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A.F. Branco

Political cartoonist extraordinaire! Readers will now be able to enjoy his razor-sharp political humor on a regular basis.

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One Comment

  1. I have been emailing and emailing my Congressman and Senator to the fact that our Constitution strictly forbids a Socialist, Marxist, or Communist from serving as a representative, or anyone who is of those ideologies holding a appointment or position in any department of bureau. No, it doesn’t say that because those words describing those ideologies hadn’t been invented yet when our forefathers wrote the documents of our independence and constitutionality. But, it’s plain to see that any of those ideologies are completely contrary to our founding documents which guarantee’s our freedom, our capitalistic economy, and our freedom of Christian faith, the belief in and of God. Also to the belief in Islam is also counter to our founding documents as was why I contacted my Congressman and Senator to forbid Keith Ellison from taking his oath of office with his hand on the Koran. And I don’t care how that word is spelled because that’s my way of showing my disrespect of a cult that promotes the killing of anyone who doesn’t follow that faith(sic).

    I can’t say enough of how much I hate those ideologies, and always have. I remember my family members talking about the evils of Communists from their experience in WWII, and before that when Communists were arrested and put in jail as subversives. Anyone who is involved with those ideologies are against everything this country is. And when I saw the organizers and representatives of those ideologies were out on the street in New York preaching their evil and filth about how Capitalism is so bad. What they fail to understand is that the only reason why they had a car to drive to the marches was because of Capitalism allowed them to have a job which gave them the money to be able to make a car note and still have money left over to live comfortably, but that’s a assumption on my part that they are living comfortable. They didn’t look like they had missed to many meals.

    All these people, the leaders and followers need to be arrested, have their citizenship revoked, and have them deported to Russia or China, or some Socialist/Marxist European country. But that might be harder to find because most of the European countries have learned what caused their countries’ to fail and that was Socialism which drained off their countries wealth until there was nothing left impoverishing their country. I believe that if those people hate this nation that much that they believed that Communism would be better than what form of government that we have, even though it is very weak, need to understand that because this nation believes that everyone is free to do as they wish, within the rules, they are free to leave my country any time they please. ‘

    And I am ready to fight to defend my country from any enemy, even my own countrymen, to preserve the country my forefathers created for us, because I believe that America is the best and greatest nation that there ever has been, or ever will be. Now, if you think I don’t see the problems, then you are wrong, I do see the problems. And more and more things that individuals did that were wrong for them to do and involved my government in that wrong doing, are coming out. Some of it are lies, but some of it is true. But those disclosure’s are being made to make my country look like we’re no different than any other country that had no direction or plan into the future for our people. That is a lie. Those disclosures are also being made by Socialists who are trying to make America look like it’s nothing but a boat load of greedy rich people who came here for the purpose of getting even more rich. And so what if they did, they were free to do that. But what the people who are releasing the information about our forefather’s are trying to also make them look like they were racists, and greedy bankers and etc, etc, and etc. Most of all of those details are lies, or misinformation designed to throw American’s off as far as their love of our forefather’s. In my estimation America’s forefathers were great men, but they were human beings who had flaws. But that’ s okay because look what they left us to be free to make ourselves as wealthy as we are capable. That is the America I am defending with my words right now. And if I have to I will defend it with arms that I have the right to bring to the issue.

    1. WOW to WillofLa for such an awesome post! Well said! If you don’t mind, I’d love to share this with Tony’s fan base at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Political-Cartoons-by-cartoonist-AFBranco/163201283712008?ref=nf&v=wall
      I think it would be great for everyone to get your permission to copy verbatim and to send to our Congress and Senate from our own states!
      Again, awesome post WillofLa! I can feel your heart as I read! God Bless you and God Bless America!

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