Ninety-Nine. The New 51%?

OK, so I was educated in the public schools, but there is some math that just doesn’t add up.  So, I did a little research.


If you listen to the main stream media…. STOP!!  But I digress.  Listening to the main stream media for any period of time would have you concluding that the Republicans are the party of the “rich” and the Democrats are the party of the “little guy.”  You can’t hang around Nancy Pelosi for five minutes (why would you want to anyway) without her spewing something about the Republican protecting the rich…. Tax breaks for the rich….. the rich don’t pay their fair share thanks to the Republicans… blah, blah, blah…


And of course, as pure as the wind-driven snow (stay away from the yellow stuff) are the Democrats – the defenders of the weak and helpless, standing up for unions, deadbeats and anyone we can quickly label a minority of some kind.


So I figure, if this is true, AND what Obama says that the rich (he’s singles out the top 2%, or if you are OWS, 1%) don’t pay enough, AND the Republicans only represent the rich, AND democrats represent the other 98-99% then….


How come we don’t have a 430-5 majority of Democrats in the house and a 99-1 majority in the Senate?!! Hmmmm???!!!  AND, since this had been the case since time immemorial, surely these ratios have been like this since the inception of the nation, right!  So what’s the problem?  Why the protesters? Why are there still rich people?  Where’s the beef?


Well, it must be one of two things:


  1. Either some 50% of the electorate are dumber than a box of hammers and vote for the party of the rich who turns around and screws them at every opportunity      OR…..
  2. This party of the rich stuff is a load of crap!!



Not a trick question, folks. I did some research.


Since 1912, one hundred years of popular voting data for the presidential elections of the past century reveals that, when added up and averaged, 50.5% of the voters cast a ballot for the Republican nominee and 49.5% for the Democrat.  In other words, even!


Think about it.  If it really was 1% versus 99% – IN A DEMOCRACY – would the “rich” really have all the power?  Shouldn’t have there been a HUGE majority of Democrats in both houses and the White House for decades?


If we really have lived in an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ society, where we can freely pick our legislators every two years, then why hasn’t the problem been solved?  Where is the party of the “little guy?”


Maybe there is a third alternative.  Maybe the party of the “little guy” doesn’t REALLY want the little guy’s problems to be solved.  Think about it.  If their problems are solved by the party that advocates big government intrusion into everything, then big government would be out of a job!


Maybe it’s the “little guy” who continually votes for a party that WANTS to perpetuate their problems so they can perpetuate their careers, who are the ignorant ones.


The bottom line is this.  The 48% of “non-rich” electorate that, for over a century, has voted Republican do so, not because they are rich, but because they want to promise of the opportunity to become rich (however that may be defined) WITHOUT the government swooping in and telling them they don’t deserve it!


So to you passionate, yet misinformed individuals with the hand-made 99% signs, go back to math class and bring your friend, Mr. Logic with you.  Protesting is fine, objecting to the status quo is fine. But if your passion outlasts your purpose, your cause will eventually die.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Except, the real problem is these math challenged voters never do go away and die so the rest of us can have the lives our Constitution says we have the right given us by God we should have. They are still alive and well and in our faces, our parks, our cities, our government, our corporations, our Treasury, our lunch rooms, our schools, and our churches. These bastards are everywhere, and it seems that every time there is a vote we just can’t seem to rid ourselves of this plague of the math challenged voters who seem to be a dumb as a bag of hammers. They’ve taken over the culture where our sons are wearing their jeans pulled down so low that they’re about to fall off their butts and with their underwear showing, oversized sports shirts, big Nike shoes with no shoe laces, and hat’s turned around sideways. Does that sound like a White boy should look? That’s not how they looked when I was in school. That’s the kind of culture I am supposed to want for my son’s and daughters?

    And they are in control of our society. They allow Occupiers to gather without having a permit that the city of New York demands at a high cost to anyone else who has just a few people who want to gather and have a guy speak to us from a small stage. Let’s not do the math of how much it costs us to pay for police protection, gargage pick up and barrels to throw candy wrappers, and other costs and charges that the Occupier’s don’t seem to have to come up with. Figure that math, and that is how much money Bloomberg’s New York is losing by giving the “enlightened” a pass. The math indicates the city is loosing one million dollars a week by allowing some to pay , and some others to not have to pay just because the Occupiers are liberals, Nazi’s, Socialists, Marxists, Communists, and White Power organizers who are looking for converts so as to bolster their numbers, more math, in order to get their message out. As if we didn’t know already what their message was.

    I think what needs to be done is to reform our Constitution and only allow those who are up with what’s going on and can converse on current issues should be allowed to vote. And that is so that only the informed can pass judgement on who should be and who should not be in control of our government. Wouldn’t you want the 98-99% of the people who have everyone’s vested interest at heart to be the ones who decide who runs the government? Let’s say that only the 51% of people who vote Republican could vote at all. What kind of government would we have if the only ones who ran the government according to our Constitution were put there by those who understood what kind of government we’re supposed to have? It’ would be a much better country than we’ve had in the last 70 years.

    But wouldn’t the 49% rebel against us who were keeping them from voting? Yeah, probably, but what they would need to understand is when they are allowed to vote, they cause the country to get screwed up so bad that it takes years to fix everything. So until they learn what they are supposed to do to keep America like it’s supposed to be, then and only then can they earn their right back.

    There has to be some kind of punishment for what they’ve been allowed to do by us who know better. And that is what it’s going to take, the exclusion of those whose vote causes trouble for the country and whose vote violates the Constitution. So if you vote against the Constitution then you don’t get to vote. Simple. And it would be simple to find out who it is who votes against the Constitution to.

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