Israel's Nuclear Weapons VS Iran's.

While commenting away on a facebook chain, a Ron Paul supporter said the following in defense of Ron Paul’s support of Iran’s hopes for nuclear capabilities:
“Are you saying that Iran’s one nuclear bomb is superior to Israel’s three hundred nuclear weapons?”

It intrigued me and I realized that many in America haven’t taken the time to really research what the issue is at hand. So if you would allow me a little time to share…

Israel’s weapons vs Iran’s is not the focus;
Israel’s attitude vs Iran’s… That is the focus.
Has Israel wiped Iran off of their country’s maps? No.
Has Iran erased Israel from theirs? Yes.
Does Israel throw hatred around like confetti re: how Iran isn’t a real country and shouldn’t exist? No.

Do not compare Israel, the dove to Iran, a wild boar consumed with hatred and pride, murderers of all that is decent. Their leadership rule with a rod of iron. They have very little compassion, very little character, and “More than 200 secret executions have taken place in Iran so far in 2011, including 83 in January alone.” {information from a twenty-one paged document from the UN regarding Iran’s abysmal treatment of humans. This information is from ONE city.}

You are talking about a nation that stones women if they are accused of being unfaithful to their husbands. Stones them! With ROCKS! A tortuous and bloody death, they bury the women up to their mid-torsos so that they cannot even lift their arms to cover their own heads in self-defense.
I realize it would be futile, but there is something about a people that do not even allow this base, humble, and natural instinct; a small and a very pitiful attempt to avoid excrutiating pain. The poor things are denied even that tiny crumb.

What makes me sick is that they cover their victims’ heads with black shrouds. One might say, “Well it is so horrible to look upon the face of death.”, and I would agree.
It is horrible to have to look into the eyes of a woman who does not deserve to be tortured to death even as one lifts another stone to take aim…
Even the strongest man would falter.

Yet Ron Paul seems to think if we just leave other countries alone they will mind their own business, which alarms me.
Has the man never read ONE history book?

The danger of Ron Paul’s concepts are simple to explain.
He believes, in a narrow-minded way, that other countries and cultures are like America’s freedom loving people and republic, and he has mistakenly attributed this mindset of “Don’t bother me and I wont bother you.”, to Iran and other nations like it.
He believes that if we don’t kick the ant hill, the ant won’t bite our pinky toe.

Unfortunately he has never been to Africa.
There are a few more species of ants on the planet than America’s and some ants are so dangerous that small villages will flee when they see them coming.

One cannot apply our belief system of fairness and mercy to another culture, who has not earned it, never bothered cultivating it, and quite frankly can barely comprehend it, let alone respect us for embracing it.

The next time you hear someone discussing Iran’s “rights” to nuclear weapons, versus Israel’s, please remember, it is not weapon for weapon we are comparing.

It never has been.

It is the attitude and intent that one posesses in their hearts when desiring to own such weapons that must be the focus.

A peaceful man who owns a gun cannot be compared to a rapist and murderer because the peaceful man owns it to defend his family; the innocent and the weak from danger.
The rapist owns a gun to thrust his lust for power onto a weaker form and savagely use it, even it means its demise.

They are two very different animals, and we must never forget that.

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Rich Mitchell

Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News and the president of Bald Eagle Media, LLC. His posts may contain opinions that are his own and are not necessarily shared by Bald Eagle Media, CDN, staff or .. much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

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One Comment

  1. I don’t care if Israel has 300 or 300,000 nuclear weapons, I’m not worried about those. Iran, even with one nuclear weapon is a threat to the WORLD. Not just Israel.

    1. Point well stated. It is the goal of Islam to take over the world, and Ahmidinijad is convinced that he is going to be instrumental in bringing about the reign of they 12th Imam.
      Scary mindset.

    2. Having been a PATRIOT operator and someone whose trained exclusively against Iran for 2 years, I want to reiterate the most important facts in regards to Iran’s ACTUAL capabilities:

      1) They have absolutely no missile that can reach America. None. It is a complete non-issue.
      2) Their missile arsenal predominately consists of Shahab-1 through Shahab-5 missiles, Scud-B and Scud-C. Most of these are IRBMs (Intermediate Range) and none are ICBMs (Inter-Continental).
      3) We have sold PATRIOT missile defense systems to Taiwan, Egypt, Germany, South Korea, Greece, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.
      4) In order for Iran to launch any nuclear payload at Israel, they would have to first defeat the missile defense systems in Iraq, UAE, Jordan, Kuwait, and Israel. Just look at line of sight from Iran to Israel and you’ll see it’s a foolish argument. Since there is no way for Iran to defeat these systems, their only option would be to overwhelm them. In order to do that, they’d likely have to launch their entire arsenal of missiles, which is essentially impossible due to the amount of logistics that would involve, without clearly setting of early warning WORLDWIDE.
      5) We have great early warning systems that would allow us to send in our Air Force to take out most launch locations, prior to launch. Further, any missiles that do launch would then immediately identify launch locations we miss, so it is unlikely they could fire more than one volly from each location. This means that logistically, they not only have to beat our early warning systems, but they’d also have to launch from multiple thousands of locations.
      6) Every nuclear payload launched from Iran has a 9/10 probability of being shot down over their own country and would cause widespread nuclear fallout for IRAN itself.

