Desperate Democrats Attempt to Ban Photo ID's at Voting Polls

On Nov. 2nd 2011 Rep. Keith Ellison ( D-Mn) proposed House bill H.R 3316: Current Title:  “To prohibit election officials from requiring individuals to provide photo identification as a condition of obtaining or casting a ballot in an election for Federal office or registering to vote in elections for Federal office, and for other purposes.”

This supposed House Representative in the United States Congress wants to allow anyone to just walk up to the voting polls and vote for the people who run this country without showing a photo ID, thus preventing election officials from actually checking on their eligibility to vote.

Mr. Ellison may as well stand up in Congress and give a speech that expresses his desires to promote the corruption of our electoral system, because that is what this bill and it’s companion bill would do if passed. Among those expressing support for this attempt to open the door to widespread vote fraud in the upcoming elections is further exposed when we see that H.R. 3316 is cosponsored by Reps. Yvette Clarke of New York, Marcia Fudge of Ohio, Raul Grijalva of Arizona, impeached corrupt former Federal Judge Alcee Hastings of Florida, Barbara Lee of California, Gwen Moore of Wisconsin and Jose Serrano of New York.

Mr Ellison also had the courage to note that such “fraud” seems to be occurring only within historically Democratic voting blocs like minorities and students. Also of note is the fact that every single one of the above-mentioned co-sponsors for the enable-vote-fraud-to-corrupt-our-elections bills H.R. 3316-17… are Liberal Democrats. [ Add those folks to the list of tyrants who need to be run out of our Congress in 2012, especially if you live in their districts.]

H.R 3316 and 3317, would enable the same widespread vote fraud that we have seen previously, starting in 2006, where we saw the now infamous Minnesota U.S. Senate race won by Democrat Al Franken by a meager 312 votes.

Dan McGrath, of the watchdog group the Minnesota Majority had this to say about the State of Minnesota’s recent explosion of proven voter fraud in just the past 5 years, starting in 2006:  “Never in our state’s history did the words ‘every vote counts’ ring so true. However, a cloud of doubt still hangs over the results. Post-election analysis showed that hundreds of ineligible felons voted in the election.  Over 17,000 more ballots were counted than voters accounted for as having voted in our Statewide Voter Registration System. Over 23,000 addresses provided by Election Day registrants could not be verified. Voter rolls contained the names of non-citizens and deceased individuals,” the organization reported.  Which party benefited from that voter fraud in 2006 in Minnesota? Why Democrats, of course.

Minnesota isn’t the only state that is waging a battle to protect the rights of legal voting U.S. Citizens in trying to ensure that only legal, qualified citizens vote, as Florida has enacted new 2011 voting laws to prevent voter registration fraud and cut off other pathways people have used to corrupt our electoral system recently. Democrats in Florida are now waging a media campaign to spread misinformation about the new voting law, and have even asked the DOJ to nullify it. Why would anyone object to laws that protect the integrity of our electoral system? Simply put, Democrats are desperate to remain in power in 2012, and will do anything they can to enable non-qualified voters to vote for their party, including felons, illegal immigrants and even dead people, as they have been proven to have done more frequently in the past 5 years.

Rep. Ellison give a wide range of what I find to be ridiculous reasons for trying to get his H.R. 3316 bill through Congress.  Just as they are attempting to do in Florida, Ellison claims his bill is designed to stop “voter suppression.” Yes, Mr. Ellison Voter ID laws are in fact, designed to suppress voters. They are designed to suppress dead people, illegal immigrants, non-U. S. Citizens, and various other forms of non-qualified people from voting in America.  I quote Mr. Ellison to make his intentions perfectly clear: “The Same Day Registration Act would require states to provide for same day voter registration for a federal election. The Voter Access Protection Act would make sure election officials cannot require photo identification in order to cast a vote or register to vote,” he said.

Mr. Ellison has also proposed another companion bill to H.R. 3316 – H.R. 3317,  “To amend the Help America Vote Act of 2002 to require States to provide for same day registration.That bill is simply designed to promote voter registration fraud, as it does not give election officials time to properly check the voters eligibility to vote on voting day.  Past Democratic “Get Out the Vote” campaigns relied heavily on with-holding thousands of  new registrations until the last possible minute, preventing election officials a chance to properly qualify the newly registered voters and make sure they meet the State’s eligibility requirements. That is the reason Democrats are demanding that a voter be allowed to walk up to the polls on election day and cast their votes without proving their eligibility. No ID required.

With Republicans holding a majority in the House of Representatives today, will these vote-fraud enabling bills, H.R.3316, and 3317 ever see the light of day? There have seen numerous occurrences where Congress combines several bills into one, refuses to read the bills and amendments completely, and then passes them into law, leaving the public to suffer the consequences. Did you catch that last statement,  GOP and Speaker of the House, John Boehner?

