…. AND IF YOU FAILED TO SEE the defects… FEAR NOT… Liberal Pundits are always delighted to point each and every single defect (or make ’em up as they go).

Liberal Pundits work in unison against all who threaten to make Pres. Obama a one term President; they know their man is flawed, they know The People have overwhelmingly rejected the policies, they know WE KNOW The People are ENTITLED TO REDRESS…


@BobSchieffer with #FacetheNation… @DavidGregory with #MTP @Camampour with #ThisWeek, just a few of the The Nation’s SUNDAY LIBERAL VOICES, predictable in their bias coverage, choice of topics and guests, insult and betray their viewers by deeming they alone are the ultimate deciders of what to feed a Nation of anxious citizens hungry for truth, representation and a sense of normalcy.

An election with GENERATIONAL CONSEQUENCES… but Liberal Pundits disguised as journalists can’t bring themselves to simply REPORT the news…. NOT MAKE THE NEWS!!!!

Forgive me…at some point AMERICANS SHOULD BE beyond scolding Liberal Pundits/Journalists/Columnist/Reporters or Obama Campaigners…. It is time we begin to take responsibility for the information we seek, its sources, and exercise critical thinking…. 2012 is NOT A FIRE DRILL…. THE FIRE IS HERE!!!!

Liz Cheney Scolds Bob Schieffer for Discussing Cain ‘Scandal’ Rather Than Important Issues Facing the Nation | https://bit.ly/s7L1Sf via @NoelSheppard – #Newbuster.org #tcot #teaparty

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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at www.AmericanMillenniumOnline.com

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One Comment

  1. It’s no doubt that America’s soul is at stake. The Communists are going to try to convince everyone that they will make the transision as painless as possible, but it will in the long run, be the best for everyone when America can join in with everyone in one world, one world citizen, one world government……theirs, not ours.

    But if after all is said and done we end up with a Romney, it would be best just to get rid of Obama, then hopefully we will get rid of as many establishment Republican’s as we can, liberal Republican’s, moderate Republican’s, as many more Socialist Democrats as possible out of the Congress, and fully take over the Senate, make it more than 60 votes of conservatives, and as many as we can establishment, moderate, liberal Republican’s, and as many as possible the Socialist Democrats out of their nice safe positions on these powerful committee’s they’ve been sitting on for years and years like Barney Frank. It’s good that Chris Dodd is retiring and getting out of the firing line. But we need to send a message to him loud and clear and that is it doesn’t matter if he is out of the government or not, he can still be prosecuted for crimes against the people, and the Constitution, and he needs to understand that and be able to read it back to you that he understands what you are telling him.

    Once Romney or whoever like that has thrown Obama out on his rear, that we fully control both Houses, veto proof, and any other kind proof we can get it. Also to, we need to make sure that Romney understands that we really didn’t like him nor do we trust him, if he throws out ObamaCare, that’s fine that he did what he said he would do, but don’t think we trust him now because we don’t. He’s going to have to do alot more than that. Then try to get him to understand what it is Agenda 21 is and what it does to America and how it destroys our sovereignty, and our nation. Even Cain doesn’t know what that is nor would he understand what needs to be done. The only one who needs to strengthen up and get tough and that is Michelle Bachmann, who is still just to motherly. When you have brought up 28 children and had been much to motherly towards them so as to give them the motherly experience they needed to be well and emotionally developed. She needed to have been very tough and angry sounding, mean and nasty towards Obama so she could establish herself very early on. You know, she didn’t have to be really mean, or nasty or angry in order to get her way. I didn’t mean that, but what I do mean is she has taken a different angle, and that is she is very experienced and knows who has done what, and knows how to get rid of them, and she knows all about Agenda 21, the U.N. and all the rest. She is the best candidate, but she’s doesn’t sound “manly” enough, you know? She needs to sound scary or something other than Motherly. We don’t need a mother for America, we need someone who can cut heads off and throw laws out and destroy Democrats left and right with no regard of what happens to their careers, besides who gives a damn about Democrat careers, I sure as hell don’t!!

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