      Ultimately, the conclusion is that it’s a complete non-issue, unless Iran wants to destroy itself with no guarantee of a mutual-assured destruction of Israel. It would be complete suicide with no achievement.

  2. In my opinion The attitude idea extends beyond what was merely pointed out. While the comparison is a fair one it fails in that it does not reach as deeply as it should. America was founded for the primary purpose of being able to worship the one true and living God freely. Let anyone deny it but our history plainly shows it to be true. Likewise Israel has a solid belief in one true God and His guiding principles. Conversely Iran is religiously opposed to any and all who would even dare to worship any god but Allah, to the degree that to do so is at ones own peril. Iran has no issue with the complete destruction of Israel not based on lack of human kindness but instead on a hatred hammered into the heart of every child from infancy forward. A hatred of anything resembling that one true God. Charity, love, gentleness, forgiveness, meekness all are Godly attributes not found in their culture or governmental structure. That is why we should oppose them having nuclear weapons.

    1. The premise of the commentary easy to point out the faulty reasoning of Ron Paul and the participant on the facrbook comment chain. It is their limited view that if we leave them ( other countries, not just Iran) alone, they will leave us alone. Ron Paul has said that more than once.

      If the commentary had been discussing the spiritual foundation behind anti-semitism, perhaps I would have addressed the deeper issue.

      While I appreciate the comment, I must point out that the logic behind whether or not a country deserves nuclear weapons is narrow minded. Japan is a culture based Not on Christianity, yet it is comprised of a gentle people. While they have their own sad history to contend with, I would not stand up to say that they do not deserve nuclear technology just because they are not Christians. As a culture, they are not of the “rapist” mindset that I mentioned above, and have not bragged about their mission to destroy Israel.

      Iran has.

      If I were to address matters from a spiritual standpoint, then even our own country should not have nuclear technology, for our own illustrious leader has done nothing but mistreat the nation of Israel and her leader since he set foot on the White House Lawn. Even yesterday he foolishly complained about beloved Israel’s president. If that were not enough of a spiritually based hatred to refer to, we have prophecy from the Bible which states clearly that once the anti-christ sets his face against Israel, they will have no ally and will suffer greatly until Jesus Christ himself descends to set up the millenial reign.

      Using spiritual reasoning, not one country should own a nuke BUT Israel.

      I was not using that reasoning, though. I was merely addressing the viewpoints of Ron Paul, and their childlike trust that is seriously misplaced. It is this mindset that proves he is not a leader for our nation.

      While your points contain truth, they stray from the original intent of the article, which is to say in as simple a form as I can communicate, you do not give a killer a gun, just because you allow a defender to carry one,
      Nor do you attribute the characteristics of a policeman to a thief and murderer, just because you’ve always lived with policemen and just can’t believe that the thief and murderer would be so mean as to victimize someone, unprovoked.

      That is the reasoning of Ron Paul, and what makes his attempt to run this nation a frightening thing.

  3. “One cannot apply our belief system of fairness and mercy to another culture, who has not earned it, never bothered cultivating it, and quite frankly can barely comprehend it, let alone respect us for embracing it.”

    One of the most well stated sentences regard liberty. Yes according to our founders and framers, it is a birthright from God. A gift that most will never or could never open. But it is also a privilege to be maintained and earned. We are a free people because we have cultivated that liberty with our most precious blood.

    1. We are free because we have a system of government amid laws based on Christian values. Our system was not earned it was given to is through much sacrifice of both blood and personal fortune. Because those who founded our nation . Based on the idea that men according to the Bible ought tone free to worship God according to the dictates of their consciences. Iran however is directly opposed to that ideal.

      1. Re: Earned, my point was that Iran had not earned it, not America; however, freedom was indeed earned, fought for and sacrificed for when the Patriots of old stood up to England. They paid for their children’s and their childrens’ children’s freedom with their lives.
        Our founding Fathers desired much, but the price had to be paid, nevertheless.

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