Americans need to have confidence in their electoral system and H.R. 3316-17 would destroy that confidence.  Desperate Democrats are attempting to corrupt our electoral system under the guise of preventing “voter suppression” that simply does not exist today.  This points directly towards the fact that, as we head into the 2012 elections big debt-spending Liberal Democrats know their days are numbered, and will do anything to deny American citizens a fair set of elections in 2012 in an attempt to remain in power.

2012 just can’t get here fast enough!



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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. I just checked what I needed to get a library card: a photo I.D. and a bill with my address. Yet these yahoos want less info to vote than to get a library card.

  2. Amazing isn’t it Ardvark? It is bad enough with 15-20 million illegals overwhelming State budgets- medicaid programs, getting WIC coupons, and food stamps…now they want to allow them to corrupt the electoral system on top of it all. Enough is enough! No ID no vote!

  3. If you need to have your utilities shut off you have to prove who you are by showing your I.D.. If you want to buy medication under the new Patriot Act rules you must show your photo I.D. in order to get that medication if it’s medication that is a controled substance. You have to show your I.D. if you buy beer. You have to show your I.D. if you buy cigrarettes. You have to show your I.D. if you do anything that has nothing to do with what would actually control your life like voting in some Socialist who is going to see to it that you loose your job, except VOTING FOR THAT PERSON??? What the hell is that?

    I wanted the conservative Republican who ran against Frankin to aggressively attack the fact that on two occations votes for Frankin were found in the trunk of cars that were discovered when the count went against Frankin? I wanted the man who ran against him to call in the FBI and somehow get the DOJ to do their damn job and force the FBI to come forth and tell the truth about their findings instead of keeping them covered up like they have in all the ACORN cases. But the FBI won’t say a word unless they have a pretty sure conviction. Screw that!!!

    Do you all realize that probably more than three fourths of all the Democrats in office were put there by fraudulant vote counting? That if the actualy count was to have been truthful that Republican’s would have been in control of both Houses from most of all the States and many, many more Republican’s in State legislatures, and the US Congress and Senate???? Why won’t the FBI do their damn job?? I would want to call them and give them the balling out that they so desperately need in hopes that it will straighten them out, but apparently they are being controlled by the people that Clinton put in place and they are all Socialist or out right Communists. Don’t think for a second that there wouldn’t be Communists running the FBI because there are card carrying Socialists and Communists in the US Congress and Senate, along with Muslim terrorist supporters in the likes of Keith Ellison who took his oath of office with his hand on the Koran which is absolutely counter to our Constitution which is what he took an oath to obey?? He is a Muslim who cannot obey anything other than the Koran. So how could he obey our Constitution if he is committed to obeying the Koran?

    We are in such deep do-do that it’s not even funny!!!

  4. There are 3 things a person should have if they want to vote at the polls:

    1. A Pink Slip Rick Scott Bumper Sticker

    2. A Repeal All Rick Scott Crony Forced Legislation Petition

    3. Ughh….Ughhh.. “Ooops”


    See ‘ya at President Obama’s Inauguration “Hitman”..ugh..I mean ..”Ranger”..ughh..I mean “Redman”

    1. Gotta love someone who jumps up and starts whining simply because Florida has taken steps to prevent voter fraud. What kind of a person condones corrupting our elections? ZOE apparently does. Low-lifes that can’t win without cheating also approve of vote fraud.This speaks of a person’s deep-seated character flaws big time. (Mary Jost is also one of those people. )

      Zoe is still whining about Liberal Alex Sink losing the election here. Grow up and look at the facts for a change, instead just spewing the nonsense. Scott has Florida’s economy growing better than the national average. YUP we better repeal that so we can all be on welfare and food stamps in 2013 right ZOEY? Gotta love someone who jumps up and starts whining simply because Florida has taken steps to prevent voter fraud. What kind of a person condones corrupting our elections? ZOEY apparently does.

      Here is a tip free of charge: Obama will not win in the very important swing state of Florida in 2012, simply because we have installed roadblocks to keep the Democrat base of dead people, illegals, people from other states, and the Obama all time biggest supporter to vote for him in 2008– Mickey Mouse, from voting, which actually happened in 2008! These Obama-bots can’t even do any better than using Mickey Mouse as a registered voter. Shows how incapable of intelligent thought they truly are there. I can’t wait to see ZOEY in here then, but of course he/she/it ( as in a mindless bot-spammer) will be in hiding. Signed, Liberal Hitman, Florida Truth Teller, and All Around Information Desk keeping the people informed about the fake Democrat’s Socialist agenda, Mr. DJ Redman. Bye Bye Barack!

    2. Right from ZOE’s :page” ( if you want to call it that)

      Phheeeww…I could use a “deep emotional release” just reading that and I WROTE IT!

      Sad, sad people. Self-Grandeur , or more aptly put in this case, Delusions of Grandeur comes to mind there. I hope you get better Zoe.

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